Billy was running.

Well. One Billy was running.

300 other Billies were keeping the police busy. Showing the Jump City prison that they really needed to reevaluate how they held super powered criminals. And, also, that they would need a lot more handcuffs than they had on hand.

Billy turned a corner into an alley, breathing hard, letting his clones do all the work. He had escaped from prison, sure, but what now? His plan wasn't that far ahead. It came in two steps.

Break out of prison.

Okay, so it was just one step. He was working on the second part, honest.

"What next…get farther away? Yeah, sounds good…"

A second Billy suddenly emerged, breathing just as hard, nodding in agreement. Then a third. "Hell yeah, can't let the cops have any advantage!" The first Billy nodded, then remerged them back in. He was probably going to have the Titans on him soon too, considering that he was causing a bit of a spectacle.

He started to run forwards, looking for paths to take that would be hard to follow – over the fence looked nice…

Just then, a small black portal emerged a few feet in front of Billy, stopping him dead in his tracks. "Ohhh, hell, not Raven, not now!" He scrambled backwards, looking for another way out. A hand latched onto his shoulder, keeping him still. Billy gulped, turning his head.

He sighed, now relaxed. It was Kyd Wykkyd.

"Jesus, Wykkyd, don't surprise me like that!" Billy said between pants for air, grinning madly.

Wykkyd smiled back. He jerked his head back, suggesting that he should leave with him. Billy nodded.

"Yeah. Let's get outta here 'fore ah need ta multiply even more…lemme just get everyone together…"

With a little focus, all the Billies harassing the police, kicking open fire hydrants, and generally causing mayhem simply disappeared. "Awright. Ah'm ready." Billy said with a thumbs up. Wykkyd, threw his cape around Billy, and made the both of them teleport out from the alleyway.

At roughly that moment, the Teen Titans showed up on the scene, having gotten frantic reports that Billy busted himself out of prison. What they arrived to wasn't the moving, chuckling, yee-hawing sea of Billies they expected. Just a bunch of exhausted Jump City police officers, fire hydrants shooting water into the street, and random objects thrown about in a mess.

"Awwww, damnit." Cyborg said, disappointed.

In a puff of darkness, Billy and Wykkyd reemerged back into the city. Only this time, they were somewhere kept intentionally dark. Billy multiplied three new Billies, instinctively looking over the area to see if he knew it, or if there was just anything interesting (Or fun) to it. In front of them was a doorway leading into a building that looked abandoned. Abandoned and beat up. Abandoned and beat up and generally hit the architect's ugly stick.

"So, uh, how ya been, Wykkyd? Been awhile since th' academy." The original Billy asked, standing next to the pale red-eyed boy while the other Billies searched. Wykkyd smiled – life had been treating him well.

"That's good. Ah been good too, 'cept fer, y'know getting' beat by th' Titans an' thrown in jail." Wykkyd nodded. He had seen him on TV when Billy decided to steal the bridge, amongst other things.

Without a pause for breath, Billy continued speaking. "Thanks fer pullin' me outta th' fire there. But, uh, if ya don't mind me askin', wheredja take me?"

Wykkyd pulled out his ever-reliable notepad, used for whenever conversation couldn't be achieved via body language and facial expressions. It didn't get too much use around Billy – Billy had learned to understand Wykkyd well at the academy, after all.

'Home.' Wykkyd wrote in large, friendly print.

"Uh, okay. But where's home?" Billy replied, scratching his head.

Wykkyd grinned ear to ear. He put the notepad away, and pointed towards the door. The inquisitive Billies disappeared back into the one standing next to Wykkyd, stepping towards the door, turning the handle open.

To his dismay, all he saw was a dirty white room, that had a set of stairs going downwards.

"This is home, Wykkyd? C'mon, ya shouldn't be sleeping like this."

Wykkyd frowned. He motioned towards the stairs.

"Oh. Right! Stairs." Billy responded, acting as if he hadn't said anything dumb. The two of them went down the stained metal stairs slowly, coming to another door. This one was much cleaner.

Billy turned the knob, and pulled it open. Inside was a living room Bob Vila couldn't hope to match, stacked full of high tech electronics, genuine leather furniture, and wall to wall collections of DVDs. See-More, Gizmo, and Mammoth were all on the couch, playing videogames.

"That you, Wykkyd?" Gizmo shouted, without looking back. "We need a fourth player, and Jinx didn't want to play!"

Billy's eyes went a little wide. Wykkyd smiled.

He was at the Hive Five's base.