Hiya everyone! As it is half term for me and I was thinking of making a cake today, I came up with an idea for a story. It might be only 2 chapters, but we'll see. Enjoy and please review.

Ash's PoV

Today is Professor Oak's birthday, trust me you don't want to know how old he is, let's just say he is old and we'll leave it like that. Anyway, mum was going to make his cake, but we offered to make it instead as mum takes on a lot for her age these days! When I say 'we' I mean Brock, Misty and I; Brock said he would help out as he is a really good cook and to keep me and Misty out of trouble.

"Right, have you two washed your hands?" asked the sixteen year old.

"Brock, we are fifteen you know," complained Misty, crossing her arms.

"I am, but Mist doesn't act like it," I laughed at her posture.

Brock shook his head; thinking of giving up on the task here and now. Misty glanced at me with fury as if looks could kill. Misty was beautiful in her own little way, her figure was nice and slim, but she still had smooth curves. Her fiery red or orange hair was tied back in a high ponytail, which was different, but what do I know about hair?

"O.k., let's make sure we have got everything we need," reported Brock, grabbing a piece of paper from the side. "Self raising flour-" "-Got" "Caster sugar-" "-Got" "And finally eggs"

"Yeah we have got everything we need," beamed Misty.

"Well, at least we are making a start," muttered Brock, under his breath.

Brock handed us aprons and chuckled at the sight as we tied them on. Misty looked at mine and I looked at hers. We both blushed and turned away from each other, embarrassed. My apron had 'Mr' in bold letters while Misty had 'Mrs'. It was really annoying of Brock knowing I had a secret love interest for Misty, but I tried to hide it away as best as I could when we was on our joineries.

"Preheat the oven to 180o or Gas mark 4," read Brock from the cook book.

I went over to the oven and turned the knob that read 180 and returned to Misty; who was greasing a round cake tin.

"You've missed a spot," I joked, pointing to a spot of the tin. Misty turned around to face me and gave a fake laugh.

"Right Ash, you can open the packet of flour," ordered Brock. I nodded as I rushed over to the table and struggled to open the packet. I used all my strength, but it still wouldn't budge. Then all of a sudden, a large rip was heard and a great big cloud of flour appeared.

"Ash!" yelled Misty and Brock.

We all started to sneeze and cough as the flour started to settle.

"Sorry," I said, sadly.

"Oh great, we lost about half of the amount of flour after Mr Ketchum got his grubby little hands all over it," grumbled Misty.

"Ok. Let's all calm down and just think," said Brock, taking deep breaths and praying God for strength.

I messed things up, I suppose me and kitchens don't get along. I don't mind eating the food, but making it isn't such a good idea.

Then an idea popped into my head as I put the remaining bit of flour into the bowl.

"Ash, what are you doing?" asked Misty, peering over my shoulder as I cracked two eggs. I didn't respond, but got out the cup cake tray and placed the little white cases in each hole. Brock smiled at my brilliant idea and began to take over. He whisked the eggs and flour together, then carefully poured in the caster sugar revealing a think cream.

"We are making cup cakes instead of a cake, that's stupid; we can't take them to the party," gasped Misty.

"Got any other better ideas then?" I grumbled at her.

"Well if it wasn't for you to rip the flour open, we wouldn't be in this mess," Misty shouted back.

Me and Misty bubbled with anger as we stepped closer together to have a verbal fight.

"Come on you two, no more. At least we are making something thanks to Ash, but next time Ash, please be careful when you're open things," said Brock, cutting in between us.

I glanced at Misty and stormed off outside to get some fresh air and to see how the pokemon were getting on. Pikachu and Togepi were cuddling each other as they were sleeping peacefully; leaning against a tree.

"I wish me and Mist could get along as what you two have," I mumbled.

I stared in the distance looking at Professor Oak's lab, noticing it was covered in bright colours decorating the big building. It made me feel really guilty of the thought of everyone expecting this good looking cake, when really they will get tiny little cup cakes in return.


I turned around seeing Misty; who was splattered with cake mix on her apron and her angel face. I looked at the ground from the guilt and shame that I was feeling.

"I'm sorry; I guess I was a little bit hard on you in the kitchen. All heat gets to you when you're in there," smiled Misty, walking up to me.

"You're right Mist; it's going to be stupid of a load of cup cakes replacing a big cake. It's my entire fault," I said.

"Hey, don't be so hard on yourself; at least we are taking something to the party," reassured Misty, placing her hand on my chin.

I stared into her aqua eyes as she peered into mine, our lips seemed to reach each other until "Guys, come on you're not escaping the kitchen that easily," called Brock.

We both drew away and ran back into the kitchen.