IMPORTANT NOTE: This fanfic has been previously published under the same name, but has undergone some revision. This means that if you have read it before, you should probably skim back through to see any changes. I'm sorry about this, but since I recently decided to revive it after lying dormant for many months, the ideas I had have changed, and the focus of the story will be shifted. Anyway, I just needed to go back and "plant a few seeds" as it were, and in doing so, I tidied up the fic a bit. Spoilers and warnings may have changed since your last visit.

Edited on: 12/28/01

Title: Maelstrom

Author: Sayuri (

Rating: R Pairings: Ran x Ken; Aya x Schuldig; Yohji x Omi; Brad x Schuldig

Spoilers: Set in Kyoto after the anime. As such, there are spoilers for the end of the anime and mild spoilers for the OAV; spoilers for the manga, An Assassin and White Shaman (as it relates to the Fujimiya family and the interactions between Schuldig and Ran).

Warnings: Angst, Yaoi, Strong Language, Lime, Violence, Implied NCS and Torture, Multi-POV (Ch. 3 +)

Disclaimer: WeiB Kreuz is not mine, of course. It belongs to the awesome Koyasu Takehito, Kyoko Tsuchiya, and Project WeiB.

Author's notes: While I know the Weiss boys are supposed to be living in the mobile Koneko after the anime, I am working on the assumption that they are sharing a flat in Kyoto and using the trailer as a shop/Weiss headquarters.

Anyway, on with the fic!


mael·strom [noun] 1 : a powerful often violent whirlpool sucking in objects within a given radius. 2 : something resembling a maelstrom in turbulence


Drowning is a hell of a way to die.

While the body initially fights for air, desperate gasps for air gradually turn into gulps of water. As the lungs begin to fill, the heart starts to slow; the thought-processes lag. The body drifts in an icy coffin, preparing for death.

Suddenly--as the building completely collapses into the sea pulling whoever is trapped inside to a frigid grave--there is a rush of clarity.

Through the pitch blackness of imminent death, violet eyes see a blinding vision of a girl with midnight-black hair. Her taller male companion has chocolate-brown locks which fall over wide aqua eyes; eyes which dance with laughter and life. The pair stand together in the sunshine on a rocky seashore, beckoning for the lost boy with sad eyes and flaming red hair to join them--to fight for his life, and to finally awaken from his slumber of living death.


Whatever force that had seen fit to spare Weiss that night, be it fate or luck or god, had awaken not only the comatose Fujimiya Aya but her long-quiet brother, Ran. While "Aya" had made an art of suppressing his emotions, on the brink of his death his feelings had been clear and insistent; his vision sharply warning him that he couldn't guarantee how many chances he might have to be honest with those he loved. Upon seeing both Aya-chan and Ken alive that night he believed for the first time that it was possible for Ran to live again.

" made it...we're together..."

for one moment everything is still

Ken now manipulated the soccer ball easily around the field with his feet, his injuries from the final clash with Schwartz no longer impeding his playing. As the sun shone down on the unusually warm early March afternoon, Ken noted with surprise the slender red-haired figure which casually leant against a cedar tree and eyed him with interest.

Since the move to Kyoto a change come over Aya. The normally stoic expression began to crack dissolving occasionally into a smile or a laugh; the eyes softening whenever he proudly spoke of Aya-chan and her new life at nursing college in Osaka. Her long sleep hadn't effected her intelligence, and after a crash summer course she had passed the college entrance exams and was now safely living her life removed from the effects of Aya's work That simple fact seemed to be enough to keep the redhead content, although Ken knew that he wasn't happy to be separated from her.

Ken tore his eyes away from Aya; his gaze returning to the ball, the soccer-player felt a faint blush rise to his cheeks.

What is he doing here?


Their new routine was unspoken but understood. Ken would go to the park afternoons with his soccer ball and Aya would follow, book in hand. As Ken played with the kids he coached, Aya would sit under the tall oak tree and read philosophy or poetry, or more often, pretend to read while watching the chocolate-haired boy laugh and run with the kids, looking innocent and content. Afterward, the pair would sit in the shade and talk, or lazily walk through the park simply enjoying their time together, slowly eradicating inhibitions within them both.

One afternoon in late March, as they walked through cedar trees and plum blossoms scented the warming air, the last barrier was crossed.


Ken nervously looked over at Aya as the Porsche pulled into the lot. "If you want to go somewhere else..." He trailed off, wanting so much to please Aya, and not fully accepting why he wanted so badly to see the redhead smile.

"It's perfect. My family..." Aya broke off, looking down quickly, then making eye contact with Ken. "My family used to go together to the park near our home look at the blossoms in the spring. I haven't made an effort to do so since..."

"We should go somewhere else." Ken quickly countered. "It's okay, really. There are dozens of places to go in this city, plenty of things to see -- perhaps a museum, yeah, or, um... a gallery! Or how about a picnic! Or, um..."

"Ken." Aya smiled at the nervousness in Ken's voice. "Ken, you didn't let me finish. I would enjoy staying. You're probably the only person I'd want to go see them with, now, other than Aya-chan."

Ken blushed from his ears to his toes, holding Aya's intense gaze.


They had stopped for a moment by a reflecting pool when Aya decided to break the tension which had been steadily building between them. Never one for beating around the bush, Aya stepped up behind Ken and drew the shorter boy into an embrace.

Ken sighed as he felt Aya's warm arms envelop him from behind. He leaned back, resting into the firm chest which rose and fell in nervous breaths which tickled Ken's neck.

"Ken." The arms slowly turned Ken around so that the shorter boy was staring up into deep pools of purple.

"Aya." Ken closed his eyes and placed his head in the crook of Aya's shoulder. He had never felt so warm, so safe. Safe in strong arms which were capable of such destruction, such vengeance, and now, such nervous tenderness.

Then came the whisper, the voice velvety and smooth. "Ran. Call me Ran. Aya-chan can live for herself. Now Ran can live

again--for you."

Ken closed his eyes and tightened his arms around Ran's chest, not really believing what was happening, only knowing that he was flooded with a happiness he rarely felt since Kase's death.

"Ran. I'm glad--I'm glad you're here with me."

"So am I."

Ran smiled , his cheek resting on top of a mass of thick brown hair. There was no longer anything in the way of his happiness save his own barriers which were slowly crumbling.

the waves break, chaos ensues

Ken burst into the parked trailer which was the new Koneko/mission room, breathless from having run from the flat he shared with the others. He had awaken just before noon and was surprised to find the flat empty -- normally he and Ran liked to wake early on mornings when Yohji and Omi had the first shift to spend some time alone together before lunch. When Ken had noticed that Ran wasn't in the flat, he assumed that he had come down to the shop for something or other. A quick glance around the trailer, however, found only Omi busy at the mini-kitchen counter and Yohji enjoying his lunch break lazily stretched out on the sofa, token cigarette dangling from his lips.

Ken voiced the first question on his mind. "Where's Aya? Didn't he come in last night?"

"I don't know, I thought he would have been with you." Yohji smiled at the faint blush which rose to Ken's cheeks. He was happy for his teammates and their growing relationship, if not more than a little jealous at their obvious happiness. Ken was very lucky; when Aya chose a task he totally dedicated himself to it. If this relationship was his newest mission, Yohji knew that Ken would have a very devoted lover.

"No, I haven't seen him since last night when he ran out to the market." Ken's voice sounded worried. "I fell asleep in my room right after the mission, and I assumed that he had come back and went to his room. But there was no sign of him this morning."

Omi looked up from the peanut-butter and jelly sandwiches he was fixing up for lunch. "Hmm, that's not like Aya-kun."

Yohji sensed the fear creeping into Ken. "Ken, don't worry. We'll find him."

madness envelopes the calm