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It's much easier to date someone you can be yourself around. Someone like, say, me would be ideal for you. What do you say?

The cheerful words of certain yellow haired paladin echoed loudly in Vanessa of Frelia's mind as she circled above Prince Ephraim and Princess Eirika's troupe as they trekked closer and closer to the Narube River. She had been unable to stop thinking about him, so much so, that she managed to steer Titania into the second clump of leaves today. Her pure white Pegasus snorted in a disgruntled way, tossing its elegant head.

"Oops, sorry Titania." Vanessa said apologetically, pulling twigs out of her hair, making a mess of it.

Just then, the green haired knight heard cries of distress along with the distant rush of water. Flying ahead, Vanessa could make out the roaring Narube River, enemy warriors and four villagers stranded on the island in the middle of the rushing water. Urging Titania back to the rest of the group, Vanessa found the twin heirs of Renais and ran the situation past them, fully aware that the entire group, including that certain paladin, Forde, was watching her as she painted them a mental picture of the Narube River and the position of the enemy forces.

"Well, we can't leave those villagers at the mercy of Grado's troops." Ephraim thought aloud, "Vanessa, you've seen the area, take Forde, Cormag and L' Arachel to rescue the villagers, get a closer look at the area and what we're up against, we will have caught up to you by then, be careful."

Vanessa nodded and began to ride her Pegasus back to the river on foot so that the others could follow her easily. She urged Titania faster and faster, not only to reach the villagers quickly but to ride away from the man who caused such confusion of her feelings. How is it possible to be disapproving of a person's lack of urgency but drawn to his charms and carefree attitude at the same time? She needed time to get her thoughts in order.

Upon reaching the river, the four riders clattered over the wooden bridge, Vanessa rode off to pick up the villager furthest away, well aware that Forde had just cut off Cormag in his rush to get the villager closest to her own.

After pulling the stammering woman up onto Titania, Vanessa trotted over to the edge of the river to get a closer look at the enemies across the river, scanning the rows for snipers or nomads. She heard Forde coming up behind her; she knew it was him from his exchange with his rescued villager.

"I thought you said you were going to take me somewhere safe!"

"Shut up."

As she heard Forde's horse coming closer, Vanessa began preparing herself for whatever cheerful remark the paladin was likely to come up with.




"Hey Vanessa"

Here it comes.

"Who's that?"

"Huh?" Vanessa looked back to see Forde with one hand holding the discontent villager in place while pointing into the sky with the other. She followed his gaze and heard the beat of wings and saw a flash of long green hair.



Ah Vanessa realized that she must have said the name out loud.

"Who did you say that was?"

Vanessa trotted back beside Forde, the appearance of her older and very attractive sister made suddenly keen to be near him.

"Syrene, my older sister, she's also a Pegasus knight"

"You're sister? Well then, call her over, we could use her!"

Vanessa stole a quick look at Forde's face and was dismayed to see what could have been extreme interest. Reluctantly she flew up until she was level with her sister.

"Captain! Captain!"

Syrene swung her head around, her long emerald hair trailing behind it, catching the sun and shimmering like the harbour on a calm day at home in Frelia. Vanessa tried not to think about what Forde thought of this from his position on the bank of the river.

"Vanessa! What are you doing here?"

Vanessa quickly told her sister of her journey with Eirika after leaving Frelia so long ago. "I'm here with Eirika, Ephraim, Prince Innes and Princess Tana, we were simply rescuing these villagers when we caught sight of you."

Syrene listened closely, nodding. " I'm glad, I don't think i could have looked after all of them. I'll head back with you so that I can report to Prince Innes. We'll notify the other three first though… and by the way, don't call me captain."

Vanessa mentally smacked herself on the forehead before following her sister as they made a swoop over Cormag, Forde and L' Arachel, signaling to return to the southwestern bank where the rest of the group could be seen emerging from the trees. Cormag took off and flew ahead, his powerful wyvern being hindered less by the villager's additional weight. Syrene took the opportunity to stay level with Vanessa and quiz her on the mixed bag that was her companions.

"Who is leading you?"

"Well, Prince Innes would probably like to claim leadership but Princess Eirika and Prince Ephraim are more involved than he is, it was their country and their father that were taken."

"I'll bet our prince doesn't like taking orders from Ephraim much."

"You could say that"

"Anyone else I would know?"

"Aside from them and Princess Tana? We have found the lost heir of Jehanna, Joshua; L' Arachel of Rausten; Duessel, the Obsidian General; Cormag, brother of Glen of Grado; Gillam and Moulder along with various people we picked up during our journey and a handful of warriors from Renais, Forde, Franz, Kyle and Seth." Vanessa said in an emotionless voice

"Well it certainly lacking representatives from throughout Magevel is it?"

"No it isn't" Vanessa replied stiffly.

Syrene cocked her head to get a closer look at Vanessa's face, "So how are you then? Holding up? You've been on this mission a long time." She said with a look of sisterly concern.

Vanessa began to speak but hesitated. The appearance of her sister had caused a stir of conflicting emotions in her: Joy at seeing her sister after being away from her home for so long and finally having someone to confide in, but jealousy and anger at her sister's apparent perfection but most inopportune choice of time to appear.

So instead of spilling the contents of her soul to her sister, she simply pointed out their proximity to the rest of the group to avoid the conversation.

"There they are"

Syrene expression showed both surprise and concern at her sister's obvious reluctance to talk, however, she too landed and dismounted, she then approached Prince Innes who was at the front of the group, along with Ephraim, Eirika, Tana, L' Arachel and Joshua.

Vanessa held back, using the excuse of checking her equipment to give her time to think.

The time alone, gave time for Vanessa to make a connection between her disapproval of Forde's affection and her sister's appearance. Forde's conversations had given Vanessa the impression that Forde was not as committed as the other knights such as his brother Franz. A man who acted in such a way in relation to his duty to his country could easily could then become just as uncommitted to women. Vanessa could just imagine Forde in Renais during peace time; hassling and making clever comments to every woman in sight. This explained why Syrene's arrival had worried her, Syrene seemed just the type of woman that Forde would fall head over heel's for. But that still didn't explain why Vanessa cared so much that Forde might fall in love with her sister.

Just then, Ephraim's voice rudely interrupted her thoughts. "Everyone, prepare for battle! Go go go!" he called out urgently. "Eirika, Joshua, Forde, Natasha, Syrene and I will go across to the other side; Neimi, Colm, Saleh, Kyle, Cormag and Vanessa go up the eastern bank to stop enemies from coming up behid us. Natasha and Saleh, bring your light magic and healing staves. The rest of you, Innes is in charge, look after the villagers and although I think attention will be focused on us, be prepared for an attack."

All of a sudden, the bank was bustling with activity, riders preparing their mounts, magic users flicking through their books, knives being given a quick sharpen, bows being strung. However, aside from this noise, all were silent, attention focused on the upcoming battle.

Vanessa, of course, was already prepared and was startled by the sudden increase in urgency as she had not been amongst the others when the orders were made. So, she gritted her teeth and wandered over to Forde who was nearest and was adjusting his horse's saddle and becoming increasingly frustrated as the leather slipped through his impatient, gloved hands. However, his furrowed brow eased as he turned to see her approaching.

"Huh, done already? I've never heard of anyone being keen to go to battle" he joked, amusement shining in his bright green eyes.

Vanessa was unsure of how to respond so she simply ignored it.

"Why is everyone suddenly rushing? Your prince seemed most impatient" she inquired in what she hoped was a friendly way.

"The long and short of it is that Lyon turned up, made passes at Eirika and snide comments to Ephraim about his hair colour and then disappeared. So here we are now, preparing to go after him to chop off his head so we can mount it in the Grand hall of Renais."

"Don't joke about things like that"

"Alright, alright, but he really did turn up, he did wind the twins up a bit and we really are chasing after him now, not to cut off his head, although I would like to do that for what he did to my home."

Forde's eyes darkened as he finished and he returned to fiddling with the leather straps. At that moment, Vanessa felt for him and his vengeful anger, so she came closer and plucked the leather from his fingers and adjusted it for him, her patience and precise fingers making light work of it.

"Thanks" Forde said as he leapt up onto his horse, "Shall we go then?" he added, gesturing to Titania who was pawing at the dusty ground in impatience.

"Good idea"

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