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Here's Chapter 9!

Harry looked around the room for a minute, looking for the source of the noise. After a moment of thinking, he decided it came from the other occupant of the room, Blaise Zabini.

There was another moan after a few minutes, signaling to Harry that the girl was waking up.

The door burst open, as another healer walked in. She smiled at Harry, before walking over the large curtain blocking the other half of the room. Pulling it aside, she disappeared to the other side.

Two voices filtered through the cloth, but Harry couldn't understand them. As if following his line of thought, the voices stopped. The healer returned to Harry's side of the curtain, and looked over at Harry. She walked over quickly, looking at her clipboard along the way.

Once she reached him, she looked him over quickly. "You're alright, but we are going to be keeping you here for a while still. I hope that doesn't cause you any trouble."

Harry shook his head. "Not at all, you helped me get better. If you think its better to stay, it's probably better to stay." He said quietly.

The woman nodded along with that, and turned around. "The girl woke up, so if you need someone to talk to, she's over there. I can also bring you books and things like that, since you will be here for a few days. But for now, you can't get out of bed yet. You need rest."

Harry decided it would be better to not fight it. He sat still, and the healer left.

Looking about the sparsely decorated room, he couldn't find anything interesting. The room was probably the most boring room he had ever been in, besides his cupboard. There was nothing in it, no flowers, no windows, no nothing! Besides the curtained off area, there was nothing but a bed, and Harry himself.

Then a voice sounded from the other side of the room.


Harry, startled for a second, stayed quiet.

"Hello?" the voice spoke again. "Is anybody there?"

Harry decided to respond and see what happened. These magical people were much friendlier than the normal people he had met in his life, so maybe they would accept him, like the normal people wouldn't.

"Hello?" Harry responded.

"There is someone in here! I thought that the healer was lying when she told me someone else was in here! What's your name?"

Harry was startled again. Someone his own age, asking for his name? Then again, he didn't have Dudley beating on everyone who came near him.

'I-I'm Harry. What's your name?"

"I'm Blaise Zabini! Pleased to meet'cha!" Harry could tell from the small amount of conversation that she was a hyper kind of girl.

Harry decided a bit of conversation couldn't hurt. This was probably the first person his own age who might accept him. "So how did you get put in the hospital?"

Blaise laughed. "Stupid mistake. We just bought a new house in Britain. We lived in America all my life, but my mom wanted me to go to school where she and dad went. So we came back to Britain, and bought a house. We were unpacking all our stuff, and then I go and fall down the stairs! While holding a big heavy box! Broke a few bones, and damaged some other stuff, but it's all better now, they're just holding me for observations now." She replied.

Harry snickered.

It felt good to talk to someone who didn't actually hate him, for once.

I feel… happy.