Wow, the response was over whelming!! Just in case you were wondering, I'm posting this note up just in case some of you don't have me on author alert. I would suggest putting me on author alert so you'll know when the sequel will be posted, or you can check back on my profile from time to time.

YES you read right, I AM going to be making the sequel after such a positive response. The story won't be up until… a week or two probably. And YES there will be a E/T. I have the first chapter briefly planned out already so I should be able to post up the story sometime… next two weeks so check back! Other than that, I hope you guys are enjoying your weekend and I'll see you soon!

I need ideas for a title for the story… I don't have a strong idea for the title yet, preferably something that could relate to 'Invisible'…

Temporary Summary: Three years ago, Kinomoto Sakura met Li Syaoran… after he had died in a crash. Now, three years later, Li Sakura and Syaoran are married and living in Hong Kong. It's been peaceful… until something is found… something unnatural. Sakura is going to have to choose between the life she dreamed of… and the life she's destined to live.

I am going to make a fanfic trailer for this story as soon as I get a response for the summary and title, so please, I am desperate for your ideas!