Back to You

Chapter One-Make a Wish

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She was walking through a stone hallway, with only the torches on the walls to light her way. She had been here before, she knew she had. The problem was that she didn't' know where here was. Something whispered through the back of her mind. It felt like a memory, but it was one that didn't belong to her.

"Where am I?" she asked herself.

"You are home," replied a voice.

Annabel was confused. "What do you mean 'you are home'?"

"Just that," said the voice, "You are home, where you belong."

Annabel was getting frustrated, "What are you talking about? I've never lived here. I live with my mom."

"It is your home," said the voice, fading away.

"Wait!" cried Annabel, but it was no use. The voice had gone.

Just then Annabel stepped into a strange room. A very strange room. She had never been in this room before…but that didn't make any sense. Each time she came here, she started out in what she guessed was a throne room, and that would always lead to the hallway that she had just come through. Whenever she got to the end of the hallway she would always end up in a room that was, for the most part, normal, such as a library or a dining hall. So far she had only been to a handful of different rooms, and she had been to each room more than once. This room, however, was completely different. This room had no carpets or chairs or tapestries. There were no books or tables, plates or cups. This room held none of the items that she saw whenever she came to this place. This room was made of staircases.

"Weird," said Annabel quietly, looking around. "This place looks just like the Escher drawing." She started walking up a staircase, looking around every once in a while. Pretty soon her surroundings had been completely flipped around. The ceiling was below her, and the floor was above her head. Annabel was starting to get dizzy.

"I don't think I can take much more of this," she murmured to herself.

All of a sudden, the floor beneath Annabel disappeared, and she was falling through space, the room shattering into pieces around her. Just as suddenly, she landed on a patch of stone floor.

"What was that?" she wondered aloud.

"Who's there?" came a man's voice to her right.

Annabel whirled around. At first, all she saw was a billowy white cape. Then she noticed an open white shirt with ruffles, but before she could see his face, there was a brilliant flash of light and everything disappeared.


Annabel woke with a start, her heart pounding.

"Well," said a slightly amused voice, "It's about time you woke up."

Annabel groaned and pulled her pillow onto her face, snuggling even more deeply under her covers. There came a muffled sound from somewhere underneath the pillow.

"What was that?" asked the woman standing in the doorway.

"I said," replied Annabel, moving the pillow away from her face, "That you're evil."

The woman chuckled softly. "That's not very nice, Annabel. Besides, it's not my fault you wouldn't wake up. What were you dreaming about, anyway?"

Annabel looked surprised.

"How did you know I was dreaming?" she asked suspiciously.

"Because you were talking in your sleep."


"So, what were you dreaming about?" the woman asked again.

Annabel hesitated. She couldn't decide whether she should talk about her dream or not. She decided to change the subject.

"What was I saying?"

"You were about to tell me what you were dreaming about."

"That's not what I meant, mother," Annabel said dryly.

"I know," said Sarah, "But you're changing the subject."

Annabel sighed with resignation. "I'm not exactly sure what it was I was dreaming about, but I think I was in a castle. It was really weird this time. I –"

"What do you mean 'this time'?" Sarah interrupted, a confused look on her face.

Annabel mentally kicked herself. "I've dreamt about this place more than once, but every once-in-a-while the dream changes. This time was different, though. This time it was really weird."

"How so?"

"Well, usually when I have this dream, I start out in what I guess is a throne room. It certainly looks like one. Anyway, I walk from the throne room into a stone hallway. After I get to the end of the hallway, I usually end up somewhere like a library or a dining hall, but this time I ended up somewhere completely different."

"How was it different?" Sarah asked.

"Well, this room was made entirely out of staircases."

Sarah looked completely shaken. Her eyes were getting wide, and she was getting very pale.

"What did you say?" she asked Annabel.

"I said the room was made of staircases."

"What happened after you walked into the room?"

"I walked around for about a minute, and then it was like the room shattered or fell apart or something. I landed on a stone floor and looked around, and then I said that what had happened was weird. I guess there had been a guy there the whole time, because, after I said that, he asked who was there. I turned around to look at him, but all I saw before I woke up was a white, billowy cloak, and an old-fashioned white shirt with ruffles around the collar," she paused, and then added, "I think the shirt was open."

Sarah looked like she had seen a ghost.

"Mom, what's wrong?" asked Annabel.

"Jareth," Sarah whispered.

Annabel looked confused, "You mean the Goblin King? The one from your book, Labyrinth?"

Sarah looked at her daughter, a million thoughts rushing through her head at once. This was the first news that she'd had of the Underground in almost sixteen years. She was absolutely certain that Annabel's dream had been more than just a dream – that Annabel's subconscious had actually been traveling to the Underground. What was more, Annabel had seen Jareth. Tears sprang to Sarah's eyes.

"Jareth," she whispered again, sorrow and longing filling her voice.

She looks so sad, thought Annabel, studying her mother's expression.

"Mom," Annabel said softly, "Are you talking about the Goblin King?"

Sarah smiled, "I'm talking about someone I knew a very long time ago."

"Cryptic, much?" came Annabel's sarcastic response, earning a laugh, and another smile, from her mother.

"I'll tell you about it someday."


"I promise."

"Good. You know, I wonder what it would be like to really go to the Underground. Y'know…if it were real."

"It might be nice," said Sarah, trying not to let her voice give away the emotions she was feeling.

"I wish it were real," said Annabel wistfully.

"Be careful what you wish for," said Sarah, only half joking.

"Because it might come true?"


Annabel sighed, "It's not like any of my wishes have ever come true before."

"Don't worry, they will someday."

"You know what I wish?" Annabel asked suddenly.

"What?" said Sarah.

"I wish that I could go visit the Underground. Right now."

There was a flash of light and a clap of thunder, and she was gone.

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