Jesse was sat in his room at his Dad's house. He was really depressed, and it wasn't the fact that his parents were divorced that he was so miserable. Or that he always argued with them. Or that there were potentially aliens lurking in the water in his hometown of Homestead. It was the fact that Kira was returning home today.

She had been spending the week on a residential trip with school. And she would be staying with Russel, Dave, Rose, Larkin and him whilst Mariel and Tom were away for the weekend. Jesse didn't know if he could take it. He knew she was his step-sister. But he couldn't help the fact that he was in love with her.

Everytime he thought of her long, brown hair, her clear blue eyes, her dazzling smile...his heart leapt. And then there was the way she would always be wearing such revealing clothes around him. It was so cruel for Jesse, being tempted by something he knew he could never have.

He walked over to the window and looked out. There was no car in the driveway, Russel, Mona and Dave hadn't arrived back yet. They must still be on patrol. Larkin and Rose had gone to the airport to pick up Kira. Kira, her name went round and round Jesse's head. He tried to shut it out, but it only made him think of her more. He wanted to see her so desperately but when he did it only caused him more pain.

Jesse knew he would be alone in the house, so he quickly lay on the floor and wriggled underneath his bed. He pulled out an old shoebox, which was completely plain, except for a single word that had been painted on the lid in pink paint: KIRA.

Carefully, he took the lid off and began to sort through the things inside. He touched each thing lovingly before taking it out of the box and placing it on the floor. There were photos of Jesse and Kira together,and ones of just her on her own. Shoelaces from a pair of her old sneakers, a few strands of her hair from when it had last been cut, ticket stubs from concerts they had been to together and all the letters and postcards she had ever sent him. All the things that reminded him of Kira, and all the good times they'd had.

But his favourite thing of all was the handkerchief she had given him once, when Jesse hadcut his knee when they were younger. She had tied it around his leg to stop the bleeding. Jesses had washed and kept it ever since, because it brought back a good memory and still had the sweet and calming Kira scent left in it. Now Jesse held it to his face and slowly inhaled the comforting and familiar smell.

But he was wrenched out of his moment of bliss by the sound of an engine grumbling up the driveway. "We're back!" he heard his father yell above the sound of three truck doors slamming. Hurriedly Jesse put all the stuff back in the 'Kira' box, but was careful not to squish anything. He shoved the box back under his bed and then bounded downstairs to greet his dad, Mona and Dave.