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"She's – I mean, she was…" Justine carefully and professionally dabbed away her tears with a Kleenex before they did any damage to her eyeliner and mascara. She gave Tony and Kate, who were sitting right across from her in the vacant office, an apologetic look. "I'm sorry… Marissa was just the sweetest girl I've ever met."

Tony leaned forward to comfort her, taking her hand in his own. "It's okay. Take all the time you need." He gave her a sympathetic look, all the while checking the corner of his eye, keeping it on his partner's emotions. But Kate's face was frozen from emotions, as she concentrated on the task at hand. Giving an unnoticeable, frustrated sigh, he leaned back from Justine, into the chair.

Justine took another deep breath, and swallowed before she began. "Okay. I'm ready."

"Do you know if Marissa had any enemies? Anyone who would want to hurt her?" Kate asked, interrupting Tony from saying anything. Tony looked back at her with a frown, before turning back to Justine.

Justine shook her head at first, but then frowned. "Well, I hadn't heard about anyone not liking her, until Friday, late afternoon… it was around one."

Tony opened his mouth, but Kate beat him to say anything again. "What happened?" Tony looked over at her, but she was fixed on Justine.

"She came in for an emergency facial. She told me about this girl who was all worked up about Marissa sleeping with her boyfriend." Justine said, shrugging.

Kate's eyes widened, and Tony took his chance. "Marissa was cheating on her husband?"

Justine nodded. "Yes, but he's never there and he's never been able to satisfy her." She commented.

"Satisfy her?" Tony asked, raising his eyebrow.

A deep blush crept up Justine's neck as her fake, icy blue eyes glanced down at her black stiletto heels. "Um… you know… satisfy?"

Tony's mouth opened slightly, in realization, as he stole a quick glance at Kate, who was rolling her hazel eyes. "Uh, right."

She was doing it again. Standing too close to him, and it was making him feel on edge. Like he was teetering on the edge of a cliff and if he was to fall, no one could catch him. Well, that wasn't exactly true, but the one person would could catch him would probably just scoff at him, and turn into another, more deserving person's arms.

Damn Kate Todd.

He watched her from the corner of his green eye, as she reached forward, and held the blood-laden statue of a horse head. The Lt. James Howard had a thing for horses – but that wasn't the point, or at least it wasn't Tony's point. Tony's point was that as Kate reached forward and picked up the statue she had collected at the crime scene, her arm brushed against his, sending a flaming feeling of desire course through his body. Did she realize she had this effect on him? Probably, because she wouldn't stand this close to him if she didn't want to torture him.

He was doing it again. He was standing next to her, so that every time she moved, he would be there to have her touch him. She found herself wanting to move, wanting to feel him against her, even if it was through their clothes. She held up the statue of the horse head; she had no reason to hold it. Abby was doing a fine job of explaining it to her. But unfortunately, Tony was causing her to go absolutely insane, commanding all her attention like that.

Damn Tony DiNozzo.

"Guys…Guys!" Abby gave a short yell, and grinned at her friends who jumped at her voice. "So as I was saying… the statue was definitely the first blow to the head." Abby took the statue from Kate's hands, and swung it in demonstration. She set it down on her evidence table with a satisfactory smile.

Tony nodded, though barely able to comprehend what Abby was telling him. Kate being this close to him was causing a nuclear meltdown in his brain, and he didn't understand it. Before he even had time to register in his mind that Kate had moved away from him, the phone rang through the lab. After giving both Kate and Tony a weird look, Abby bounced off towards the phone, hitting the speaker button happily.

"And you're on the air with Abby!" she said energetically.

"Abigail," Ducky's strong voice with a British accent filled the room. "Jethro told me that Caitlin and Anthony would there with you."

Abby grinned at them, as she replied, "And you are correct Duck-man!"

"Could you send them down? I'm done the autopsy on our young lady."

"I sure can!" Abby said, pressing end on the phone. She looked up, but saw that the two were already walking out of the lab, Kate leading the way. She grinned at them, before turning back to her work.

They stood beside each other, as they waited patiently for the elevator to get to their floor. It was silent, as they both stole glances at each other. Finally, after what had seemed ages, they heard the elevator ding, and the doors open. Kate stepped back to let Tony pass her, but found he was smiling at her. He rolled out his arm with a little bow, and allowed her to enter first. She gave him a shy smile, before entering the elevator, her mind panicking, and her heart in her throat.

The doors shut, and Kate leaned against the sidewall, as Tony pushed the button for the morgue. He turned to her sighed. "So…"

"So…" Kate echoed, trying not to make eye contact. Suddenly, all she could think about was what had happened Friday night. The way he didn't go to far, the way they had danced. Kate swallowed. Why was it getting so hot in there?

"Do you regret it?"

Kate's head snapped up and she frowned. "Regret what…"

"Regret Friday night." Tony replied, shrugging.

Kate let out the breath she had unknowingly been holding. That was a very good question. But the elevator stopped, and the doors dinged open. Kate saw her chance, and she rushed out of the elevator, and walked through the sliding doors to the morgue.

A cool rush of air met her, as she walked over to where Ducky, Gibbs, and Jimmy were standing around the body. Kate could feel Tony behind her, following her in tune with her every step. She stopped beside Gibbs and Ducky, making sure that Tony was as far away as possible.