Chapter 3: Valentine Day Eve Confessions

The next day was really hard on Danny and Tucker. It was hard on Danny because he knew that even if he did give Sam his card, she would choose Jake over him. It was hard for Tucker because Valerie broke up with him that morning. "I'm so sorry Tuck." Sam said to him at lunch.

"It's O.K." Tucker said, though he didn't sound like he meant it.

"Hey, I'll tell you what, why don't you come over to my house today, I'll treat you to the movies, which means you can get everything you want from the concession stand."

Tucker smiled and said, "That sounds great Sam, thanks!"

When school ended Tucker went over to Sam's house and went up to her room, only to find her talking to Jake. Tucker sat on her bed and waited patiently. He just sat down quietly and listened to her side of the conversation.

"…O.K., that's hard, hmm… I'll have to say that I love that."

"… Hate that!"

"… Love it!"

"… Hate it!"

She went on that for hours and all through that time Tucker waited patiently, until he couldn't stand it anymore.
"Sam, the movies are going to close in 3 hours!" Tucker complained.

"Shush!" Sam hissed, and then she added sweetly, "Jake I got to go."

"I'm not hanging up first, you hang up first." She said with a chuckle. Tucker rolled his eyes, took out his cell phone and called Sam's house.

"Jake hold on" Sam said to him.

"Hello?" She said when she picked up the phone.

"Hi Sam, I just called to tell you to… HANG UP!" Tucker yelled into the phone.

Sam rolled her eyes and hung up. "Tucker, what's your problem?" She said in an angry voice.

"What's my problem, what's your problem!" Tucker yelled at her.

Sam asked, "What are you talking about?"

Tucker went down to Sam's kitchen and came up with a small potato chip, "O.K., Sam, this is your brain," He then chip on a book, "and this is your brain on Jake." He then smashed the chip.

"Tucker, what are--"

Tucker cut her off and said, "You are totally losing over this guy! I mean a week ago, this guy wasn't even here and you acted totally normal, now Jake is all you think about, all talk about, he's all you care about!"

Sam sighed and said, "Tucker that's crazy."

Tucker rolled his eyes and said, "Oh, really, well let's see your math notes." He then grabbed her note book and opened the last couple of pages.

Sam asked nervously, "Um, Tucker can you give me that back?"

Tucker said, "Take any good notes today? Oh yeah, real great notes, you have 5 pages with drawings of Jake, Jake, Jake, Jake, and Jake oh and the other 5 pages you have it filled out with Jake and Sam, Jake and Sam, Jake and Sam, Jake and Sam, and Jake and Sam."

Sam snatched back her notebook and said, "You never cared to see what I wrote before and the only reason you care now is because I have a boyfriend and because you lost your girlfriend."

When Sam saw the look of pain in Tucker's face she said, "Tucker I'm so sorry I didn't mean it."

Tucker replied, "I think you did. Yes, I lost my girlfriend, and I guess I lost my best friend, too." Then he left Sam's room. Sam felt bad about what she said to Tucker, so she called him up, "Hello, Mrs. Foley, is Tucker there?" Sam asked Tucker's mom.

"Hello, Sam! Yes Tucker's here, let me go get him." Mrs. Foley replied.

"Hello?" Tucker said when he got the phone.

"Tuck, look, I'm really sorry for what I said when you were over here." Sam said.

Tucker sighed and said, "It's O.K., but I'm not the one you should be worried about. If I were you, I would talk to Danny."

Sam answered, "You're right. I haven't seen him since yesterday. I'll have to call him and tell him to come over here."

When she hung up she immediately called Danny, "Hi Mr. Fenton, is Danny there?" Sam asked Danny's dad.

"Hello Sam. Danny's in his room let me grab him" Sam was able to hear footsteps running up the stairs. "Hello?" Danny said, he sounded really depressed.

"Hey, Danny Are you O.K., I haven't seen you since yesterday, what's up?" Sam said in a concerned voice.

Danny sighed and said, "I don't want to talk about it. Besides, you wouldn't understand."

"I would if you would tell me, come on, Dan just tell me what's on your mind." Sam said in a low voice

Danny couldn't take it anymore. He said in an angry voice, "What for? So you can forget about it the next time you see Jake? So you can just completely ignore me like you've been doing the past couple of days?"

"I have not!" Sam was raising her voice

"Whatever just hang up and go hang out with Jake!" Danny yelled in the phone and then he hung up.

Sam couldn't believe what Danny had just said to her. Twenty minutes later she heard the doorbell ring and Danny was at the door. Sam had half a mind to just close the door right in his face for what he said to her, but she realized that it would not be a good idea, so she just smiled and motioned for him to come inside. Sam opened her mouth to speak but she saw that Danny was about to speak so she closed her mouth and let him go first.

"Sam, I'm really sorry for what I said earlier, I guess I was just mad, anyway, here, I made this for you." Danny dug into his pocket and handed her a little card, "I know this isn't your kind of gift, but I thought you might like it." Sam opened the card and began to read what it said inside. It read: Dear Sam,

I know that this isn't really your kind of holiday, but I thought this would be the perfect holiday to tell you the truth and the truth is that I finally realized how clueless I was. I mean, how could I have missed that? I'm sorry that it took me so long to realize that you've been here all this time, and I'm sorry that I made you feel jealous when I wanted to date people like Paulina and Valerie, but I want you to know something, none of those girls will ever compare to you. Happy Valentines Day!

Your best friend,


When Sam finished reading the letter she just looked at Danny.

After a moment of awkward silence, Danny said, "It's O.K. if you don't fell the same way anymore, since, you know, you have Jake. I just needed to tell you how I felt."

When Danny turned to leave, Sam grabbed his arm and would have put him in an embrace if she hadn't heard the doorbell ring.

She and Danny sighed at their misfortune, but even still, Sam went to answer the door. When she opened it she found Jake at the door.

"Hey Sam" He greeted her with a smile.

"Hey Jake" Sam said without a smile.

When Jake saw Danny, he whispered to Sam, "What is, what's-his-name doing here?"

Sam looked at him in disbelief and said, "His name is Danny, and he's here to hang out with me."

Jake rolled his eyes and said in a stuck-up tone, "You actually hang out with this loser? Next thing I know is you'll be telling me you also hang out with that Foley-guy."

Sam looked at him in disgust and said, "Actually, I do hang out with Tucker, in fact, he and Danny are my best friends."

Jake laughed and said, "Good one, Sam, I mean, you wouldn't hang out with those two geeks."

Sam cleared her throat and said, "O.K, 1) Danny and Tucker are not geeks they're my best friends and 2)if you can't understand my friends then we can't have anything together."

Jake laughed and said, "You're breaking up with me. Sam come on, look at you. You're not that cute, I mean the only reason I decided to hang out with you was because I didn't really know any other girl. I could find better."

Sam gasped in disgust. Jake, realizing that he said a really stupid thing, tried to ask for forgiveness, "Sam I'm sorry- -" Sam interrupted him by putting her hand up a little.

Still Jake continued, "I didn't- -" Sam interrupted him again by putting her hand up a little higher.

Now it was her turn to speak, " Jake, just end it, because you know what? I can find better. Now get out!" Sam started smacking him in the forehead. Before he was completely out the door Danny came up to him and said, "This is for stealing Sam and for those stupid things you said about here." Without hesitation Danny punched at Jake right in the nose.

While Jake was screaming in pain Sam laughed and said, "Who's the geek now?" Then she closed the door right in his face. Sam turned around to face Danny. She sighed and thought, it's now or never.

"Danny?" Sam said to Danny

"Yeah Sam" Danny replied to her

"Well I want to thank you for what you did for me."

Danny smiled and said, "It was nothing."

Sam sighed and said, "There's something I need to do right now." Sam walked closer to Danny until she could feel his breath on her face. Then without thinking she kissed him passionately on the lips. This is going to be the best Valentines Day ever! They both thought at the same time.


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