Acception is what everyone hopes for on Valentines' Day. Amy Rose is no exception. Will she get a Valentine, or will she be ignored, as always? AU.

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Her sweet capella voice rang out into the auditorium; solo, clear, and wonderful. Her godly vocals made up for the sad tune she was singing, that was for sure. A lone figure watched her from the shadows as she did her job; cleaned up after the show. She never tried out, and he could never figure why. Her voice was better than anyone in that choir's! And yet, Amy Rose never let anyone hear her. Not friend, parent, teacher, nor her beloved boyfriend. But he knew something she didn't; he knew he had just heard the most wonderous voice in all his life. He was watching her. She didn't know. Not yet.

He decided he wouldn't tell her. It was her little secret, the fact that she loved to sing. Not more than a month ago had Shadow the Hedgehog asked Amy Rose out, but to the two, it seemed that things were always so perfect. More or less so. Amy was still picked on, but for some reason, thoughts of her boyfriend distracted her too much, and many respected her now that she never said anything back; not to her knowledge, though. She seriously thought she was in love with him, but of course, having no experience, she didn't know. Shadow was about the same, his mind was never as calm as it was when he was with her-- he was usually destructive. He hadn't had one destructive thought since the day she accepted. Okay, maybe a few.. but only about those that hurt his beloved.

No one would have believed that so quickly they fell in sync. Everyone considered them the perfect couple, even those who hated them. Almost all were envious of the connection the two hedgehog shared.


Her sigh was long and drawn out, her eyes holding the same daydreamy glaze they had all day. Sitting on the swing in the park, she could only imagine her beloved boyfriend behind her, pushing her higher and higher, until she jumped, where he'd catch her in his arms and she'd feel safe and loved. Amy was snapped out of her reverie, though, when she felt the swing move and small arms push her gently from behind. A goofy grin on her face, she turned her head, hoping to see Shadow, but her apple green eyes clashed with chocolate brown. Her younger friend, Cream, was smiling gently at her. Amy couldn't help but smile back as, even though her hopes were proved wrong, she had to admit she hadn't been spending much time with her friends as of late. She felt kind of bad.

"We've missed you, Miss Amy."

"Oh, please, Cream. We've known each for how long?" Amy grinned.

"Uhm, about 6 years."

"Exactly! Don't you think it's about time you dropped the formalities?" A flustered, cute smile crawled onto the doe's light face, and Amy couldn't help but laugh at how adorable she was.

"Oh, alright.. you and Mr--"

"No!" Amy interrupted, and the two girls laughed.

"You and.. S-shadow.." She paused, trying it out. "Seem to be awfully and delightfully close lately." Another fit of laughter.

"Awfully and delightfully? Oh, Cream, you've been hanging out with Rouge far too much."

"Well, you've been with Shadow." Amy felt another spasm of guilt hit her.

"Oh. Right. Sorry about that." She sheepishly scratched the back of her pink head as she jumped from the swing, landing on her feet, a little less than gracefully..

"No problem!"

The two made their way over to the merry-go-round, their favorite ever since they were little. This is also where they met; Amy, Rouge, and Cream. This was also the place where Amy got her first crush; on Sonic the Hedgehog. He had pushed them, and as Amy fell off, (it was going very, very fast-- this is Sonic here!) he had caught her. His friends Tails and Knuckles were there, too. Rouge and Knuckles seemed to know each other as they had a glaring contest. Cream simply fell off onto her little rabbit tail and cried. The two-tailed fox boy had comforted her, being the only one around who wasn't busy, and he felt bad. It was his best friend's fault she was hurt, after all. Not that Sonic cared, he was too busy being chased by Amy, who, surprisingly, could keep up with him without breaking a sweat. He felt a blush spread over his face slightly, feeling a little attraction to this little girl hedgehog. But it quickly faded as she squealed..



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