Caboose's kisses were wet and needy. He practically vibrated with want and want and, oh, more want, with a severe lack of self-control. Sometimes Tucker wondered what would happen if they left him in his want for once, instead of just giving into the blonde's demands—not that they'd ever actually do that, because, well, what Caboose lacked in brains he made up for with a delectable body. A delectable body that squirmed and arched and used its hands in all sorts of sinful…

"Tu-cker!" Blinking, the dark skinned man shook himself out of his thoughts and look at the barely clad Caboose in front of him. A pouty Caboose with sweat damp hair and a kiss swollen mouth. "Tucker, you're ignoring me." The blue eyed man whined.

Behind him, an equally dressed Church removed himself from Caboose's neck, licking the now red spot a few times before smirking at Tucker, " Yeah, stop ignoring him."

"Shut up, Church." Tucker muttered. He took Caboose's face in his hands, cupping his cheeks gently and cooed, "I wasn't ignoring you. I was thinking about you, baby."

Church's smirk became a scowl, but Caboose wad delighted. He laughed and flung his arms around Tucker's neck, kissing him with great enthusiasm. When they pulled apart, Tucker leered at the glaring Church.

So maybe they had turned it into a bit of a contest. Just a bit. Being nice to Caboose, as it turned out, was substantially more fun than being mean to him. And it wasn't like they had anything better to do. From that had evolved a sort of "who's the bigger man" sort of thing. (Tucker was the bigger man, actually, as he'd been quick to point out.) A sort of, who's better at…sex.

Caboose was easy to please. He enjoyed pretty much everything and even if he didn't, he was just happy for the attention.

Church, dark bangs fringing down over his eyes in desperate need of a cut, splayed his fingers just so past the waist of Caboose's boxer. Tucker glowered at him-Caboose loved that.

On cure, Caboose tossed his head back, cheek resting on Church's shoulder and sighed happily. "This is fun."

"Yeah. Fun." Tucker repeated, cracking his knuckles, and he dropped to his knees for the grand finale.