Hey sorry i didn't update so soon, finals are at my school right now so i kind of book this is chapter two of my harry potter fanfiction, my editor Mirna was really surprise that i write this good the only thing is my grammer issues

"O.k. , you guys ready yet?" asked Ron with a small ball in his right hand

"Yeah, were up an ready" said Harry who was standing right next to Hermione

"O.K, Hermione you got the potions?" ask Ron

"Yes Ron, the potion already in the cups" said Hermione holding two goblets fill with pumpkin juice and the potion

"Here goes" said Ron ; Hermione and Harry got up together and walk down the dinner hall, as they walk they lean toward to the slytherin side, then, when Hermione and Harry where close to Malfoy group, Ron throw a small ball at Pansy cup,which got knock down, and spill all over Malfoy robe

"What the…Who thebloody hellthrew that" shouted Malfoy and turn around to see Harry and Hermione

"Well, now I know why it stinks around here Pansy, a mugblood show up, andspoil my drink" said Malfoy and pointed at his cup, as Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy laugh

If only you knew Malfoy, what were going to do to you, you wouldn't be calling me a "mugblood" thought Hermione

"Stop, calling Hermione that" whisper Harry angrily

"What, you gonna do about it? There's teachers all around us, your not going to do something stupid are you? Ah, but of course you are, you're the famous Harry Potter" said Malfoy as he see Harry pulling out his wand and aiming right at him.

While all eyes was on Harry, Hermione put down the two goblets next to Pansy, and Crabbe goblets and whisper to Harry ear

"No, Harry don't, is not worth it" and even quieter "I put the goblets down, let's go now!"

Then Hermione grabbed Crabbe and Pansy goblet, and pulled Harry away before anything happen, but Professor Snape saw Harry over at the Slytherins table, got up and walk over there.

"What are you doing here, Potter?" ask Snape

"I was….going to the common room, with Hermione so I can …"

"Catch up with your homework" said Hermione at once

"But Malfoy, started to-" but Snape cut Harry off

"But nothing Potter, I saw your wand out" said Snape

"He called Hermione a mugblood" said Harry

"Even so, you would let your Professors knowwhat going on, so denetion the both of you" said Snape

"That's not fair" said Hermione

"Life, Miss Granger is not fair at all" said Snape an left them there and walk back to the teacher eating table

"Well, wasn't that funny" said Malfoy and laugh

"Well I wouldn't be" but Hermione stop and stare at Malfoy, because Hermione saw

Malfoy grabbed Pansy drink, since his own drink was spill, and with one big swallow drink all of the pumpkin juice along with the potion

"So Potter-" for a second Malfoy look at Harry as he seen true love, but them shook his head

Are we in trouble thought Hermione and grab Harry an rush out the dinner hall

"So, Crabbe are you going to drink all that fire whiskey?" ask Malfoy

"Naw, I gonna leave it here" said Crabbe

"I have a better idea" said Malfoy

"What?" said Crabbe

"Yes, Draco what is it?" said Pansy

"Give it to Snape, as a gift, I'll do it" said Malfoy

"Yeah, that's a great idea" said Goyle

"Will he like it?" said Pansy

"If it is from me" said Malfoy.

And got up and, walk to the teacher table toward Snape seat,

"Forgive me sir, but this is for you" said Malfoy

"Well, thank you Malfoy" said Snape looking at him with suspicion

And Malfoy walk away, back to his table.

What in the world did Draco give me? Wonder Snape and look at the goblet, pumpkin juice? Ah….a joke…well I'm thirsty, whatever I'll drink it. And swallow all of the pumpkin juice, after a second Snape felt, little light headed, and started to look for something, no someone, but she wasn't there……

"Oh! This is bad, this is bad!" said Hermione

"What is bad? Hermione" ask Ron who just came the common room

"Oh Ron, you wasn't there! Malfoy, drank the potion not Pansy!" exclaimed Hermione

"Oh, are you in trouble Harry" said Ron trying to hold a laugh

"You think is funny now do you?" said Harry who was getting up from the arm chair looking angry

"Well… o.k. I know this is not funny, but look in the bright side, instead of Malfoy making fun of you, he's in love with you!" said Ron laughing

"Harry NO!" said Hermione who was now, holding back Harry who was going to punch Ron in the stomach, Ron stop laughing at once.

"I was only joking Harry, nothing serious" said Ron calmly

"Well, is not funny at all!" scream Harry

"I know Harry, don't worry Hermione will fix it" said Ron

"What!" said Hermione

"Well, you do got the antidote's right?" said Ron

"I, I don't have them…(afraid to look at Ron and Harry)…I thought, I had the antidote's, but it seems that I left them in the classroom" said Hermione

"Well, we just got to get into the classroom and get it" said Ron slowly

"Yeah, that's not a bad idea Ron" said Hermione


"Just don't make fun of me" said Harry