Acception is what everyone hopes for on Valentines' Day. Amy Rose is no exception. Will she get a Valentine, or will she be ignored, as always? AU. Will be updated once a year on V-Day.

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It's another day in Station Square, and everything goes the same. But wait, what's this? Kisses, hugs, candies, flowers, and gifts of all variety are being exchanged.. what's going on? Oh yes, it's Valentines' Day; known as the Day of Love. In Yuki Area High, it's just another day for the students.. right? Anything but! The school is decorated with sparkling red and pink decorations, with lace and frill, and hearts, candy, flowers, and sayings that vary from mushy lovey-dovey proclamations to cheesy pick-up lines. Couples stand close together, hands clasped together with one another, and with others, kissing is seen. All over the school, romance is felt almost everywhere. Love was in the air! Boys and girls stood nervously with heart-shaped paper by their crushes' lockers. Yep, it was Valentines' Day, all right.

One girl was sulking as she entered the building, black backpack slung over her shoulder, decorated with various stickers and pins. She stopped and tried to give greetings to some of her friends, but was only ignored, as most were with their significant other. She had none. Groaning in aggravation, she slammed her head on her locker, for all the chatter was giving her a headache. She slowly opened her locker, not feeling well. As soon as she opened her unusually neat and organized locker, one thing stuck out to her. A small, red blob sticking out from under some of her books. She reached under and pulled it out to find a messily cut out red heart. On the front, it read: "To the One Girl That Makes My Breathing Stop". She blinked and opened it.

"Dear Amy Rose,

I know that you never get Valentines. And yet, this is not the reason I'm giving this to you. I like you. A lot. I've had my eye on you all year, and you'd probably have no idea who I am, even if I gave you my name, so it doesn't matter. If you want to know who I am, meet me outside at 5:00 PM under the cherry blossom tree behind the school, in the woods. It's the only one there so it sticks out. Ha ha, you can't even decipher my writing since all of it is typed and I made this with gloves, so no fingerprint scan either. I know how sneaky you are, but you won't catch me unless you come.

Love always,

Your Secret Admirer

P.S- I am a guy, and this is no joke."

Amy smiled, her eyes slightly watering. It was her first Valentine since Elementary school, when you had to give all of the other kids in class a Valentine or you don't give any at all. At least.. from a boy that is. She still got Valentines from her friends that are girls and all, but.. this was special. She nodded to herself, and was determined to meet this mysterious boy. She may as well try, anyway. With her luck, it probably is a joke. Shrugging slightly, Amy made her way to homeroom, her day seeming slower with every moment that passed by.

It was finally time for school to end!

Students rushed out of the building to meet their boyfriends and girlfriends, and Amy rushed home to get ready. She had an hour and a half, but it's still better to be safe than sorry. She took a long, relaxing, hour bath, making sure to scrub every inch of her. She picked out her favorite scent: Apple cinnamon, and her favorite outfit: A dark red shirt that said in black and white, "Mew", and baggy black pants with dark red strips of cloth wrapped around her thighs. She brushed her hair and left it down, and put on her ball-chain necklace and shoes. She was ready! Looking herself over in the mirror once more, she nodded in satisfaction. The pink hedgehog was off soon enough, and made it to the tree exactly at 5:00. To her surprise, a blanket was set out, and rose petals were littered all over and around it. A large bowl of water sat in the middle, with ice cubes in it.

"Uhm.. okay.." Not exactly romantic except for the roses and setting.. She mused.


"Hello to you, too." A voice replied. She spun around to see a black hedgehog around her age, with crimson orbs and a nervous smile. He wore a black t-shirt that read in white, "Will Dance For Video Games", and black shorts with buckles hanging down at his ankles. His arms were behind his back. Amy raised an eyebrow, but inwardly smirked. Cute. Her apple green eyes followed his every move as he approached her, going around her, and to the other side of the blanket, then sitting down. He motioned for her to do the same, and she warily did so. Who the hell is he, anyway?

"Uhmm, my name's Shadow, if you're wondering."

"Oh. Ah. I'm uh.. Amy, though I guess you already, well.. know that." They both smiled awkwardly.

"Uhm.. yeah. Well, uh. Uh.. Mm.." he stopped, as if in thought.

"Put your hand in the bowl." What! Is he crazy! That looks FREEZING, goddammit!

"What! Are you crazy!"

"Maybe yes, maybe no. Anyway, just do it. It's not cold." Oh yeah, sure. There's literally over 100 in the bowl! I COUNTED!

"Trust me." She looked at him skeptically, but did it.

"Is it cold?"

"Oh, ah-- no, actually."

"See?" And what the hell was that for?

"That's a trust test."

"Anyway, Amy.. I was wondering.. would you now trust me with your heart, and be my Valentine, until you or I find another?" He held out a long-stemmed red and black rose.

She didn't want to, but she did it anyway. Amy smiled wide after a few moments, and took the rose in her arms. The two exchanged smiles again, but his was no longer nervous. After she saw that smile.. she was glad she did it anyway.

That's the end of this story.. but hey, there's always what happens next.. until next Valentines' Day, you'll have to wait to find out what happens after this.


Happy Valentines' Day, guys! This will be updated every Valentines' Day, until, well, it ends. X3 Hope you like it so far.