Seven month later the Varon household was a hive of activity. Dave and Rose were rushing around packing Larkin's overnight bag, Russel was starting up the pick-up truck and Jesse was helping Larkin out of the house to the truck. She had just gone into labour.

The truck's engine coughed into life and Russel jumped out and opened the passenger door and he and Jesse helped her in. "Wait!" yelled Dave as he came pelting out of the house, Rose in tow. He thrust the overnight bag into Russeel's hands. "Her stuff," Dave panted.

"Thanks," Russel said as he got back into the truck.

"Hurry up and drive Russel, these contractions hurt!" Larkin wailed. Russel put a foot on the accelerator and they had driven off, leaving a cloud of dust in their wake. Dave and Rose headed back into the house but Jesse stayed out side. Standing and thinking.

"I know exactly what you're worrying about now Jesse Varon." It was Kira.

"Really? Then what am I worrying about Kira Underlay?" Jesse liked to humor her.

"You're thinking when it comes to out turn, it won't be as hectic and unorganised as that." She smiled at him.

"Correct," he sighed in resignation.

"Of course I am," Kira chuckled as she walked over and kissed him.

"So, all the kerfuffle woke you then?" Jesse asked, as he gently massaged Kira's protruding stomach.

"Well," Kira replied thoughtfully, "Being seven months pregnant does mean I'm rather a light sleeper, so of course you all woke me up. Even so, with all the commotion you were causing, I wouldn't be surprised if you woke the dead. Oh look, there's a zombie now!"

Now they were both laughing. "Larkin is sooo lucky, getting rid of her bump first. I want my figure back!" Kira mock-wailed and Jesse did his best to hug her without squashing their unborn child. "Don't worry, you look beautiful to me all the time," Jesse reassured her. "Oh you are the best boyfriend ever!" Kira cried. Jesse smiled down at her.

The way things had turned out was simply perfect. He and Kira had finally got together, and all the family had been totally supportive. They had even took it well when Kira announced she pregnant with Jesse's baby. Rose was looking very much foward to being an Aunt.

"So you're absolutely sure you don't regret using protection whenwe first had sex?" Jesse needed to know. Kira glanced up at him and punched his arm playfully. "Oh, why do you keep asking that? Of course I don't! We had an amzing first night and we are going to have an even more amazing product of it, our own baby!"

Jesse felt better when she told him this. Kira grabbed Jesse's hand and pulled at it. "C'mon, let's go for a walk. I want to talk wedding plans, it's only a couple of years now until we're old enough to get married and..."

"Are you sure you're okay to walk?"

"Oh Jesse! You're always looking out for me, I love you even more.!" She peckedhim on the cheek. "I might be heavily pregnant but I am incredibly mobile!" Jesse nodded and they set off down the footpath to the lake, hand in hand.