FF: Scars

Summary: Sometimes you just have to dig deeper to find the true meaning of scars

Takes place between the end of season 3 and beginning of season 4. So Greg is around 28.

This is going to be Greg/Sara friendship, and maybe more in the end. The words in italics are flashbacks.


He sat in the little chair in the corner, watching her get dressed for work. She turned around and glared at him and then turned around again.

"Don't you have anything better to do?" She yelled at him

His lips quivered and wet tears fell down his cheeks. She shook her head at him. He jumped off the chair

"Good. Go cry somewhere else" She screamed after him. He waited for the door to slam shut to finally walk away.

He sat in the corner of his small room, his knees drawn toward his chest. He knew she was going to come sooner or later, it was only a matter of time. He made his way over to the lumpy mattress on the floor and laid on it.

Finally the door to their trailer slammed shut, and he knew she was gone. He slowly got up and walked toward the small living room which was also the kitchen. Hunger was eating awayin his stomach, but he knew there wasn't anything to eat. He would have to wait until she got off of work. He walked back into his room and grabbed the moldy blanket filled with holes, hoping it would keep him warm.

Greg Sanders woke up with a start. His heart was pounding in his chest and gasped for air. It was the same nightmare night after night. He gripped the edge of his shirt and pulled it up so that it was slightly above his belly button. Looking down he gently rubbed the pinkish area. That was a long time ago, and now he had new scars to heal. The lab explosion happened a week ago, and he was anxious to get back to work. It was too quiet at home, reminding him of when he was little.

His bare feet padded across the floor until he reached the desired object. His hands clutched the phone tightly, wondering if he should bother or not. He decided not to bother and made his way into the kitchen. His eyes wandered over to the sink and he felt himself cringe with realization.

"Ryan Gregory Sanders, get your ass in here right now"

His head whipped up from where he was laying and he got up, stumbling over his shoes. He ran into the small kitchen and stood in front of his mother.

"What the hell is this Ryan?" She asked him

She pointed toward the empty box of dried macaroni on the floor. He shrugged his shoulders and said, "I don't know mommy. I didn't do it." His small voice said.

"Didn't do it? You are such a lying son of a bitch. Do you know what happens to liars?" She asked him. He shook his head, and she continued. "They get what they deserve". She grabbed his arm and pulled his arm toward the sink.

He let out a cry of pain. "Stop mommy, you're hurting me"

She pulled his tiny arm toward the sink and turned on the water until it was steaming. She put his arm under the water and he screamed.The water burned his arm, and made him whimper in pain.His whole arm had turned pink by the time she pulled it away.

"Next time don't lie to me" She angrily yelled

His face was wet with tears while he sat on the floor, nursing his burned arm. He was going to have to wear long sleeves again tomorrow to school, so no one would ask questions. He looked at his arm where the skin was raw and red, and he could see the begining of a bruise up on his shoulder.

"Liars get what they deserve" He whispered into the darkness.