Hermione Granger laid down in her bed staring deadlike into the ceiling wearing a blue tanktop and a blue mini skirt. She was still shocked from what the doctor had told her.


Hermione sat on the doctor's bed impatiently.

"Hermione, I have to tell you that you might want to tell your parents as soon as possible. But your pregnant."


She couldn't think how to tell them. Although she knew who the father was (Harry) after 'conforting' him after finding the final horcrux earlier when he found it earlier during the summer. After which he broke down in tears after seeing a vision of his parents murder. Hermione aroseto go downstairs when she heard a tapping at her window. She quickly spun to see Hedwig.at her window. She quickly ran to the window to let the snow white owl in.


I'm signing this anonomously because i'm hiding. Please write back.

signed. You know.

'Harry if you wanted to stay anonomous why the hell did you use Hedwig?' She thought. She got out a pen and some paper and wrote teh following.

Next time DON'T USE HEDWIG. I am sending this back with her because I don't have an owl. I do need you to go to Diagon Alley friday at 7:00 PM so I can tell you something. I'll be with my parents.


P.S. It involves our future.

She sent this plus one to Ron telling him to meet her and Harry there. She then immediately ran downstairs to eat dinner.