Hmm, my computer seems to be spazzing on me, before I can ever save a newly made story or chapter, it needs to be restarted and won't let me save.. Basturd computer. Anyways, this isn't going to be a pleasent fanfic like the rest seem to be. Oh well. It's an EnvyxEdward ficcy, deal with it if you don't like. Better yet, you don't like that couple, don't read. n.n Oh yeah, sort of a rape thing.. So if you don't like that then don't read either.


I pulled off your wings..

Then I laughed...

It was amusing, how was it an alchemist well known as you find yourself under a.. being like myself? A state alchemist, an alchemist for the people.. and you're laying beneath me, with that..

Why are you looking at me like that? You know you want this as much as I do! So.. to get rid of that look, I left a large handprint on the side of your face..

You'd look so beautiful with a bruise.. made by me of course.. If anyone else dared to touch you, they'd meet an untimely demise..

But that look still is on your face.. Why! I know you want it as much as I do!

I nip at your neck, surely that will calm you down.. but no, you end up getting at stiff as a board, and not in your jeans..

Oooh, maybe a bit in your pants too.. I felt that on my stomach, O'chibi-san..

I know you're enjoying this, Chibi.. You have to be..

I tell you to sit still, you actually do as told, now only if you did that when we told you to make us the stone..

Oh well.. I finger your jacket's latch, undoing it, telling you to put your hands up.. You do as told.. Twice in a row, Chibi, I'm suprised.

Next to come off are your gloves, I always hated those things.. Hiding your fleshy fingers and your metal ones.. Why hide them..? Be proud you created a being better than most populating this planet?

Slowly I tug them from you, pulling at the tips of the gloves, letting them slide off. I can tell your in pain, that look in your eyes, that's the only thing you can't mask, Chibi. Those lovely eyes..

Like his...

Setting that memory aside, I tear through your shirt, is it too appearent I'm getting impatient with your layers of clothing?

And now for your pants.. God that belt looks difficult... A snip here and there, and whoops, you have to buy a new one, chibi. After that, it wasn't hard to tug off your pants, your boxers falling with..

God you were beautiful.. But.. those eyes.. they weren't looking at me, they were staring at the wall.. Basturd..


Another palm print and you kept your eyes one me..

Did I ever tell you you were beautiful, O'Chibi-san?

My clothes just disappear, I'm a shape shifter, you think I'd trouble myself with clothing..?

I press my body against your's.. shoving you back down onto my bed..

I could feel you rubbing against my cock..

Oh god...

I need you, Chibi.. I need to be inside of you.. Don't you know that, O'Chibi-san..? I need to hear your cry out my name, not in hatred, but in lust.. in passion.. You will scream my name..

But be happy I held myself back, chibi, or else you wouldn't be able to sit for weeks.. Probably won't anyways..

I let my hand travel you waist.. curling around between your flesh and the bed, gentally probbing your enterence with my index finger..

I loved it.. the heat.. the tightness.. Are you a virgin Chibi? Will I be taking that from you tonight?... Yes.. I will be won't I...

I watch you arch slightly, wincing, knowing you're liking it, yet regretting the feeling..

You like it as much as I do..

I put another finger into you.. You squirm now, biting your lower lip..

Is that blood I see..? My, Chibi, you must be enjoying this more than I thought..

I lean forward, I must have a taste of that blood..

Mm.. Tastes... too good to be true.. Just like you, O'Chibi-san..

Tell me, chibi, do you like it like this..? You laying there allowing me to do as I please, or do you wish I'd stop.. or do you wish you'd start responding better..?

Does the chibi need to be taught how to please a person..?

I would teach him..

I began to move my fingers in a scissors motion.. no better way to discribe it than that... And I was a tad suprised when Ed's hips bucked upwards..

So Fullmidget alchemist wants it maybe even more than I do..