Author: Ku-chyan

Dislaimer: I do not own Red Vs. Blue, nor any of its characters.
Note: All pairings will involve (Blue Team Member)xCaboose.

Word Count: 144

Blue Piece #1: Place

"So…this is your rock?" Caboose didn't sound very impressed. It looked just like the other rocks. Tucker looked proud, "Yep. My rock."

"What's so great about it? It looks like a regular rock to me…," Caboose paused" Did you see Jesus in it?"

Blinking, Tucker scoffed," What? Dude-no I did not see Jesus in it." Caboose looked vaguely disappointed. Tucker smirked," This is a special rock."


"Mm-hm. Special." Tucker looked around, as if making sure no one was watching and grinned at Caboose. "If you stand here," he pushed Caboose further behind the rock. "No one in the whole canyon can see you."

Caboose squeaked as Tucker pushed him against the rock and stepped closer. Tucker leaned forward, lips brushing against Caboose's ear. "And if I stand here too…" he trailed off and stared expectantly.

Gulping, Caboose murmured," Then…they can't see…us"