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A Jar of Disgust

Chapter Seven

That's right, biatch.


When Ryan shuffled into the kitchen, Seth froze.

His spoon was paused above his bowl of cereal, milk steadily starting to drip onto the tablecloth.

He watched silently as Ryan made his way past the bench stools and over to the bagels.

Where the hell were his parents? He couldn't face Ryan like this, alone.

They'd explained everything that morning, about Theresa, about the baby, about how they were expecting Ryan to act "off" and "possibly angry" and maybe "some tears". They'd told him chances were Ryan wouldn't even get out of bed. But …

Well, what was he doing here?

He watched as his foster brother picked carefully through the drawer, not looking at him, nor saying anything, bringing out a pair of knives and setting them on a plate.

Seth stared openly, mouth slightly parted, when Ryan got out the cream cheese and proceeded to smear it all over two bagels, and placed them carefully next to each other, whilst grabbing two glasses and pouring orange juice, then putting everything onto a tray.

Seth cleared his throat. Here goes nothing.

"Um … dude. What are you doing?" he asked, stretching his head forward to try and get a better look at the apples Ryan was piling onto the tray.

Ryan's eyes darted up, staring at Seth like he's crazy. "Making some breakfast," he said, speaking slowly.

Theresa's dead.

Seth was under the impression he wouldn't be that hungry.

"Oh." Seth looked down at the table, looking at his soggy cereal. "O-okay."

He glanced at Ryan again, not knowing what to say. "Carry on then, I guess …"

As soon as Ryan had left the room, his feet dragging noisily along the carpet, Seth pinched himself.


Sandy was quiet for a few seconds, frozen, fist raised, in front of the closed guest room door.

Maybe he should just leave the kid alone for a bit …

'… and I don't know how he's going to react when we suggest that …'

No. No. He had to talk to Ryan about it as soon as possible. Things get harder to do the longer you put them off, and he knew this for a fact.

It had to be today.

Tapping lightly, Sandy silently prayed that maybe Ryan wouldn't hear – that maybe he was sleeping, or really not up for guests.

"Come in." Ryan's voice was faint through the wood, and Sandy braced himself as he opened the door.

Frowning immediately, he was confused to see Ryan sitting on the floor beside the bed, two plates of food in front of him – one finished, one untouched.

" … Are you okay?" Sandy enquired, walking silently into the room, the door swinging shut behind him.

Ryan twisted his head, staring up at Sandy blankly. His knees were bent in front of him, hair unbrushed and dull, skin oily, and his eyes seemed glazed – though it could have been the angle Sandy was at.

He didn't answer.

Stepping forward, Sandy cleared his throat, "… Ryan?"

Glancing back towards the plates, Ryan nodded.


'How's about we drag you to a shrink and pump you full of anti-depressants, kid, what do you say?'

"Do … – well, ah … Rosa made some pancakes for breakfast, I was wondering if you wanted some?"


Wincing, Sandy told the voice in his head to shut up. Looking back down at the food on the floor, he fiddled with his collar. "Although, um … looks like you've already eaten."

"Oh, yeah, sorry. We got full, and …" Ryan gestured over at the food tray, looking wearily at Sandy.

Sandy backtracked immediately, "No, its okay Ryan, that's okay. I just wanted to make sure you were alright, kid, that you weren't sick or anything,"

Ryan gave Sandy an odd look, taking a deep breath, "I'm fine," he expelled, his eyebrows twitching downwards for a moment.

Ten minutes later and Sandy was making his way back downstairs, trying to tell himself that Ryan was speaking the truth.


The day passed oddly normally.

Ryan was rarely seen out of the poolhouse on a usual day, and Sandy felt terrible for thinking it, but there really wasn't much difference now.

By the time dinner came, Sandy was rather optimistic. Ryan wasn't fighting anyone, yelling, or doing anything other then his usual brooding.

He was taking it much better then Sandy had anticipated.

And Sandy liked it.

Maybe they had been too quick to jump to conclusions, assuming Ryan would go off the wall, when he wasn't. He'd quietly stayed in the guest room all day, and he'd eaten breakfast and lunch.

And here he was, picking at his dinner on the opposite side of the table, only a faint frown, tugging downwards at his chin.

Maybe the therapist suggestion could wait a few days after all.

Palming Ryan his sleeping pills, courtesy of the previous night's paramedic, Sandy continued on with his meal.


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