By Digitaldreamer

Just a quick one-shot. I know it's not exactly romantic, but Happy late Valentines Day anyway, everyone.


Monkey D. Luffy liked to do a lot of things. He loved to play tag with everyone on his ship, even when some of the participants weren't quite willing. He loved to try and steal meat from the kitchen, and he never really minded getting caught either because that was all a part of the game in a way. He loved to draw, even though he really wasn't all that good, as Usopp tended to point out constantly.

One of the things Luffy also loved to do was sing.

Of course, he had a hard time remembering the words usually, so most of the time he'd just hum. He would hum silly tunes in an off-key way as he bounced along on the deck, occasionally breaking into the goofy lyrics when he could remember them. He would hum chipper, jovial tunes as he walked through town, searching for some sort of new adventure.

And then there were the times where he sat by himself up on the Going Merry's figure head, running his palms over the rough, beaten wood. The sea would stretch out before him, an endless sparkling blue. When he hummed his music here, it wasn't because he couldn't remember the words.

It was because when he was singing to Mother Sea, he didn't need them.