I know it's been a while, but I had a lot on my plate. Plus, I haven't been in the mood for Digimon lately. I think the fifth season killed that; I find myself less of a fan than the forth season, no offense. But with the new Pokémon game, I think I had enough interest to finish this chapter. I haven't seen most of the show in a while, and for good reason you all know about the show. Man I wish they bring back the comics.

Incase you ask; don't ask for the characters from the new season of Pokémon to appear, like Dawn. I'm keeping this in the Ruby/Sapphire season, although there will be some hints from the new one. Also I'm trying to keep using only seasons 1 and 2 Digimon characters...and a few others; even though it's tempting to use the Tamers again. But this story will have too many characters to deal with and any more won't help.


Digimon & Pokémon

Mon Wars



The gang reunited with May, as well as asking questions about her behavior. After some quick lousy excuses, May rushed over to the Pokémon Contest, getting ready for her big début. She did, make a skim check at who was going to be at this contest, but so far Drew wasn't on the list, which was a shocker. He was always around when May enters a contest. Oh well, maybe this will be an easy win this time.

In contests, coordinators can only use one of their Pokémon for the entire challenge. Now in big cases like these, you'd expect trainer to use their best Pokémon, aye?

Well not May, because she decided to use a Pokémon she recently caught, a very timid Bulbasaur.

"I'm telling you, May! It's not a good idea to use Bulbasaur. It never battled!"

May was up in the signing booth, which she was about to enter herself and Bulbasaur in the papers on the front desk. But neither Ash nor Max liked the idea of May using Bulbasaur, since she just caught it a couple of days ago. Brock decided to keep quiet so he wouldn't fall to either side, or say the wrong thing. It's what he does best.

"Well it has to start somewhere, and Bulbasaur is gonna start by helping me win my next ribbon."

Max shook his head. "May, training them would've been a logical start. Contests are just a bit overkill."

May pouted. "Well I trained it enough. You just wait and see! Bulbasaur will be walking out of that stage with a first place ribbon on its bulb, and then we'll be laughing at you, so HA!!"

In a snobbish fashion, May marched into the locker rooms, where all the contestants prepare for the tournament. Her Bulbasaur followed, looking quite timid by the amounts of people around the lobby.

Ash sighed, crossing his arms. "She's making a big mistake." He then heard soft chuckles from Brock. "What's so funny, Brock?"

Grinning, Brock held back his laughter. "Well…for a minute there, Ash, you sounded just like Misty."


"Remember the Indigo League? Misty warned you not to use Krabby, but you didn't listen."

Memories of his first Pokémon League started to flow through his mind. "Oh yeah! ... Hah, well Krabby, or should I say Kinglar showed her! He won that match without a sweat, didn't he?"

"That's my point. Maybe May's Bulbasaur will surprise you."

Ash rubbed his forehead. Gosh…did I really sound like Misty?

"Come on, Ash! Let's get some seats!"

The Kanto trainer spotted Brock and Max heading down the hallway, leaving him alone with the entire crowd.

"Wait up!" cried the young trainer as he pursued after them…and bumping into a man wearing a business suit. "Sorry about that!" Moving around the man, Ash continued to catch up with his friends while Pikachu caught a ride on his trainer's head. "Wait for me!"

The young business man watched the child hurry towards the entrance to the hallway as he adjusted his shades. He grabbed the collar of his suit and pulled it near his lips. "They're here. Have our specimen delivered at my coordinates, and I'll take care of the rest."

He then walked through the glass doors, heading outside into the sunlight. The man crossed the street without any worry of a car passing by, and once he ventured through a dark alley, he merged with the darkness; vanishing from sight.



"Are you sure that leaving the counterfeit ribbon business was a good idea? We were making quite a bundle."

"Yea…until da stupid customers find out what kind of packaging dey buy, den we pay wit our heads, Jame-o."

High above the town of Ruiboso, a large hot-air balloon, which is shaped like the head of a cartoony cat, two pre-adult duo in white uniforms, along with a Pokémon that the balloon is based on hovers through the city. A woman with long red hair, which seems to be held firmly together by some kind of gel and a man with short light blue hair, watches the cityscape over the basket that they stood in.

The woman spread her lips in a sinister way. "Besides, what respecting thief passes up the opportunity to steal a handful of valuable Pokémon, just waiting for the picking?"

The blue-haired male tapped his chin as he searched through his thoughts. "Hmm…is this a trick question?"

Without warning, the female thief hammered her partner on the head. "Just shut your mouth! You'll spare all of us headaches."

Whimpering, the male massaged the bump on his head. "I feel your point."

The strange cat, which had a coin grafted on his forehead, jumped off the edge of the basket, alighting inside, "Alright, let's go ovah da plan again."

From the upper corner, off-screen, the cat pulled down some kind of a blueprint, like a window curtain.

"Alright, 'foist we surprise em from da air, den blind dem good, and den take da live goods and blast away happy!"

"Happy! Eeeee!! I always love that word!"



"Come on, Bulbasaur!!"

The tiny frog-like plant dropped from the air, trying to keep itself stable. Right in front of a live audience, inside a film studio, the little Pokémon was nearly battered before a creature about three times its size. It looked like a steel-plated rhino, which in fact, it's a Pokémon called Lairon; a very intimidating creature that was tossing Bulbasaur like a rag doll.

As the crowd cheered, Ash, Brock, and Max gripped to the seats before them as they watched May losing the fight.

Ash was on the edge of his seat, fearing to see May's defeat. Compared to his Bulbasaur from May's, Ash's Bulbasaur was as tough as nails, and as stubborn as he is. He was so stubborn, he refused to evolve, but that didn't stop him from becoming one of the toughest Pokémon on his roster.

But May's Bulbasaur was almost the opposite. It's very shy and clumsy; too much of that to be thrown into a contest already. Ash wished she should've trained her new Pokémon enough to help with its confidence.


He also wished that Team Rocket would come and crash the party. At least that would save May he embarrassment. They usually show up at times likes these, just like one of those same ol days.


"Hey guys! Thanks for saving some seats." The white haired boy of Birch was scooting between the audience, trying to get to Ash and the gang. "Ow! Sorry, ma'am!"

"Glad you could show, Brendan." said Brock.

"Wouldn't miss it," said Brendan as he took his seat between Brock and Max. The white-haired boy looked at the battle. "I mean, I thought she hated Pokémon and all…"

Brock shrugged, "Well things changed for her."


"Razor Leaf! Go, Bulbasaur!"

The tiny creature hopped to the air and twirled its body around, aiming its bulb at the metal rhino. A small twister formed from its bulb, carrying loads of leaves in a swirl.

But the mighty rhino just charged right through, plowing through the leaf-whirlwind like stacks of cards and rammed the grass Pokémon straight to the edge of May's side of the field.



"Almost you mean?" Brendan muttered. Standing up, he cupped his hands over his mouth, shouting, "Come on, May! Pull it together!"

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard that voice. Looking at that familiar boy in the stand, her whole body froze. It…can't be…

"Don't be wussing out like you did with those Poliwags at that petting zoo!"

Fury of Hell was painted on May's furious face. That little…

Max saw the fury that is his sister, "Tact still isn't your strong suit, aye Brendan?"


"Let's woe the crowd with a Shockwave, Lairon!" the trainer cried.

Taking a leap off the floor, its horn generated electrical energy. The Lairon then slammed that charged horn against the floor, blanketing the floor with electricity. The incoming wave was impossible for the grass creature to escape since it covered every possible area to run, and it electrocuted the poor Bulbasaur.

"Bulbasaur!!" May cried as the entire arena was glittered with sparkles from the aftermath of the shockwave. Hey, in a contest, the battles have to look dazzling.

Brendan gripped the arms of his seat as he stared at the battle, "That blast did a number on it, and that's a grass type! Did she just catch that thing or something?"

"Yes…" Ash dryly answered, almost embarrassed to admit it.


Her fingers curled as tight as May's heart beat rapidly. She felt the chill of defeat through her spine; she hoped that she hoped it didn't foretold what will come. "Come on, Bulbasaur! Get up!"

Its little legs struggled with all its might to push its body, but the pain and burns were too great to withstand. Never the less, Bulbasaur ignored its yearning to rest as it tried to get back into the battle it knew it was inedible to win.

"That's it, Bulbasaur! You can do it!" its trainer encouraged it, hoping that it will refuel the Pokemon's spirit.

It was almost standing straight, straining itself to stand strong and…and the little Bulbasaur's body gave it and started to drop to the floor and-

BOOM! The ceiling past the arena blew a large hole, frightening the crowd in the room. It wasn't long until something came down through the smoke of the explosion; an all too familiar hot-air balloon that don the face of a certain cat Pokémon.

"Prepare for trouble, we've stolen the show!"

"And make it double, we'll make your mind blow!"

Standing proud and dramatically on the edge of the basket were the white-uniformed duo all love or hate, and as always they were milking their booming entrance for all its worth.

"To protect the world from devastation!"

"To unite all people within our nation!"

"To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

"To extend our reach to the stars above!"

"Jesse!" she called, looking seductive as always.

"James!" he called, with a rose on his lips.

"Team Rocket blast off at the speed of light!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight, fight, fight!"


Out of nowhere, Meowth kicked the Pokémon off the spotlight. "Meowth, that's right!"

Leaping out of the crowd, Action-Hero Ash stepped into the stage, facing his furious air towards his long-foes. "Team Rocket!"

The yellow mouse poked from behind his trainer's head. "Pika!"

"Yupper!" the cat happily respond, pulling out a remote control. "And dis is da part where ya all expect; us making off with da Pokémon! Ha HA! Say cheese!"

FLASH!! The eyes of the Meowth balloon threw a blinding light that engulfed the entire room. Everyone was blinded as they tried to avert their eyes, but Team Rocket was already prepared with large sunglasses, and they stood their, smiling at their handy-work.

As this happened, there was already a large tube under the basket, along with some kind of bag-tail. The tube sucked up the air like a vacuum, sucking up the poke-balls from the audience. Ash and Brock kept hold on the poke-balls on their belt, knowing Team Rocket too well, and Brendan had his in his backpack which was firmly strapped on him.

However, Ash never learns to keep hold on Pikachu, who was now being pulled by the vacuum.

"PIKACHU!" he cried, trying to reach for the mouse, but the light kept his eyes shut.

He was not the only one. May felt Bulbasaur slip through her arms, and it got pulled into the basket. "HEY!"

The light finally cleared away, revealing the bag-tail completely filled as fat as an obese man. On the basket, Team Rocket had Pikachu showcased to the people inside some kind of glass dome. As usual, Pikschu demonstrated the electric-resistant capabilities of the dome as he tried to blast his way free.

"Um…who are they?" Brendan asked, watching the stooges with an arched brow.

Brock stood his guard with Ash, "A couple of guys that just won't quit."

"Well we won't quit, not while they have the Pokémon!" Ash cried, stating the obvious, as he drew out a poke-ball and threw it into the air. "Taillow, I choose YOU!!"

The ball exploded with light, releasing a small blue-jay Pokemon. "Tail!!!"

"Taillow, cut a hole on Team Rocket's balloon!"

"Tail!" cried the bird before it rocketed towards the cat-balloon.

Jesse, however, was prepared for this, as she pitched a poke-ball. "GO DUSTOX! Blow that winged rat away with a Gust attack!"

The ball exploded, freeing a large moth creature. The moth flapped its wings hard, producing a powerful stream of wind that decelerated Taillow. The little bird, being a stubborn creature as its species, fought and pushed through the wind.

"Hang in there, Taillow!" Ash shouted.

But then Brendan stepped forward next to Ash, throwing a poke-ball. "Help em out, Ninjask!"

With a burst of light, the ball let out, a strange wasp Pokémon rocketed out, shooting towards the aerial battle like a speeding bullet.

"Wow, that's a fast Ninjask!" Ash commented, awed by its speed.

With a smirk, Brendan shrugged, "Eh, I know."

But James sees this incoming bug, and raised Brendan his own interception.

"Cacnea! GOOOO!!" James cried, throwing a poke-ball in the air. However, the beam aimed back on the edge of the basket, forming into a small cactus creature that clinged on its master like a monkey covered in quills. Quickly, James ripped it off of him. "ACK! Quit poking through my delicate skin and poke through theirs! Poison Sting!"

"Caca!" it squealed before it unleashed a horde of needles from its body, shooting towards the bug.

But Brendan welcomed the obstacle with excitement. "Heh! Charge around that, and use Aerial Ace, Ninjask!"

While shoot towards the balloon, the Ninjask zipped around the needles like it was teleporting everywhere. Finally, it zoomed past the Cacnea, Dustox, and James, blasting the moth out of the air, and the cactus off the basket.

"Wow, it's too fast, and without using Agility?"

Brendan smiled at the comment. "That's because of its Speed Boost ability. Its speed increases in battle. Now take it to em, pal! X-scissor!"

The bug made a speedy U-turn back to the Meowth balloon, charging for the large inflated thing as an X-shaped energy aura formed in front of Ninjask.

Growling, Jesse reeled her arm back to throw a poke-ball. "Oh no you don't! Sevip-"


"Woooooabafett!" out of nowhere, the happy Wobbufett poked up, saluting as always.

"Well you'll do nicely as well." Lifting him up, Jesse tossed the blue thing at the incoming bug. "Get in there and use Counter!"

"Wooooaaab!" as he was airborne, the Wobbufett was coated under an orange aura. The Ninjask blasted right at him, but was quickly repelled like it crashed into a wall of rubber, and crashed right into a wooden background wall.

"Aw nuts!" Brendan cried, smacking his forehead repeatedly.

Jesse cackled like an evil witch as her blue Pokemon tried to hang on to the large bag of poke-balls. "One twerp down…"

"Eeeeee, main one to go!" James continued as his Cacnea climbed back in the basket.


The gang spotted Ash's Taillow below, which was climbing the air for the thieves.

"Oh no you don't! Cacnea, Pin Missile!"

Hoping on the edge of the basket, Cacnea fired a barrage of needles like a machine gun. The Taillow maneuvered around the shots like a fighter plane, till it reached the balloon. The grass type aimed up and fired, but the bird shot away before the needles punched a large hole on the balloon.

"Opps…" James gulped as the basket was slowly about to fall.

Jesse hammered her partner on the head, glaring at him with deadly eyes. "JAMES YOU IDIOT!!!"

Meowth, on the other hand was still calm, "Not to worry, Jesse-pants. Meowth has a paw-B! Ha-HA!"

Quickly, Meowth picked up a large remote and pressed a button on it. It allowed the ropes on the balloon to detach from the sliced balloon before it can pull them flying to the skies. Then, at the bottom of the basket, rocket thrusters poked out from the corners and unleashed its mighty smoky rockets, forcing Tailow and Ninjask to reel back from the smoke.

Meowth grinned sinisterly as their rocket hovered towards the hole in the ceiling. "Bye-bye!"

Jesse cackled, "It's been a blast, but we're gonna have a BLAST selling these Pokémon, and little Pikachu too."

"Eeeeee!" James squealed.

As the basket reached out of the ceiling, Ash rushed for it, even though it was impossible to reach his hands up to the thing. But when it comes to Pikachu, no one, not even god himself stands between him and his best friend. "Pikachu!!!"


But of course he'll save the day. It's just one of those same ol days.



Yards away, a person with a girlish figure relaxed on a branch of a tall tree and watched Team Rocket rising out of the hole in the building. Her appearance was impossible to determine under the shade, except for her pearly white teeth under that sinister smile.

Even her sweet voice had a fiendish tone in it, "-giggle-…Fetch, big boy."


BOOM!!!! Suddenly, another explosion ripped through the wall beside the audience bleachers, startling the frightened folks.

Through the smoke within the hole, a mighty and large red reptilian leg took its heavy step in the room, sinking its mighty foot through the cement floor.

"Dose youse guys think we got some competition?" asked Meowth as he watched the creature from the basket.

Jesse snarled at the large creature below. "HEY! Is that you in there, Cassidy? This is our gig! SCRAM!!!"

The eyes of the beast ferociously glowed as it dangerously turned its great head towards the rocket basket that carried the two frightened humans and their scardy-cat

Cowardly, James zoomed behind Jesse and hid there, "B-b-but maybe we can share gigs."

"FIRE BURST!!!" it cried before it unleashed a mighty fireball out of its mouth.

"AAAAAAHHHH!!!" Team Rocket screamed as they quickly held onto each other like screaming girls.

BOOM! And the fireball blasted the basket to bits…but as for Team Rocket…what do you think? They're soaring to the atmosphere.

"Something tells me that Cassidy ain't playing nice-girl dis time. You won a bet against her or something, Jess?"

Jesse frowned, crossing her arms. "None of your business!"

Meowth sighed, "Too bad our business went out with a bang."

POP! "Woooooooba!"


And nothing but a blinking star was seen in the sky they rocketed to.


"Bulbasaur!" May cried, tending to her poor Pokémon. She was happy that her grass Pokémon is free, but it looked like the blast did a number on it.

The shrieking roar from the giant dinosaur quivered the room and frightened the people enough to make them run in panic…but not Ash, who was more intrigued than frightened by the giant 'Pokémon'.

"What is that?!" shouted Ash, not watching his Pikachu run back to his shoulder. It was a habit for Ash to draw out his poke-dex for any kind of Pokémon he never seen or forgotten.

No Pokémon data found…found…error …Bulberdgf

"Huh?" Ash slightly shook the device. "What's wrong with this thing?"

"Ash, look out!" Brock pulled his friend out of the way, before the massive creature crushed the floor and part of the bleachers with its crushing feet.

Quickly, Max ran to May's side and towed her arm with her to safety. "Come on, we gotta get out of here!"

"You don't have to tell me twice!"

However, its ferial eyes caught the sibs trying to make a run for it. From the reflection of its moist eyes, it seemed much focused on the youngest coordinator of the two.

The dinosaur stamped its feet, making the area shake as flames liked across its teeth. "FIRE BURST!!!!" Reeling its head, the beast launched a mighty fireball.

The fireball crashed into the wall before the sibs, and smashed a chunk of it to pieces. But some of those pieces were large enough to crush a van like a soda can, which one of them was falling straight for May and Max.

"MAY!!! MAX!!!" cried Ash, and Brock.

The trainer switched to Action-Hero-Ash mode as he hurried to rescue his friend, as fast as his skinny little legs can take him.

But it would seem Brendan was doing the same, but with using a pokéball. "GO," the boy shouted, hurling the ball towards the girls. "AGGRON! Use your Strength to save them!!"

The ball blast open, shooting a red beam in front of the sibs. But the giant chunk was nearly inches above the two, and that wasn't enough time for them to brace themselves.

KLASH!! Gradually, after hearing that sound, May and Max slowly looked up, fearing that they may be dead, or that rubble was still about to crush them. But the chunk was actually floating above them.


Though it wasn't actually floating, it was held by a shiny rhino creature than stood two legs, and had an appearance similar to a Rhydons', but its head had twin horns, and a shiny-like helmet that made it look like it was wearing the skull of an animal.

"May, Max, get out of the way!!" Ash made it, and grabbed both of their wrist, pulling them away from danger.

With the bystanders clear from the battlefield, Aggron toss the debris away and stood on guard against the red dinosaur. Its trainer, Brendan Birch, stood further away from the exit, just at the corner of the studio, waiting for Ash to bring May and Max near him.

"Thanks for the help, Brendan." said Ash, releasing the sibs.

"Don't thank me yet, Ash. After we deal with this thing, then you can thank me for saving Max and Ms. Ditzy here."

"WHAT?!" Good thing Brock and Max were there to keep May from shredding Brendan like a potato.

"Sorry! I-I-I didn't mean-" Roars from the battlefield attracted Brendan's attention. He turned to see his Aggron nearly get hammered by a fireball, which blew another chunk of the floor. However, something did crash through the wall from the impact of the fireball. "I'll apologize later!"

"Do that; this place is going down!" shouted Brock, noticing the ceilings giving in.

The group fled out of the building, gathering around in the parking lot. Just in time to hear the ferocious sounds of metal crumbling down from inside the building.

"That…could've been us in there." Max pointed out.

"What about the Pokémon Team Rocket stole? They're still in there." Ash nearly bolted back inside, if it wasn't for Brock stopping him.

Brendan found his Pokémon lying on the floor, because Aggron was the one that crashed through the wall. Now it was just there, picking itself up, with dust and debris covering its body.

"Aggron, you okay?" Brendan smiled, slightly, when his steel Pokémon nodded. Looking towards the hole, he saw the giant dinosaur marching through on the other side. "It's coming this way!"

Making that his cue, Ash drew out a poke-ball. "Then I'll get in his way! Corpish, I choose you!"

Tossing the ball, it released a blast of light, which formed into a shape on the ground. And it did form, into a strange crab Pokemon that had large pincers.

"Go! Bubblebeam, NOW!" he commanded.

The egg-shaped crab stood at the sight of the giant creature. Though Corpish trembled at his size at first, he shook it off, and quickly fired a stream of bubbled, with a small blue lasers within the stream. The bubbles slammed into the dino's snout, but it was like it didn't feel it.

"It's not even doing anything!" cried Max, shocked at the sight.

"This will!" cried Brendan, snapping his finger past Ash. "Aggron, Take Down!"

With the fury of thirty football players, the large Pokemon rushed towards his large foe while shuttering the ground below. But the giant dinosaur had the same idea as it charged as well.

The titans collided with a thunder, paws meeting and now are on a bout of strength, trying to shove each other to their knees.

But the red reptile showed no patience as flames licked out of its mouth. "FIRE BURST!!!"

A great blast exploded where the two giants stood, engulfing them in a large bank of smoke. But it wasn't long before the armored rhino was thrown out of the cloud and crashed right through a hot-dog cart.

"Aw no! That thing is way too strong!"

"Brendan, look out!!!" cried Max.

The white-haired child gasped as he spotted the red reptile charging right at him, with flames licking out of its jagged mouth.

"Go! Silver Wind, Beautifly!"

A poke-ball soared towards the red dino, releasing a large butterfly Pokémon onto the air. Flapping its wings rapidly, it unleashed a sparkly gust of wind. The mighty but beautiful gust slowed down the dinosaur, and now it was trying to fight its way through to get to the small butterfly.

But suddenly, Beautifly was surrounded by a geyser of orange energy and the Silver Wind exploded like a boom, almost knocking the dino off its feet.

"Whoa!" Brendan was at awe, but quickly shook it off to see May a few feet behind him. "May! What-"

"Like I'm gonna stick in the sidelines?"

Brendan scratched his head with a smile. "You usually do."

"Things change! Just hurry up!"

"Wha…oh yeah!" with authority, Brendan pointed at the monster. "Aggron, GO! Giga Impact!"

With such speed, the metal beast charged, but was coated in a white aura. Leaping away, Aggron crashed and crushed right on the dino, making the ground explode.

"YES!" Brendan cheered, with a fist leaping for the air.

"Alright!" cheered May as her Beautifly perched on her head.


But suddenly…


…The crater erupted with a great beam of light.



"No way! Don't tell me its evolving!" cried Ash.

Max was stunned, "Uh…I didn't notice that thing can talk!"

When the light faded…an explosion erupted from the crater. Rising out of the smoke came a beast similar to the one that called itself Tyranomon, only this one was bigger and bulkier. It had darker red skin, an x-scar on its chest, and even though it lacked larger fangs, this beast facial expression was much more intense than before…and it held the little Aggron by its head.

"MASTER TYRANOMON!" Reeling back, the great beast hammered the metal rhino right on the pavement.

Brendan was stunned with fear. May shuddered, holding her Beautifly tightly…

…but Ash…was determined to stop it. "CrabHammer, now!"

For a little crab with tiny legs, it leaped to massive heights, hurtling its flaming pincer at the giant dino.

"Ash, NO!" cried Brock. Even he knew this will end in vain.

"MASTER FIRE!!!" a great stream of fire once again launched from its mouth…

"Wah!! Endure! ENDURE!!"

…only this time, it engulfed the tiny crab and exploded. A smokey bomb flew out of the explosion and crashed on the floor. It was the poor Corpish, and it was covered in ashes and soot. It barely twitched or moved.

"No…" Ash was stunned in horror at his Pokemon's condition. He didn't even paid mind to the Master Tyranomon's mighty roar that shattered glass and nearly knocked his friends off his feet.

But then, Ash snapped his eyes at the giant dino…eyes of fury. At the same time, Pikachu was tensed for battle as his red cheeks lit up. It was like he was channeling his trainer's anger.

"Pikachu, Thunder now!"

Springing to the air, the cloud above grew darker. A bolt of lightening crashed down from the heavens, right on Pikachu, but the little rat soaked up all that energy. Unleashing it, a mighty bolt shot and slammed on the dinosaur with a powerful blast. Everything went dark, but the light of the blast gave yellow light around.

And the mighty dinosaur went down for the count, hitting its jaw hard on the floor.

With a triumphed nod, Pikachu then turned to Ash, expecting his victorious pose…but the young trainer was too busy tending to his injured Corpish.

"Corpish, are you okay? I'm sorry I made ya go through that!...Corpish!!!"

Quickly, Brock went over there, and gently touched the water Pokemon. "We better get Corpish to the Pokémon Center, Ash. It sustained quite an injury."

Walking over to them, Max pointed at the fallen dinosaur. "What about that thing?"

Ash turned and glared at it. The thought of catching it came to mind, but that Pokemon was WAY too dangerous to keep. But then again, they can't leave it there, or it might destroy everything. Perhaps he should catch it, and then give it to-

Suddenly, a sea of siren alarms sounded in the background, getting louder as it approached. It wasn't long until police cars, ambulance, and media vans surrounded the lot while their siren lights lit around like Christmas lights.

Already, a stampede of news reporters and photographers rushed and surrounded the gang, snapping photos and flashes like no tomorrow, and microphone aimed at the gang from all corners…well mostly for Ash, May and Brendan.

"What is intense for you to fight that hostile Pokémon?"

"How did planned on defeating that Pokemon?"

"Did you know what type of a Pokemon that was?"

"How many licks does it take to get to the center….erm, I mean what were your thoughts?"

"Are you two a couple?" one asked Ash and May.

Brendan: (confused) "Huh?"

May: (blushing) "Wha?!?"

Normally, Ash would enjoy this attention. But at times when his Pokémon was in great pain, he did not need this now. "I don't have time for this! My Corpish needs to get to the Pokémon Center!"

"That would be our cue!"

With some of the media parting, a pink-hared nurse with a Chansey by her side came rolling a stretcher. "Please, make way! Pokémon emergency coming through."

"You heard her!" a loud and demanding female voice boomed. Yes it was Officer Jenny, with some of her band of cops shoving the media away from Ash and friends. "Make way, sick Pokémon need to get some medical attention! Make way!"

"Thank you, Nurse Joy." Ash sincerely said, carefully handing her his Corpish.

Also on cue, Brock approached the lovely nurse like the lovesick dog that he is. "Yes, it's a miracle that you shown up, Nurse Joy! And it's a miracle you came just in time to mend my broken heart!"

And it was not a miracle for Brock that Max reached in and reeled the breeder away by the ear.


Meanwhile, some cops surrounded the giant dinosaur. The beast, Master Tyranomon shuffled a little, with a little intimidating moan…which sounded like a low roar.

"Gah!" one of the cops flinched. "Someone get that thing in a poke-ball!"


One of the cops tossed one at the beast. When it touched its head and bounced away, the ball opened up, shooting a red laser that would coat the monster. But when it did, blue electricity danced around the energy, following around the beam, and reached the poke-ball.

BOOM!!! It went, like dynamite.


"Must have been a dud! Try again, men!"

One by one, the cops threw poke-balls at the monster. But the same thing happened, only this time, every single one of the balls exploded, unleashing a smoke cloud around the cops.

"Oy vay…" Jenny groaned, smacking her forehead.

Brendan gawked at the sight. "Whoa, guys! Did you see that?"

Yes indeed they did. Ash and the gang were shocked that not one of the poke-balls were able to catch that creature.

"There must be something about that Pokémon." said Brock, rubbing his chin as his squinty eye twitched.


"Oh poo! That shouldn't have happened."

Hiding under some dark trees, over the town, was a young silhouette with quite a feminine figure, and long pig-tails. She crossed her arms, tapping her feet on the floor.

"I thought Ultimates was supposed to be super-duper strong and stuff."

"Just because that thing became Ultimate, doesn't mean he was strong." said a masculine but gentle voice.

It was hard to tell under the shade of the woods, but there was a tall young man wearing a large trench coat. His voice sounded like the one Ash bumped into.

"Besides, he wasn't trying to destroy them; otherwise he picked a powerful Digimon. I think this was a warning for them."

"Mmmmm…" the girl whined, pouting. "That's dumb. I think those little kids will know that we're trying to kill them."

"…..Well….you know him. He likes a challenge."

"Duh, if he likes a challenge, then like he should just let them-"

"Do you two love-birds like to yap when you work?" another voice asked.

This boy stayed in the darkest part of their hiding place, making it difficult to see his appearance. All you can tell is the large sunglasses that were reflected by the light and spiky hair shown in the dimmed light in the background.

"Ew! As if! I already have a sugar-boo in mind!"

"Provided if he does mind…which he does." the trench-coat boy said. He then faced the hidden boy. "Let me guess…he sent you to tell us what to do with the Master Tyranomon?"

"Yes…" his limited figure faded in the darkness. "…dispose of it."

"I should've guess." Sighing, sadly, he nodded at the girl.

"Oh poo!" she whined, fiddling with something on her wrist. "And it was so cute, too!"



All eyes averted to the creature. The dino stood up, roaring to the sky. Most of the crowd tried to run off to safety, screaming in fear.

"Oh no!!!" cried Ash, reaching in for a poke-ball.

But then, there was crack on its chest, letting loose a ray of light. More cracks spread out around its body. It was as if the beast was going to collapse like a vase. But just when it did, the piece started to turn to dust. The 'dust' flew to the air, as if the wind carried it, and vanished.

And there stood Ash, baffled at what just happened. Before his very eyes, that Pokemon just…disappeared. It just had to, he hoped. It seemed more like it died. Ash didn't even pay attention to all the cops and media rushing past him.


Sighing, the tall boy walked away into the dark woods. "That was hardly necessary."

"Like, I know!" the girl said, following him. "But hey! You don't wanna mess with him, right?"




Well, the good news for Ash's ears was that the stolen Pokémon that was left in the building was safe and sound, and was already on the way to be returned to their respective trainers. The bad news was, besides Corpish's condition, that the whole thing was on TV, and if his mother sees it…he doesn't want to think about it.

What he was thinking about now was that strange Pokémon. Why was it causing chaos? Was it trying to destroy him and his friends, because it seemed more focused on him and his friends? And how did-

"Corpish is gonna be okay, Ash."

The trainer snapped out of his thoughts, spotting May behind him who looked a bit concerned for him.

"I know…it's just…" he focused back at the building, as Pikachu hopped on his shoulder, joining in.

"Man…just what the heck was that all about?" asked Brendan as he joined Ash and May. "I mean does this happen to you guys, often?"

Looking at the demolished building, Ash shook his head. "Not like this..."


Something told Ash that this wasn't gonna be one of those same ol days.




End of part 2…..