Chapter 3: Distorted Vision


"Now what? Ack!" At that, the teacher had focused upon the two before her… Sakura and Tomoyo, embraced and locked at the mouth. Typical it was… all the same…

"What are you girls doing to me?!"

Confused, Sakura parted from Tomoyo briefly, a bit of saliva momentarily spanning the gap between their mouths like an inverted bridge.

"To you…?" pondered Sakura aloud as she turned to face her teacher. "Nothing really… our focus seems to be each other at the moment."

"That much is the truth." Sighed Tomoyo lovingly as she ran her finger up from Sakura's stomach and through her showy cleavage. "But... we wouldn't mind playing with sensei later if sensei wishes it, ne?"

"Definitely," stated Sakura lustily. "I wouldn't object either! Especially since I've always wondered how exactly sensei tastes."

"Oh Sakura! How naughty!"

"Aren't I?!" Sakura beamed proudly. She licked her lips and gave her teacher a sensual stare, reveling in the blush she was awarded for her efforts.

"Hmmm... That look suits sensei as well. Kawaii!" Sakura beamed playfully, letting her glasses slide down her nose so that her eyes stared just above the top frame.

"What—I—girls—ladies—I mean you—two—gah..."

"Aaahhh..." groaned a voice in the back. "Sensei-overload again?"

"Toasted." Came the voice of another.

"Ara?" Sakura uttered in a bored mock-surprised tone. "Done already... that's too bad."

"Quite." Tomoyo agreed, throwing an uninterested glance towards the front of the room before refocusing on Sakura, whose eyes were not on her. With a gentle hand, she laid it upon her cheek and guided her face back towards her own. "Now where were we?"

"Swimming in each others mouths I believe..."

Tomoyo merely smiled before receiving Sakura's heavenly lips against her own and letting her tongue do its duty to the union while she wrapped her loving arms around Sakura's back and received momentary stimulation through Sakura's ticklish touch at her midsection.

"S-sakura! That tickles!" Tomoyo protested gleefully as she pushed away for but only a moment before tackling her cousin's mouth again, pressing against her more and more until most of her weight was concentrated on Sakura. A weight that hardly meant anything at all, especially when taking into consideration of how light Tomoyo actually was.

Like the dream... it was just like the dream all over again, at least the part she never got to see, just her and her cousin/friend/money bag/ lover. The person she never got tired of. Just like a dream.

"Sigh." Voiced a classmate from across the room. "You'd think they only ever saw each other while at school. Can't they just get a room?"

"What? Are you kidding?" asked another. "You know they never see one another simply because their jobs won't allow it, especially since Sakura is a freelancer and Tomoyo is contracted to Eriol-kun."

"Well... that's true I guess."

"Yes, yes. I heard the only time they could be together is if they performed a co-opt. Usually the client has to request it... other than that—they do this."

"Still..." started one of the girls as she watched them in their passionate embrace. "Makes you envious in a way."

"Envious...?" Said another girl, a bit more distantly. "It makes me hot."

"You too?" asked the girl in the desk next to her. She had red hair that had been in a pony tail, but since began to seemingly drift apart of its own accord, falling airily over her already unbuttoned blouse, greatly boosting her already plentiful sexual appeal. She put an uncertain finger to her already quivering lower lip and whispered her thoughts in an almost desperate voice; "I think I'm melting already."

"Then," replied her initial conversation partner, a girl with long blue hair, as she reached her hand forward to caress the red-head's cheek. "let us melt together."

"Oh, Miria..."

As their lips found one another, other students around the room began to pair off and follow the example their fellow peers had set before them, until the only one left alone was the still discombobulated teacher standing at the front of the classroom, watching in dismay.

Pausing for a breath, Sakura took in the sight of the room and laughed a little.

"Looks like we have quite the effect on a room, Tomoyo." Sakura said proudly as she broke contact just long enough to peer around the room. "I think—mmm—?"

Tomoyo cut Sakura short as she placed her thumb across her lips, her fingers guiding Sakura's face back towards her. "To me," she started. "Look only to me, Sakura, because you are my everything, and I can't bear having you look at anyone else."

"Okay..." Sakura said as she started to close her eyes again, and leaned in. "I"—crack—"?"

Just like that, before her lips could find Tomoyo's once more, she shifted her weight just wrong and the chair gave way beneath her, spreading her out on the floor as Tomoyo caught herself just in time, and the resulting impact clatter of Sakura and the chair/desk abruptly ceased all other action in the room. A dazed reaction on Sakura's part, and a now attentive room just enough to make Tomoyo lose her otherwise superior composure and start laughing outright.

"I'm sorry Sakura-chan," she said apologizingly while Sakura could do naught but stare into the air above, her glasses already flung somewhere in the room. "B-but you're right about what you said... that you certainly have an effect on the room!"

At this comment, there was more laughter from the rest of the room as Sakura sighed, admitting defeat. Her large breasts pressing against her heavily as she lay on her back. In this respect, she felt rather like a turtle.

"Tomoyo-chan..." Sakura called out softly.

"Yes Sakura dear?" Tomoyo replied sweetly.

"Help me find my glasses?"


As Tomoyo dutifully began to search around the area Sakura could do nothing but sigh again. She certainly blew that one. Well, with that she was certain... that dreams were fleeting.

Still... it was nice while it lasted.

Surprisingly, it wasn't bad like this either, as it gave her a chance of pause to reflect on everything she had had building up in her thoughts of late. On her back, under scrutiny of others was something she was used to after all... the only thing not so typical was the distorted vision of hers, as she normally would be wearing contacts even in the most perverse of situations. It was odd that they started hurting her like that. It was odd that she even had them really.

When was it?

When was it exactly that she lost her perfect eyesight, anyway? Four... Five? Was it so long ago, or was it... or was it much sooner than that? How could it be...

Why did it feel like today?

Suddenly, her vision seemed to fluxuate ever so briefly and the next thing she knew she was staring at an un-distorted ceiling.

What--? I—

"Found them!"

Suddenly, Sakura's eyes burned without warning and forced her to roll on her side as she screwed them tight. And then, as quickly as it began it stopped. But when she opened her eyes, everything was just as blurry as it had been.

Her imagination?

"Sakura! Your glasses, I've got them!" Tomoyo said jubilantly. "Is something wrong?" she asked concerned when she saw the serious expression on Sakura's face.

"Ah, it's nothing... I-" she stopped at Tomoyo face, her words failing her. "I—just..."


Was there something wrong with Tomoyo's face... or was it the memory itself?

"Sakura? You're worrying me. Did you hit your head?" Tomoyo said with concern.

"Ah... yeah, but-" she took her glasses back and shook her head, no, it's nothing... but... ah. I-"

Just then, when Sakura was finally going to spit out her concerns, the bell rang alerting all that it was time to switch class.

"Ah, that would be gym next..." Tomoyo said distractingly. "Think you'll be up for it? I know how much you hate it."

'Ah-..." yeah, she did hate it, why was she about to protest otherwise? "Tomoyo!"


"Could you help me up?"

"Sheesh..." Tomoyo said shaking her head, her long hair swishing like a tail behind her. "You're so needy. This is why the top is a banned position for you. You just can't handle it." She said with a shrug.

Sakura scowled but took the hand offered to her and got to her feet.

"Why don't you go to the nurse's office and get some rest?" Tomoyo suggested. "You hit your head after all... and you're acting kind of disoriented."

"Ah, yeah, I'll do that."

"Okay then, rest up, Sakura!" Tomoyo said swiftly as she turned around and sprinted out the door.

Sakura watched her friend/cousin/lover go, and then looked at the ceiling for a moment, before looking back to the glasses clenched in her hand. Something seemed strange.

She shook her head. This wasn't like her at all; thinking was Tomoyo's forte, not hers. Thinking and Sakura were reminiscent of Avalon... the serious Sakura. Kinomoto Sakura. Not Sakura Avalon. Avalon didn't exist.

Didn't she?

Gah! Sakura dismissed all thoughts save for the thought of going to the bathroom.

Sakura huffed quite audibly as she attempted to brush the dust off her clothes.

Why was she the only one to fall? Wasn't it because of Tomoyo too? So why didn't she fall as well, was it because their differences in athletic ability? She grit her teeth. It wasn't that... so much as her fucking arrogance.

Such a bitch!

"Damn that Tomoyo… thinking she can have it her way all the time…" Sakura fumed as she leaned over the sink closer to the mirror as so she could better fix her hair, since it was all messed up after the fall and the make-out session before.

"'This is why the top is a banned position for you. You just can't handle it.', what is that nonsense? Geez…"

Sakura gathered the rest of her hair and fixed it into a shabby pony tail and tied it off with a scrunchie she just happened to have on hand. Two locks of shorter bangs fell forward and framed the side of her face. Well, no job was perfect, and that's how she felt.

It would have to do.

With that, she adjusted her ruffled uniform, fixed her bra because it was pinching her breasts, checked to make sure her panties were well hidden, and was about to leave when something caught her eye.

Distracted, as she easily was, she turned back towards the mirror and stopped. How she had not noticed it before, but there were the start of two separate cracks on the edge of the mirror… cracks not there before.

"AH!" She remembered when her glasses were knocked when she fell.

Frantic, she pulled off her glasses and closely inspected the lenses. If they were broken, her father would kill her! After all, the more she wasted on her vision, the less booze for him. They were so expensive too…

But… upon closer inspection, even with her squinting she couldn't see any damage, if but a few minor scratches. So odd… she was sure she had seen something.

Almost robotically, she turned towards the mirror again, and her mouth dropped. There weren't just two starts of cracks now… there were several—no, more than just several—the whole mirror was spider-webbed with them, and they were growing before her eyes as her reflection continued to split and break. Just that it was happening was unbelievable enough.

She didn't do this though... what if someone walked in, would she be blamed if someone saw it? Getting in trouble for this kind of thing was just something she didn't need as well. Maybe that rest in the nurse's office was for the best after all, then she could claim complete innocence, even though this wasn't her fault to begin with. And she... she...

She couldn't believe it... that it was completely broken already. That and... and...

It was, flaking?

It was no good now, she was fixated on the image of the falling glass, and had to watch its progression as it fell... her broken image falling away completely-


Her image?

She put an uncertain hand to the glass, fearing she'd be cut but still, there was something wrong. Something... some... the glass was falling, but wasn't, because there was still something there reflecting back. Was it, was it her?

Like a rain of glittering diamonds, the rest of the mirror shattered from the wall and rained around her, but through it, from where it came from—was another girl staring back at her—one with her hand outstretched to the exact spot hers was. A girl with uncanny resemblance, but smaller breasts, up-kept looks, long hair and un-provocative clothing.

This is... me?

Suddenly, the door to the restroom opened and a startled Sakura withdrew her hand from the broken mirror, looking as though the shit was sure to hit the fan, when with another glance, it was her own image before her, and the mirror was fixed. Or rather, it was never broken to begin with.

The hell?

Uncertain of anything, Sakura pushed open the door and stumbled into the hallway.

Forget the nurse's office... forget gym class or school... this place was... was what? Something abnormal and not right. That's what was going on.

She couldn't stay here. But she should let Tomoyo know as well... no, even Tomoyo seemed weird.

She'd just skip for the rest of today. That's all there was to it.

Just skip... out?

Sakura stopped as she turned down a familiar hallway. Hauntingly familiar.

It was quiet… and utterly empty.

A long hallway that stretched down into the seemingly beyond, all the lockers along the way firmly shut, like vertical caskets of common knowledge sealed away to the test of time. Time that was to last until the next use of these… this place, a narrow catacomb consisting of not bone and carcass, but metal, concrete, wood and glass. It was that of a place even more terrifying than that which she sought.

The dream... the same mental depiction of the dream, here to haunt her.

Wait. What do I seek?

She clutched her head as she approached the closest door. It was painful... it was terrifying.


The door of her dream... but was Tomoyo on the other side this time?


It was too much, and she didn't have the nerve with all of what was going on to even think it.


Without even thinking to resist her inner voice, she just took it, and ran with all she had, completely bypassing the door and shattering the abysmal infinity that had encompassed the hall as she ran towards the exit, completely unaware that the hall wasn't as empty as it seemed.

As Sakura pushed her way out of the exit door, there was movement in an empty doorway just before one of the long, blonde-haired twins stepped into the hallway, her back supported against the doorway as though to further support the weight of her chest purposely stuck out to augment her bust. She let her eyes linger briefly on the back of the departing Sakura before rolling them back to the shadows of the doorway.

"See that Mary?"

Mary slid out of the same shadow just before sidling up to her sister's side.

"I did Sue." She replied softly, her attention resting on Sue's neck as her hand slid into her sister's shorts and to her sensitive region. She breathed softly into her ear. "Atypical?"

"Mmmm... Quite." Sue replied as she began to respond to her sister's touch. She turned her back to the distant hall as she pressed Mary's body against her own, one hand to her sister's breast while the other cupped her face as she sampled her lips with her own, adding a tentative bite for better taste. "Curious?"

"V-very." Mary shuttered as her sister dipped her head and her tongue caressed her neck. The heat between the both of them escalating the effects of the moment as their hands worked magic of their own.

With a final utter of bliss, they sunk back into the darkness of the room they came from and disappeared. Leaving all thoughts otherwise for another time altogether.

A/C (7/2/07) - I'm speeding up the pace of this story so it finishes faster. It originally was going to be a lot longer, but I have enough really long stories, and this will be what it will be. It isn't supposed to be loved anyways, but if it is liked, let me know.