The jet black hair flows,
Skin as fair as snow
Calm and cautious pose,
Two piece, dark clothes,
Fear him, oh the woes,
Love as a thorn rose,
Tseng to those who are close
Death comes before his foes.

Passion in his soul,
Love, lust, and uncontrolled,
Cockiness during his patrol,
A thieving Turk as a whole,
Hear him, rock and roll,
Love is his, he stole,
Reno to those to his extol,
Terror is near his goal.

Strength and patience art,
Quiet, sharp, deadly dart,
Skills that you cannot chart,
Enemies leave in a cart,
Clear him, show him heart,
Lover is doomed to part,
Rude to those who are smart,
Dangerous to those who aren't.

Beautiful as the sunset,
Swift and graceful jet,
Cannot ever begin to forget,
The pain of love and sweat,
Cheer her, our sexy Juliet,
Love her, or feel the threat,
Elena to those she's indebt,
Destruction, any who has met.

Mystery and misery intertwine,
Cloak that flux like wine,
To kiss his lips so fine,
Does anyone dare cross the line?
Endear him, show a sign,
Love that just can't shine,
Returns to sleep in thy shrine,
Who is Vincent Valentine?