Hey, I thought I'd try my luck at a NarutoHP crossover, almost worse than the FMAHP crossovers, but hell, what can I say? I'm a sucker for crossovers… TT.TT

Basically: Okay, Sasuke, Naruto and all them are older, and it seems Sasuke has developed a weird fetish for tea in his old age (not that old) and our Sasu-kun is now a Jounin and about to become an Anbu! -squee-

Disclaimer/Warning: Oi! I don't own any of these animes/mangas/books… And this is
YAOI boy on BOY pairing, NaruSasu! And this is a smart Naru fic! –kyaaa!- 3 -heart heart- oh, and I am COMPLETELY disregarding the whole Naruto plot since I haven't read all of it! XDD And Sasuke and Sakura don't know about Naruto's little friend, Kyuubi…. ;)

Chapter One: Tea

Sasuke Uchiha sat in the luxurious living room of his house, though mansion would be a better description of his living quarters, in sweatpants and a dark t-shirt. Minutes passed as he listened to the monotonous tick of the grandfather clock. Finally a faint whistling reached his ears and he eagerly got up and made his way to the kitchen where the boiling water invited him to make his afternoon tea. Sasuke is a man of principles, did you know that not once has he ever missed his daily tea, save for some of his harder missions, and even then he found time to take a small sip of the herbal liquid.

He sighed happily as the small packet of spices was lowered into the tea cup. He was determined to enjoy every moment of his tea today, because today he finally had acquired it, the one tea to RULE THEM ALL! And it had been no easy task, not even for the twenty-one-year-old Sasuke Uchiha, Jounin and future Anbu. After many a-ranked missions and begging, yes begging, Tsunade had finally agreed to grant him a holiday to the remote forbidden land of the village hidden in tea, Herbal Bengal. All in all, it had been worth it, even if he had to beg (which he would never admit to, even under pain of torture)

The pleasant mix of dried leaves tickled his senses; in fact, he would have giggled happily if he wasn't an Uchiha, because Uchiha's just DIDN'T giggle. Smirk, yes, cackle, yes, perhaps even a random dark chuckle here and there, but giggling, that was just unheard of. So Sasuke sat and chuckled darkly, actually it was pretty creepy.

As he waited for his tea to cool he heard a faint knock on his window in the living room, but he ignored it, it was his tea time and he would be damned if he was going to let someone ruin it, enemy ninja, or not. Well, maybe not enemy ninja, he grumbled, after all, what kind of enemy ninja in their right mind would alert the target of their presence? Another dark chuckled bubbled from his lips as a certain blonde came to mind. Of course, Naruto would be the type of ninja to do that, I mean really, he hardly even passed the Jounin exam and was probably still trying to gain permission to ask to be an Anbu! The Uchiha's lips formed into a smirk. He was just about to take a sip of his long-awaited tea when a man in an Anbu outfit popped up out of nowhere in front of him, causing Sasuke to almost spill the precious liquid.

Annoyed, Sasuke glared at the intruder (A/N: The reason he didn't spring into action was because it was tea time, and not much is really more important than Sasuke's tea)

The man was clad as most of the Anbu were, complete with the animalistic porcelain mask, which were only given to captains, with his wild yellow hair sticking at all angles. If he hadn't been wearing a mask Sasuke was sure he would have worn an annoyed look on his face. The intruder's golden hair wasn't the only surprising thing about him though; the animalistic mask he wore clearly marked him as a captain. What shocked Sasuke was that the mask's visage was painted to resemble that of the demon fox.

Is he really an Anbu? I mean seriously, why would he have that on his mask? Perhaps he's new… Sasuke and the man hadn't moved an inch since the Anbu's arrival.

Minutes passed and finally the man spoke in a monotone voice, Sasuke suspected that the nin didn't want him to know his true voice, "Uchiha-san,"

"…" Sasuke, or should I say: 'Uchiha-san' wasn't feeling too terribly kind towards the stranger enough to speak, so he just glared.

"You're late." The Anbu said after a moment's pause, when Sasuke didn't respond he sighed and tried again, "Tsunade-sama has been waiting for over fifteen minutes, so she sent me to fetch you." An audible growl was in his voice; obviously he wasn't too terribly happy about being sent to fetch anyone.

"Hn…" Sasuke said and got up, but before he had a chance to set his tea on the kitchen counter he found himself being whisked out of his manor by a transportation jutsu, the Anbu had a short temper.

"Ah, Sasuke-san, nice of you to drop in." The soft deadly voice of the Hokage was the next thing he heard. "Thank you." She nodded to the Anbu, who bowed slightly and disappeared without a sound. "Now, let's get down to business- what are you wearing?" Her eyes settled on him in surprise.

Sasuke thought for a moment before answering, he couldn't just tell her that he had forgotten totally about the meeting she had requested with him, it was already bad enough that she had sent someone to get him, his pride could only take so many hits in one day. "Well…" he began, but Tsunade cut him off.

"I don't want to know." She pulled a folder from her desk and glanced up at him again, "Sasuke, why are you holding tea."

"It couldn't be avoided…" Sasuke put his mug down on the nearest table, wishing he could go home and finally drink it.

"Anyways." The Hokage took out a pair of reading glasses, perching them on her nose and holding out the paper in front of her, "I have an important mission for you."

"What rank?"

Tsunade glared at him, "Well, if you would let me finish first, I was going to say it is a C-rank mission for you in levels of danger, possibly a B-rank in levels of difficulty." She turned the paper over, "Don't glare at me like that, you're the only one I can spare to go this time. I need you to go to London and infiltrate the wizarding school of Hogwarts by posing as the new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher- What did I tell you about glaring!"

Sasuke growled, "A teacher!" the volume of his voice was rising, but he didn't really care, "A TEACHER? Why couldn't you send Iruka-sensei!"

"Calm yourself, Sasuke-san." Tsunade laughed slightly, "Iruka is busy with teaching his students and don't even try to tell me to send Kakashi, he would probably show up two months after the school year started." The Hokage laughed at her joke.

"Wait, you said… London, right?" Sasuke looked at her like she had just gone mad, he had heard the tales of this fabulous 'London', and he had thought them to be just that, tales. Nothing more than a bedtime story for rambunctious youngsters who weren't satisfied with the usual ninja meets wolf, wolf eats ninja's grandma, ninja finds wolf, and ninja finds and wipes out wolf's entire clan for revenge.

"Yes, London," Tsunade rubbed her temples and pulled out a scroll from her desk, "listen, I really don't have the time or the patience to tell you everything you need to know here, so just read this when you get to the Leaky Caldron."

"The what?" Sasuke blinked slowly, it felt like the fabric of reality was slowly being pulled apart around him, maybe this is a dream?

"Just read the damn scroll," Tsunade made a hand signal and the blonde Anbu from before appeared in the room as Sasuke took the scroll, "He-" she motioned to him, "will fill you in on the rest of anything you need to know." She smirked as the Anbu quirked his head at her, asking a silent question, "You may call him Yuubi-san for now…"

The Anbu bowed and began to make hand signals, seconds later Sasuke found himself outside of a grubby looking pub… without his tea… Sasuke should never be outside of anything without having his tea...

So he was in a foul mood as Yuubi-san dragged him into it. Inside, Sasuke had trouble keeping his jaw from sagging as the Anubu led him through the pub; sure, normal people sat having a cup of coffee and perhaps a crumpet here and there, but there were also all the strange and fantastic creatures of myth, he even swore he saw a vampire before they arrived at Sasuke's new room.

"Uchiha-san, you shouldn't let your jaw hang like that," Yuubi-san put a hand under Sasuke's hanging jaw and closed it for him, "you might swallow a fly."

Sasuke scowled, he didn't like the air of the Anbu, not one bit, but then again it wasn't his job to like the man, he just had to deal with him for this one mission; easy, right? Well, it all depended on how long the mission would take, Tsunade must have put that in the scroll, among other things.

Without being asked the Anbu exited, but not before tossing him an earring, one identical to his ('Yuubi-san's) and saying, "I'll be going now, put that on, if you need to contact me for any reason, just press on it and talk." Then he was gone.

Sasuke looked at the little jeweled ornament; it was gold and silver, with a small red jewel in the middle. With a grumble he set it on the desk, like hell did he need any 'assistance' from that idiot, whoever he was. In Sasuke's mind, anyone who deprived him of his daily tea didn't deserve his obedience, which was already hard to win regardless of tea.

He resumed his goal and opened the scroll, laying it out on his new bed and read:

Uchiha Sasuke,

If you are reading this, then I trust that you have arrived at The Leaky Caldron without any trouble, if not then you have my condolences…well, no not really, if you aren't at the Leaky Caldron now then chances are you're dead.. Anyway, I have chosen you to go on this mission because you are one of the most level-headed ninja I have met. Your mission is to infiltrate the wizarding school of Hogwarts as the new DADA (Defense Against the Dark Arts) teacher.

You need to gather any information that would gain us the upper hand if ever they were to attack. Their 'ministry of magic' is something that I am particularly interested in,( look into that, won't you?) Infiltration is not the only reason you are there, though, the headmaster, Professor Albus Dumbledore asked that I send someone to safeguard a rather famous boy named Harry Potter, he is currently in his fourth year. I do not expect you to totally devote yourself to the infiltration portion of the mission, your main concern is keeping that boy safe.

Harry Potter is famous for his 'defeat' of the dark wizard Tom Riddle (AKA. Voldemort) Both his parents were murdered by Voldemort when he was only one yea old, somehow Harry rebounded his killing curse and escaped with only a scar, he has two good friends at Hogwarts: Ron and Hermione.

As for the infiltration part of the mission, that is why I sent 'Yuubi-san'. He will be around the castle, Dumbledore and the other teachers are under the assumption that he was sent to be a guard for the champions of the Tournament that is being held at Hogwarts this year. He will also see to it that you complete your training as an Anbu, I cannot tell you more about him other than he is one the top Anbu of the village, as for his real name, that you will have to find out on your own.

One other thing I forgot to mention, you are not the only DADA teacher, you will be working with a former auror, his name is Mad-eye Moody. That is all for now, Sasuke, take care, you know what do with this letter.

The Fith Hokage


Sasuke read it twice, memorizing everything of importance and threw the scroll into the empty fireplace, setting it afire with a hand jutsu. He looked out the window, it was getting dark, with a sad sigh he undressed and got under the covers in his silky boxers (A/N: You all know I had to do that, sorry ;)

He let his mind wander back to Konoha, he wondered what everyone was doing. Kakashi-sensei was probably reading one of his Icha-Icha Paradise books in Iruka-sensei's living room, for some reason his former teachers had been spending more and more time together (maybe they enjoyed each other's company?) Yes, that had to be it.

Sakura and Ino were probably in the middle of the woods with the rest of his fan club performing some voodoo ritual to make him fall madly in love with them. What would Naruto being doing around now? Eating ramen, his sleepy brain told him, that's what the dobe always does, I think…

Then he thought of the hokage, in her office, sleeping and- "Oh my god!" Sasuke sat straight up in the bed, "My tea!" he slumped back down rejectedly, how could he leave his tea? The ONE TEA TO RULE THEM ALL! The wonderful drink he had risked his neck to get, it was probably ruined by now.



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