Love Notes

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A/N: short Jate fic set after long con on Valentine's Day. Yes I know it is nowhere near Valentine's Day on the island so use your imagination. First lost fic so please be nice.

A/N (again): this chapter has been edited to include Kate's note. Also I edited chapter 2 cause some part sounded weird but there's nothing new in it, just stuff taken out.

Jack walked back to the caves from the beach, just like every other day. He had just brought water to the beach and talked to a few people before returning, just like every other day. He was only vaguely aware that it was not just another day but February 14th. Valentine's day.

Valentine's day. The day meant almost nothing to him. Even less because of what had happened lately. Some of the survivors had gotten into the spirit though. Jin had picked some flowers for Sun and Rose had given Bernard an Apollo bar. He finally reached his cave, thinking about how today could have been different.

Valentine's Day. The reason an unsure Kate was now walking towards Jack's cave. She walked slowly, still not sure about what she was doing. Jack was bringing water to the beach, so he wouldn't be back for a couple more minutes. She walked into his cave and stared at the piece of paper in her hand.

She thought about how Jack wouldn't really talk to her anymore. The last time they had talked was when she had confronted him about Ana. Even then he hardly talked to her. She put the piece of paper on his bed with a sigh and left quickly before he came back.

Jack entered the cave and threw his pack on the floor. He looked over towards the bed and noticed a small piece of paper lying on it. He went over and picked it up. His name was written neatly on the front. He opened it and read.

Dear Jack,

I'm sorry I followed you when you were looking for Michael. I want for us to be able to talk again.

I'm sorry I ran


The last line stood out the most to Jack. He had tried his best not to think about the kiss, with little success. But this brought it to the front of his mind again. He was rereading the note when

" Uh...Dude?"

Jack turned around to find Hurley standing at the entrance of his cave.

"Sorry. Do you need something Hurley?"

"Oh, no. I was just thinking maybe we could like have a dance or something, cause you know it's like Valentine's Day. We could use the records from the Hatch and I found some more batteries for my CD player. Whatcha got there?"

Hurley was staring at the note that was still in Jack's hand.

"Oh, uh nothing" he said hastily folding it up and putting it in his pocket. "The dance sounds like a good idea."

"Ok, cool. See you later dude."

With that, Hurley went to set up for the dance, leaving Jack to think about the note. After rereading it a few more times, he rummaged through his pack and found a piece of paper and a pen and began to write.

Kate was out in the jungle, picking fruit. Her mind went back to the day when she had seen the horse here, how she was sure she was going insane, how Jack had comforted her, and to the kiss. She thought about what she had put in the note. She had added the line about running away as a last minute thing. She didn't even know if he would know what she was talking about.

She climbed down from the tree, having collected enough fruit. She stopped by the garden on her way to the beach. Sun was there and told her about some dance they were having that night. Kate said it sounded like fun even though she knew she wouldn't have anyone to dance with unless Jack forgave her. Sun seemed happy about it though.

She left the garden and headed towards the beach. She reached her tent and went inside. The last thing she expected to see was a note lying on her bed. She picked up the note. Her name was written on the front. She opened it and read.

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