You are my life

she was his life, but she left him and he may as well be dead – SARA/GREG

I don't own CSI and the lyrics used belong to Rascal Flatts – while you loved me.

If I ever write the story of my life
Don't be surprised if you're where it begins
Girl, I'd have to dedicate every line on every page
To the memories we made, while you loved me

I was dead till …till you!

I was dead inside till I met you. You know that right?

I was that little annoying lab tech that everyone knew was head over heals for you. I know you knew that, you used to avoid me as much as you could. You know I used to make you smile though – I made you happy even then.

I would have given everything to be with you back then, I mean, who needs their right arm? All that I needed was my heart -

You made me everything I am today – CSI level 4 – I got promoted. I owe it to you baby. We did it. Got me to the top, you managed to rise me up to be more than I ever though that I could be.

You know what, it's not the same now though. Nothings the same.

I can't sing knowing you'll never hear.

I'm sitting in our home some nights, with the TV on full blast hoping to hear you screaming for me to turn it down. You don't scream though.

How about we have another fight, one last fight, you know how cute it was when you'd wrestle over the last mug of coffee. How many times did we argue in the break room? The one I'm sat in now… thinking about you. It seems as I look around the room, around the lab – around our home, the only memories that I can recall are the ones that were made when we loved each other.

I was born the day you kissed me
And I died inside the night you left me
But I lived, oh how I lived
While you loved me

Why did you leave me?

I mean, I offered you everything…couldn't you have held on a little longer.

I wonder what if…

What if I had taken the case, instead of flipping you for it? You didn't really want to go!

I wish I'd taken it now, let you have that DB with Nick. He would have protected you from anything bad. Something I couldn't do – even though I promised you I would. I'm sorry.

I don't understand, only a week before – you made my dreams a reality when you said I DO. We were married, it was meant to be forever Sar…forever- till we were old. And we'd still fight over the coffee, still wrestle for the last cup.

Oh god, what have I got now? Nothing. The badge means nothing to me anymore. I don't know what I'm living for.

They all miss you, the teams just not the same –

You should never have left us! We are nothing without you, I'm nobody now.

I was - a someone, with our first kiss; remember that - I had you pinned on that very table in front of me – it was over the coffee again - Surprise, surprise. That's when you created my world, when our lips first met. If only you were here now you'd tell me to get up, stand up and fight on. But you were my strength – don't you see I have nothing to fight for anymore?

I lost you, to the evil that we fight everyday. I lost you to a monster – which I helped put away, but it never made it easier, knowing he's behind bars – it doesn't make it hurt any less. That bastard shot you Sara – he took you away and he killed me. I'll keep fighting through because I know that's what you'd want. But I'll never truly live again. Not now you're gone?

"Hey Greg – the last of the coffee yours?" nick walked over to the pot to see enough for one mug.

There is nothing for me to fight for anymore, no reason because I wont be with you

"She can have it!"