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Hanyou Rhymes


There once was a girl named Kikyo
Who grew up to be a powerful miko.
She'd wear a long skirt
But they boys, they'd get hurt
Whenever they tried to peek-o.


There once was a girl named Kaede
Who became a quite buxom lady.
It started to show
When at dinner she'd go
"Could I please have some more of the gravy?"


Kagome and Kikyo demanded
Inuyasha to show where he standed.
He cleared out his voice,
Almost uttered his choice,
Then darted and left them quite stranded.


Demons revered him for miles.
He had a superb sense of style.
When others would cower,
Rin gave him flowers,
So he opened his mouth in a ". . ."


There once was a girl with a scheme
To marry the man of her dreams.
She asked him with pride,
But Jakotsu replied,
"Sorry, I don't play for that team."

Together Forever

Sesshomaru made Rin all better.
He promised to never forget her.
But there was one time
She was left behind;
He couldn't recall where he'd set her.

Inuyasha "Verses" Sesshomaru

"Hanyous are very pathetic,"
Sesshomaru smirked as he said it.
Inuyasha got pissed
So he balled up his fist
And he gave him some justice poetic.

True Love

Inuyasha made Kagome feel smothered
So she told him that she'd met another.
"Who could it be?"
Inuyasha did shriek.
"None other than your dear older brother."

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