This little blob of word vomit is once again dedicated to Maiden of the Moon for her wonderful talent. I also adore her, worship her, stalk her, eat her, smell her, ...oh wait. ANYWAYS, I just wanted to THANK YOU for all your hard work! I know that you enjoyed FMA Elricest, and was wondering...did you also like Grimmest? I certainly do! This is my second story, and it's all for you! Enjoy MotM!

Shades of Reality

Will looked over to his younger brother, and grinned sadly. His poor, poor baby brother had been through so much that day, and he would go through so much more in the future. Such was the curse of a Grimm, and such is how they had to live. He loved his brother. Oh, how he loved his brother more than he could possibly say in a civilized crowd.

He wished to take his brother's face into his hands, and lavish all the kisses of the world upon his cheeks. To take those glasses which hide such deep eyes, and throw them across the room while combing his fingers through his hair.

Ever since their mother had died, and left them alone he'd watched his brother mature, and grow. He watched as Jacob grew into puberty as a gangly youth, and he laughed with the other. He watched as the freckle faced teen grew into an adult of noteworthy size. He grew into a man that made Will ache in the want for his brother.

A want that was ungodly, and sinful.

A desecrating thought scathed his mind every time his eye came upon his brother. He wanted the body, the mind, and the soul of the man he called his own flesh and blood and that was bad. How could he want so much, and not have at all? He tried to sate his desires with the flesh of women, but they left him unsatisfied in all ways. He wanted the intellect that Jacob exuded so freely, he wanted the eccentricity that his younger brother so well oozed.

It was sinful, and delightful.

He had almost let those sinless lips touch his own for his own selfish wants and purposes and he'd cried later. He'd sobbed as he granted himself completion at his own hands while his mind's eye was filled with his very own brother. One that was adorably naive about the whole thing, thank the god's.

He'd almost stained those lips with a sin that God could never forgive in any of the years to come, and he'd almost tainted the only thing he held dear. To keep his own precious thing safe, he had to keep it away from himself. He so badly wanted, and could never have.

"" mumbled Jacob from the wooden cot in the middle of the room.

"If only brother..." Will whispered back to the unanswered plea in his brother's dreams.

Forever would they stay apart in mind, and body. It was the will of god after all. In some cultures, twins were considered suicidal lovers, but his brother and himself felt more like that then any pair of twins he knew. He wanted so badly to stroke Jacob's body into a highly detailed tuned instrument, and play him like the art work that he was. He wanted to feel his brother come alive beneath him, but those Earthly pleasures would never be his own.

"Good night brother..." Will Grimm said sadly, and sat upon his own cot. "God be with you Brother." he whispered, and lay again to cry himself to sleep once again.