-Seven Years Later-

Naruto was nervously pacing about the throne room, his ears pressed up against his head and all thirteen tails twitching every which way.

"Are you sure, Mom?" Naruto asked turning towards his mother that was standing not to far away from him with a bright smile on her face.

"Absolutely," his mother said, her smile never leaving her face as she watched her son pace nervous about the room yet again.

"What am I going to tell Sasuke?" the Demon King mumbled to himself, knowing that his mother could hear him as well. "Hell! What am I going to tell Father and Grandfather? They are going to kill me for this!"

Thinking of her father and mate's reaction, Kaiya had to hold in her own nervous laugh knowing it would make her son even more on the edge than he already was. Knowing Kyuubi and Arashi like she did, Kaiya thanked Inari that all the others were in Konoha at the moment preparing for the Festival of Nature. It was only her and her son that was there at the moment, which was probably a good thing for her boy's nerves.

"They wouldn't kill you, they'd be ecstatic," the fox demoness said knowing that it was the truth.

"No, they'd just kill Sasuke for getting me pregnant," Naruto deadpanned.

"True, very true," sighed out Kaiya.

Upon hearing that his mother agreed with him on the last part, Naruto gave a groan. This was going to be a long day.

'This is going to be a long day,' Sasuke though as he looked around the empty room. No, the room wasn't empty, it had furniture, very expensive furniture, and everything one could ever need for a room, but it was missing his kitsune. His mate had stayed behind with his mother to finish up on official matters while the rest of their family and him went to Konoha.

"Unclie Sasuke!" a tiny little shrill caught the yami ookami's sensitive ears before the door to his room was hurled open and a tiny pink blur attached itself to his tail. "I missed you!"

Moving his tail so that the little pink blur was now in front of him and at eye level, Sasuke stared into the little girl's bright green eyes that looked innocently at him. The little sprite just grinned at him while clutching on tighter to his tail so that she wouldn't fall to the ground. Her shoulder length pink hair swayed slightly from being help up off the ground as her green kimono hung firmly on her frame. Her small gourd, containing her sands, was strapped to her pack like usual.

"Leiko-chan," Sasuke said with a soft voice, one of which made Sakura and Gaara's daughter smile even more up at him. "My you have sure grown since I last saw you."

"Yep! I grower a whole inch taller! Mama says that's because I just turned five!" the little girl chirped happily.

"You're five already? I though you were still four!" the Uchiha said in false surprise knowing that the little girl love to be with her 'Unclie' and that he would never forget such things.

"No silly, I'm five! Remember you and Ru-ru came to my birthday part!" the little girl told him, dissolving in a fit of giggles.

"Oh, now I remember!" Sasuke said with a smile on his face upon making the little girl giggle. He always liked the little girl, she got her looks and personality from her mother, but she got her father's rage when angered. Though, he would never understand why Leiko insisted on calling Naruto Ru-ru, but it was one of her little charms. Gently, the darkness wolf lowered the girl back down on the ground and watched as she finally let go of his tail. "So where's your mother and that father of yours?"

"I'm right here, Sasuke," a voice came from the doorway causing Sasuke to look up. There in his doorway was Sakura wearing a lovely red kimono with a pink obi. Her stomach round and full with hers and Gaara's second child, which was due any day. "As for Gaara, him and Hiei are helping Kurama out with the floral decorations, which they might need a woman's touch to do so."

The last part was directed towards Leiko, who immediately brightened up and ran out of the room to go help her father with the decorations. Watching her daughter run out of the room and down the hallway until she was gone form her sight, Sakura turned back to Sasuke with a small sad smile on his face. She saw the way the her old teammate's eye lingered on her daughter as she ran to go find her father, knowing how much Sasuke wished for a child of his own. He never admitted to anyone how much he wanted his own family, but Sakura saw it as well as a few others, including Naruto.

She had once over heard Naruto trying to convince Sasuke to sleep with another woman to have a child with, telling wolf that he didn't mind. That he knew Sasuke wanted a family of his own and it was alright with the blond if he did so. Sakura knew that had to be hard on the blond, but she knew that Naruto would do anything to make his mate happy and if that meant sleeping with another woman to give the Uchiha the family he always wanted, he would do it no matter how much it hurt him.

Sasuke, thankfully, denied the offer. Telling the blond he would do no such thing and cheat on his mate. He had chosen to be with Naruto and only with Naruto. No one else. He knew the consequences when he mated with Naruto and be didn't care. He already had a family; he didn't need a child as long as he had Naruto.

"So how've you been Sasuke?" Sakura asked after pulling herself out of her own thoughts.

"Alright," the Uchiha said as if wanting to say something more but preventing himself from doing so.

"But?" the Nature Spirit said trying to get out whatever the man was holding in.

"But I just feel like Naruto's hiding something from me. He's been gone a lot in the last month. Always doing different things and then the one time that he is supposed to be free and we can be together, he tells me that he'll be late. It's just- it's just I don't know what to do anymore," Sasuke admitted to his friend.

"Sasuke," Sakura said softly, sadness in her eyes. She didn't know what to really say to the man, what he was telling her didn't sound like the Naruto she knew at all. It sound like it was someone completely different. The Naruto she knew always put his family before anything else, he wouldn't postpone a get together if an important meeting were to come up, he would postpone the meeting. So hearing that her blond friend had changed so much, she didn't know what to say.

Slowly, Sasuke walked down the crowded streets of citizens of Konoha and demons. He heard the happy laughter coming from the booths from families that were having a good time together and couples making out. Everyone seemed to be happy and energetic, everyone but him. He couldn't be totally happy without his kitsune by his side and it didn't look like his kitsune was going to show up anytime soon.

He thought about finding his friends and hanging out with them, but then he didn't want to spoil their family fun. He had already seen Yusuke and Keiko with their twin sons running a curly booth and having a good time. He had stopped and talk to them for a little while, but then left when the crowd started to come in and their attention was needed else where. He had stopped and talked to Sakura again when he saw her with Gaara and Leiko all admiring the flower decorations they had put up.

He had even talked with Kurama and Genkai while Hiei and Kuwabara were fighting with one another. The Uchiha had also run into Yukina and Kakashi with their baby of six months, Hikaru. But he never stayed too long and always wondered off before he invaded on their family time. Now, all the darkness wolf was doing, was walking about the festival watching the happy couples and wonder what had become of him and Naruto. They used to be like that, but lately they hadn't even shared a kiss and he couldn't for the life of him figure out why.


Turning upon hearing his name being called, Sasuke saw that Banka had been the one to call him name and being pulled behind the ice fox was Iruka with a small blush on his face. Waiting for the fox, Sasuke wondered what he was doing here. The fox usually stayed indoors with Iruka when the festivals came, claiming that it was the only time he got his dolphin to himself. Everybody knew that wasn't true, the ice fox was like chunnin's shadow, where he went, Banka went as well.

"Banka, Iruka-sensei, what brings you two here?" Sasuke asked politely.

"I-," Banka began, but upon seeing his dolphin glare at him, the fox started over. "We were told to give you the message that-"

"-You need to head on over to the Hokage Tower," Iruka finished for his lover because he was taking to long and the chunnin wanted to look around the festival since he was never given the opportunity before because of some ice kitsune's perverted ways.

"Thank you for the message Iruka-sensei, Banka," the Uchiha replied. "I'll head on over there now"

"You're welcome, Sasuke, and say hi to Naruto for me when he see him. We'll be going now. Bye." With that, Iruka dragged his reluctant lover away and into the crowds of the festival.

With a sign, Sasuke made his way to the Hokage Tower, making a mental note to tell Naruto that Iruka had said hi. 'That is, the next time I see him, which I don't knew when that will be anymore.'

They were confused. They were very confused.

Kaiya, who had arrived not even an hour ago, had called not only her father, husband, and son's mate to the Hokage Tower for a reason she was not telling them, but she had also called Mikoto as well. They had all arrived within minutes of each other, but they were very worried about Kaiya, for she seemed to be bouncing around a whole lot and she only did that when she knew something that everyone else didn't but would really want to know. However, the demoness seemed even more hyper than usually, if that was even possible, and really giddy at the same time.

"Koi," Arashi finally said once everyone was there while he watched him hyper wife bounce around the room, "what's this all about?"

"Can't say, it's not my secret to tell, but since everyone is here now, I guess we can begin!" Kaiya replied giddy. "You can come in now."

Hearing his mother, Naruto took a deep breath and step into the room that the group and all gathered in. He hoped to Inari that he could do this without causing a big raucous. Again his nerves kicked in and his tails started to twitch showing his nervousness. It didn't help that once he walked into the room all eyes were upon him.

With a small eep, Naruto tried his best to gather his courage. "Hi," he said meekly not knowing what else to say. "I…um…have something to…um…tell you…it's about how I've been…um…acting for the last month."

Seeing that his mate was distressed and seemed to be a ball of nerves made Sasuke forget all that had happened in the last month, he just wanted to hug his mate tight to his body and try to calm him down, but it was also his chance to see what had made Naruto become so distant as of lately. He just needed to know if it was something he had done wrong or something else all together.

"Naruto, go on," his mother spoke up, giving the blond a charming smile that reassured her boy that nothing was going to happen.

Smiling back at his mother, Naruto finally got his nerves all together, before turning to face the rest of the room. "Before I begin again, Father, Grandfather, NO Killing Sasuke!"

Upon hearing that it had something to do with the Uchiha boy, both Kyuubi and Arashi turned towards the boy sending him a dirty glare. Mikoto even turned towards her son with a questioning look wanting to know what he had done. Sasuke, for his part, seemed to be looking very confused. He was the reason his kitsune had been acting strange lately and he didn't even know what he had done.

"Did you hear me?" Naruto asked, his mismatched eyes looking over at his father and grandfather.

"Yes," the two said simultaneously, still glaring at the young wolf out of the corner of their eyes.

"Good. Now that that is settled. I have an important announcement to make," the Demon King said, gaining all of the eyes on him once again. Once he was sure he had everyone's undivided attention, Naruto stated, rather bluntly, his announcement. "I'm pregnant."



'-ro. Right on time,' Naruto and Kaiya though to themselves. Arashi and Kyuubi were rather predictable.

"I'm pregnant," Naruto repeated more calmly.

"But-but-but-BUT HOW?" Arashi exclaimed.

"I thought you already knew how, Arashi. After all, we did have Naruto, but if you don't know how then I'll tell you. When two people are really in love, they-" Kaiya began.

"I know THAT!" the Yondaime exclaimed. "But he's-he's-he's a BOY! Boys don't get PREGNANT!"

"He's also a demon and demons have been know, but rarely, to give birth no matter their gender," Kyuubi explained, finally speaking up after his mental shock that his grandson was pregnant with his great-grandchild.

"This is your entire fault!" Arashi said pointing to Sasuke.

However, Sasuke didn't seem to hear the man. He was still trying to get it through his brain that Naruto, his male mate, was pregnant with his child. Which meant he was going to be a father. His mother was equally as happy, since she was hugging Naruto tightly, congratulating the fox and talking to him about grandchildren.

"I'm going to be a father?" Sasuke finally asked getting it through his head that his mate was pregnant.

Hearing him mate talk, Naruto looked towards his mate and nodded his head slowly. Without any further hesitation, Sasuke rushed over to his mate and took him into his arms, hugging him tightly to his body while being mindful of his stomach as he buried his head into the crock of Naruto's should.

"I love you, you know that?" Sasuke whispered out as he heard his mother and mother-in-law start to talk about their grandchildren.

"I love you too, Sasuke-koi," Naruto said, smile happily as he wrapped his own arms around the wolf's neck.

"You know you have me really worried for the last month. I thought something was wrong," Sasuke confessed, being honest with his mate.

"I'm sorry, I just had to make sure I was pregnant that way I wouldn't get your hopes up if I wasn't," the blond kitsune explained looking into Sasuke's onyx eyes with happiness dancing inside of them.

"It's alright, just never do that again. I thought you were going to leave me," Sasuke replied watching the happiness in Naruto's eyes dancing around as well.

"I won't, I promise. Besides, the kits will be unset if the father isn't around. Though their grandmothers might spoil them some much if you were, but I think they'll spoil them all the same," Naruto said overhearing some of his mother and Mikoto's conversation.

"Kits? As in more than one?" the darkness wolf asked unsure if he was hearing what the other was saying right.

"Yes kits silly," the thirteen tailed kitsune laughed, "foxes have litters."

"Did I ever tell you how much I love you?" Sasuke asked, before closing the distance between their lips and kissing Naruto for all he was worth and more. However, their kiss ended rather fast when two rather protective males finally got passed Mikoto and Kaiya.

"Sasuke! You're DEAD! Naruto's pregnant because of YOU!"

Jerking his head up, Sasuke say that both Kyuubi and Arashi had a murderous intent around them and they were slowly advancing on him and his kitsune. Knowing that it wasn't best to stay around at the moment, the Uchiha hoisted Naruto up into his arms bridal style, earning a short shout of surprise form the blond, and made his get away. Jumping out of the conveniently opened window and down to the crowd streets below.

The last thing heard from the Uchiha was him declaring to the whole festival the Naruto was pregnant with his child and the last thing that was heard from Naruto was a loud smack as his fist came in contact with his mate's head for tells everybody that he was pregnant.

The End

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