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Title A Year to Remember.

Chapter 1 Lupins Request.

" Harry Potter get down here right now."

Harry groaned ," All right what did I do now". He was certain , he had told Hedwig to fly higher this time and to stay outside. Last week it had been raining heavily. Hedwig's wings were sore and weighed a lot from the rain , so she spotted that the living room window was open and she flew in , problem was Uncle Vernon was sitting on the chair and Hedwig dropped a pile of water and mud on him. Harry's hand was sore all the next week , he spent days scraping dried dirt of Aunt Petunia's precious ornate carpet. He trudged wearily down the stairs and into the kitchen. Uncle Vernon was standing cross armed at the table.

" You have no right at all " he yelled.

" Excuse me said Harry , what are you talking about".

" Let me handle this Vernon said Aunt Petunia and she picked up a letter of the table. Do you see this she asked. By any chance do you know where it is from.

Harry glanced at the envelope , there was a magical seal on it. Clearly one of his friends or another wizard or witches had sent it the muggle way of posting letters , but used a magical spell to keep it safe . " The Wizarding world" he replied.

Uncle Vernon gasped and reached out to strike Harry. " Dont you use that ... that ...

" Word finished Harry , you asked me where it was from".

" Open it" , she spat at Harry.

" Why cant you do it asked Harry. It's has your names on it".

" Dont play games cried Petunia. I am no fool. I know what type of spell this is , only a person with magical blood will be able to open the letter. My sister used to use it all the time. Now do as I say open it".

Vernon stared in shock ," how do you know all this". Petunia snorted ," Have you forgotten who my sister was".

Harry opened the letter easily. He pulled the paper out.

" How dare you give our address to those people you are with" , cried Petunia. " Now read the letter".

Harry began to read.

Dear Mr and Mrs Dursley

My name is Remus Lupin. Harry may have metioned my name to you , once or twice. I used to be close to James and Lily Potter , before they died. You may not be aware of the fact that Sirius , Harry's godfather died a while ago. I having talked with Professor Dumbledore have agreed that Harry should be with his own kind for the remainder of the Summer. I will be arriving on Tuesday at six o clock to pick him up. He will be staying with his friend Ron at his house for a while until we decide further. ( Harry , I know this seems abrupt , and a bit to early to be visiting Ron , but we have our reasons. I will explain everything to you later.)

P.S Hermione will be arriving soon as well.


Remus. J. Lupin..

Harry smiled and folded the letter. " I better go pack".

" You will stay right where you are ordered Uncle Vernon. Who is this Lupin again."

Harry sighed " I'm touched Uncle Vernon he teased. To think you actually care about me being taken away by a person you know nothing about".

Uncle Vernon snarled. " I want to make sure you know this man , Potter , because I am not risking getting sued , because I let you leave with some weirdo understand."

Harry pretended to wipe a tear from his eye " and to think I thought you actually cared".