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The light shined brightly through the top of the canopies of the surrounding trees, making Sakura close her eyes as soon as she opened them well letting out a small groan. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes again and blinked a few times for good measure. Slow she pushed herself up and looked around the clearing that she was in. It seemed like a normal everyday clearing with tall trees and plant life growing all around, but some of the flowers and other plants around her, she never saw them before. Though that train of thought left her, as soon as her eyes landed on the still form of her crush, who was leaning against one of the trees unconscious and he wasn't moving at all.

In an instant Sakura was right beside Sasuke's side inspection him over to see if he was injured anywhere or wasn't in any sort of way unhealthy. When she was satisfied that Sasuke was just merrily asleep, she let out a sigh of relief and tried to figure out what she was doing here.


Team 7 was assigned a simple C, border lining B, ranked mission. It seemed that a weird rip like hole, that was multicolored, appeared in the middle of a forest, out of no where. Some of the locals didn't know what to do with it or what it was so they had hired some shinobi to get rid of the thing. The council figured that it was some genjutsu that went wrong and wanted them to dispel it. Simple mission really.

Though the mission got a little more complicated when they had run into Gaara along the way to the site of the genjutsu and Naruto had to invite him along with them. If she had her way it would have only been her and Sasuke on the mission and they wouldn't be on a mission but on a date, but since it was a mission and Kakashi-sensei had the final say in everything Gaara came along. But he still freaked Sakura even after the whole chuunin exams was done and over with.

When they got to the site of the genjutsu they couldn't seem to find away to dispel the thing. Naruto didn't help at all either, he just stood there looking at the genjutsu, trying to make them leave saying the thing would probably go away after all its chakra was gone. He didn't even lift a finger to help them, even when Gaara had tried. Though she thought she heard him mumbling something about them never being able to close the thing, but she ignored it. After that Kakashi-sensei said he would give it a go; he had been sitting back reading his book well they worked.

That was the last thing she remembered before feeling like her whole body was being torn apart from the inside out.


After reviewing what had happened, Sakura can to realize that her other teammate, Gaara, and her sensei were no where to be seen. Thinking that something might of happened to them Sakura tried her luck on sensing them with her chakra, but she could only sense her own and Sasuke's, which was probably due to the fact that this was a really new conception to her and she could only search a few hundred feet around. A groan brought her out of her concentration and she looked down to see that her not so secret crush was waking up.

"Mmmmm," groaned the Uchiha heir as he began to regain conscious. Opening his eyes Sasuke looked around and saw Sakura in front of him and closed his eyes again. He grabbed a hold of his the back of his head well letting out another groan. "What the hell happened?"

"I'm not sure Sasuke-kun but one second we were trying to close the portal and the next everything went black. Then we woke up here together, but the others are no where in sight," Sakura said worriedly. Her face changed expressions as she realized what she just said; both of them were here alone with no one, namely Naruto, to bug them and they could get closer, and in no time they would be married. "But that's alright, because you are here."

Sasuke was about to say something to the love sick girl, when the bushes started to move and Sasuke was on guard, kunai out and ready for anything. Though he let his guard down when he saw Kakashi-sensei and Gaara coming threw the bushes. A brief thought about where Naruto was, crossed the Uchiha's mind before he push it to the back of his head saying the dobe could take care of himself.

"I see you guys are finally awake," Kakashi said as he smiled at them or at least they thought he did for his one visible eye was up turned, as he and Gaara made their way over to them.

"Where are we?" Sasuke quickly asked gathering all his information and organizing it away in his head, like any good ninja would do.

"Well when I woke up I notice that Gaara was already awake," started Kakashi as a mumble of 'he's an insomniac of course he was awake,' but he ignored it and keep going with his explanation, "so we went off to scout the area, hoping to find something that was familiar. We did find things that were kind of familiar, but when we went farther nothing was the same. In the end we came back to see if you two were okay."

"In other words you have no idea where we are, do you Kakashi-sensei?" asked Sakura with narrowed eyes.

"Where's Naruto?" asked Sasuke at the same time as Sakura, wearing his 'if you don't tell me than you'll wish you were dead when I get through with you,' glares.

Not wanting to answer Sakura's question, because she was absolutely right, he instead answered Sasuke's, even though he didn't have good news for this question either.

"I don't know," their sensei told them honestly well looking a little guilty that he didn't know where one of his students were. "When I woke up he wasn't here and when we were scouting there was no trace of him."

"Did you see him?" Sasuke asked the red head suspiciously.

"Are you implying I did something to my first friend, Uchiha?" replied Gaara with a glare that sending chills down everyone's spine, well anyone except Sasuke's.

"Maybe I am," countered Sasuke sending his own glare at the demon's vessel. Gaara growled at what the Uchiha boy was implying and was about to let his sand loose onto the boy, when Kakashi interrupted them and put a stop to the fight before it even began. Seeing the sand at his feet start to move Kakashi went into action so that there wouldn't be a blood bath anytime soon.

"Okay boys, how about we stop the fighting and search for Naruto, since Gaara apparently hasn't seen him either," said Kakashi laying his hands on the two boys shoulders to lighten the mood. The boys glared at one another for good measure before turning to Kakashi and not looking at the other at all. "Now that that's over, how about you tell us what happened well we were out, okay with you Gaara?"

The boy just shrugged his shoulders and answered Kakashi without a care in the world, "I'm not sure. It's strange really, but when we were pulled into that thing I was knocked unconscious and when I woke up Shukaku hadn't taken over my body. Actually, he hasn't been talking nor doing anything since we got here."

"That is strange," said Kakashi in deep though, which you usually didn't see him in too much, but it didn't last long. Soon after his care free expression was back on his face, smile and all, "oh well, we'll look into it latter. Now let's go find Naruto and find out where we are!"

The three students looked at the jounin wondering if he really was the head of an Anbu squad and was one of the most feared shinobis around.

"There is no need for that," said a voice from above, that was strangely familiar, "Kakashi-sensei."

The group took the time to look up and saw that leaning against a tree way up in one of the high branches was Naruto. Though there was soon thing different about him. Just looking at him you could see it, the boy was leaning against the tree being quiet and enjoying the nature without a care in the world, which he would usually never do being hyperactive and all. One of his legs was hanging down off the tree swaying slightly and his eyes were glazed over in a serene fashion.

"What the hell are you doing up there Naruto?" yelled Sakura furiously, wondering how long he had been up there and if he had been spying on him. The said boy didn't answer his crush and instead he kept on glazing forward. Suddenly he snapped out of his daze and jumped out of the tree to land gracefully in front of them. Turning his back to them he started to walk away from them, but not before throwing over his shoulder some information.

"Come on. I know where we are and can get us some help."

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