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Chapter One: Where Shinrei gets a clue


Hotaru sat on the ledge of a room's balcony. He wasn't quite sure whose room the balcony was part of, but it didn't matter. What mattered was he was content, for the moment anyways. Soon Shinrei would come to disturb him for some stupid stuff; like a meeting or training or whatever he was forgetting at the moment.

Choosing to lose those thoughts like he usually did, he turned his attention to the sky. The clouds were moving at a steady pace, no hints of rain or poor weather anyway he looked at it. He loved days like these –days with no rain. Why? Well because he hated rain, of course. It made his clothes, along with his hair, cold, wet, and sticky…which did nothing but irritate him.

Finding the sky no longer interesting, he looked below him to the people wandering around the lower Mibu village. He was thinking of lying down to take a nap, that is, until he saw the usual source of his irritation glaring up at him. Damn. Shinrei had found him, and he looked pissed. Not that Hotaru cared; he could take that idiot on any day. He looked around for a possible escape route to go take a nap, and then glanced back down to see if Shinrei was still there…

…Nope. Knowing from plenty of experience that he didn't have much time, Hotaru climbed off the ledge and walked back through the room. He would just go for a walk in the woods to find a place to nap. Shinrei could go to hell for all he cared, 14 hours or so of sleep was much better than a 14 hour long lecture that he didn't listen to anyway…


He was pissed. No, it went way beyond pissed. Shinrei was now in 'I'm going to rip your heart out through your throat' mode. Why couldn't that idiot take anything seriously? Always napping and eating and sleeping...and napping…

Rubbing his head in exasperation, Shinrei tried to get a grip on his slowly-deteriorating thought process. If anyone could kill brain cells, it was Hotaru. Even if they weren't his own.

Shinrei had quickly followed an escaping Hotaru through the Mibu village, and out past the gates which guarded their home. After much walking, of which he found to be much more strenuous than originally planned, he happened upon a thriving town only a few more miles up the road. With much effort, Shinrei suppressed a groan of dissatisfaction. Shuffling through a crowd of bustling people was something he did not want to do.

The angry words of his superiors suddenly found their way into his mind.

"Get. Keikoku. NOW!"

That, partnered with a particularly lovely image (of which he'd rather forget), forced him into movement once more.

Oblivious to Shinrei, his thoughts of destruction, and all the pain that this incident would most likely cause...

Hotaru napped.


At least 20 villagers, so far, have had to jump out of the path of a very enraged bounty huntress by the name of Shiina Yuya. To say that she was walking down the street with a big smile and controlled and graceful footsteps would be like saying Okuni was a virgin. She was stomping down the street with enough force under her feet to start an earthquake, fire in her eyes that could cause anyone to spontaneously burst into flames on the spot and she was still clutching her gun in her hand.

"Maybe I should get some random person to piss in the jerks sake! That'll teach him to send me to get it all the time! He could at least pay for it him damn self! One day I'm gonna, I'm gonna... ARGH! I HATE HIM!"

Yuya had been mumbling angrily to herself until the "I hate him" comment and now she had the small section of the town she was in at a complete stand still as everyone now stared at her wide eyed. Ignoring the onlookers completely, Yuya continued to stomp and curse all the way into the store.


"It's how much!" Yuya shouted to the defenseless shop keeper as she placed (more like slammed) the sake jugs onto the counter.

"Three bottles comes to... (Random outrageous price of which we cannot name)." Before the man had time to blink Yuya had the gun pointed at his head.


He could sense that bastard. He was there somewhere, taunting him.

Shinrei glanced around as he made his way through the crowd. It seemed as though everyone was doing their best to avoid him, as well they should be. At least they knew their place. But the mingling of so many people was making things quite difficult.

Shinrei halted on instinct as a man came flying passed him, promptly landing in the produce cart as he fell, triggering an avalanche and ultimate end of the world as various fruits came tumbling forth.

One, hell-bent on Shinrei's person, was intercepted by his hand. The assailant fruit held his attention for no more than ten seconds before he realized that this was becoming so very bothersome.

And that's when it happened. He felt the clash of pottery hitting skull, and nothing before. It had been a nice, thick piece of pottery too. The shock of what had just transpired sent Shinrei into a silent stupor. Had he just been nailed in the head by a sake jar? He wasn't sure. But a lump was already starting to form as he lifted a hand to the alcohol-infested wound.

One thought ran through his mind at that point.

Someone was going to have to die.

Very, very painfully.


Yuya gripped another sake jug, fully intending to throw it like she had done with the other, when she noticed that she hadn't hit her target the first time. Shit! She cursed herself in her mind, but didn't drop the 'I'm gonna eat somebody's soul' expression from her face.

The poor abused shopkeeper looked around in a very confused state; that is until his eyes fell upon Yuya. It's amazing how the threat of death can cure any problem you currently have with health. The man jumped up and took off before Yuya had the chance to see him. After all, she was to busy staring at the man she had just accidentally-on-purpose nailed in the skull with a jar full of alcohol.

Shinrei turned around slowly. It had taken a while for the full realization to take effect. But it had, and now he found himself locked in an awkward stare, disbelief etched across his face.

The woman in question blinked a couple times before reaching the same conclusion as he. "You!" She shouted, jabbing a hand towards him. Upon noticing that this was the same hand that had thrown that jar, and the same hand that held a brand spankin' new jug, Yuya immediately dropped everything and threw her hands up in a 'It wasn't me' gesture.

Things were becoming progressively more complicated. He wisely downplayed the death sentence till it fell around mid-torture. After all, killing the girl now meant challenging Ky-

His eyes widened.

Shiina Yuya was here. That meant Kyo was here as well.

Hotaru now forgotten, Shinrei calmly repaired his stoic exterior. Plans were about to be changed.




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