Auther's note:This is my first, be nice. This is a POV from someone Boba Fett's Hunting.
Disclaimer:I don't own Star Wars, I'm making no money off this. Jela's my own creation.

Come for Me

His ears perked up at a name he thaught he'd heard. A name from a nightmare. He heard it again, "Boba Fett." Boba Fett? He worriedly thaught. Since the time he was little, he'd always been afraid of Fett, always looking over his shoulders, expecting Fett to be there, pointing a blaster at him. He listened harder, trying to hear the whisperd conversation over the music of the Cantina. "Boba he....Hunting....beware." He managed to hear. He's coming here?! Suddenly his whole world seemed to be spinning. He had a Bounty on his head. He took another sip of his drink and left the Cantina, shaken. He knew it was only a matter of time before he was in a holding cage in Slave I. This thaught almost made him pass out from fear. As he sat in an ally, he finaly got hold of himself enough to continue to his rented room. Is it a crime?! He thaught angerly as he walked. Is it a crime to want freedom? He was at his room now. He unlocked the door, Why bother? Not like there's anything to steal. He warily lay on his bed. A few minutes later, his thaughts drifted back to the day the Bounty was placed on him, the day his life changed.

He had been born into slavery. He had never thaught of escape. But that was before he'd met her. Jela. She was a Hutt slave. She was new and wasn't used to slavery. They had fallen in love. He had noticed how unhappy she was, so he made plans to escape. Of course, a person needs money to live on. He also planned to steal some of the Hutt's credits. The night of the escape, they had been caught. Before the guards could see her, he had quickly kissed her and told her to run. He had tried to run, too, but the Hutt's guards had caught up with him. He had nearly been captured. He'd escaped and had ran to this Force forsaken planet, after he found out a Bounty was placed on him. He was just lucky it was an "alive only" Bounty.

For what good it done. Now I'll be killed. He thaught, before falling into a restless sleep.

The next day, after a night of tossing and turning. He woke up and wonderd why he had a stomach ach, like he'd been worrying...suddenly he remembered. Fett. Boba Fett's after me. He thaught bleakly. He got up and started walking, to where he didn't know. He could barely see the buildings next to him, for the fog was so thick. He had been walking for a few hours, his thaughts seemed to be frozen on one thaught, I can't run. I can't hide. Even if I do, Fett'll find me. But maybe if he kept walking, Fett'd never find him. He finaly slumped to the ground by a tree. He thaught a saw something. A figure in the fog, I can see more clearly now...or is it less clearly? He couldn't tell, his thaughts were a jumble of confusian. Suddenly, he saw him. Boba Fett. Mandalorian armor...T-shaped visor, At least Jela's safe, he thaught, and a blaster pointed at him. As he stared into that visor, so black and menacing, a single thaught enterd his mind, I knew it. I knew Fett would someday find me and now he has, he has come for me.