hey all just something i thought off in the early hours of the morning its about kai's feeling towardblack dranzer please R&R all opinions welcome i'd rather you be honest then lie


i'm cold, its dark

my heart is ice

frozen over,

i'm hurting

she was the one person i loved

i loved her

atleast i think i did

but now shes gone

gone forever

i'll never see her

no never again

but why should i care

i'm not weak, i dont feel anything

how could i even try

i'm not capable of emotions

they've been beaten out of me

forgotten, lost

if thats true

then why do i feel like this,

the weird sensations that run through me when i hold her

the way my heart beats faster when see her spining around

i dare not speak for fear of what i might say

she's gone and theres no going back

i must move on

i must win!