Ash's PoV

A few minutes flew by and Brock was called to Professor Oak's place as there was a problem with putting up the banner. So Misty and I were left putting the new idea of icing on the cup cakes to make them look like pokeballs.

Misty had the red icing so she covered half the cake while I had the white icing and the chocolate drops for the fake button of the pokeball. It was Misty's idea so it was lucky that mum had icing sugar in her cupboards.

After finally completing all of the cakes, I 'accidentally' splattered Misty with my white icing spoon.

"Sorry, Mist," I quickly stuttered.

Misty licked it off and started to dot me with her red icing.

"Hey," I moaned, but Misty forced her icing spoon in my mouth to stop my moaning. We both laughed as we had an icing fight, which brought us closer together. I pressed my finger into the icing bowl and was just about to spot her with it. However, Misty beat me and sucked the icing off of my finger. We both fell to the floor from slipping over the patches of wet icing.

Misty landed right on top of me; she was laughing just as much as I was. She moved her hand through my messy hair as she stared deep into my eyes.

"Mist…I-" Misty pressed her finger on my lips and whispered, "I love you too." I stared at her in shock, at first I thought she was drunk, but we had no alcohol and then I thought is Misty hyper to icing, but that's crazy.

Misty then quickly grabbed the icing bowl and carefully covered my lips with the icing and then covered hers too; treating it as lip stick.

I was still laid on the floor from the shock and excitement of what my lover was going to do next. Her icing lips pressed onto mine and the flavour of our icing mixed as we kissed passionately. My hand was slowly massaging Misty's back as the enjoyment carried on. We soon parted as we heard the door unlock and the footsteps of my mum and Brock walking into the room.

Misty and I hid underneath the table and began to kiss silently.

"Look at the state of my kitchen. Thank goodness Mr Mime isn't here to see this," my mum grumbled, picking up the icing bowl from the floor.

"Where are they?" asked Brock.

Misty tickled me softly and I bumped my head with laughter.

"Shhh," I whispered to Misty, but we were soon found out as my mum and Brock's smiling faces came into view. Misty and I went bright red and looked at the floor nervously with our mouths dripping with icing.

"Awww…would you look at that, Brock, a messy couple, who were caught up in love rather than tidying up my kitchen," laughed my mum.

Moments later….

"Right do you two understand?" ordered my mum.

"Yes mum/Mrs Ketchum," we replied.

"Ok. Ash what did I just say?" asked my mum.

"You said 'Ok. Ash, what did I just say'," I repeated, happily. My mum gave me the 'warning' look until I quickly said, "No clean kitchen, no party." Damn! I was on my mum's yellow card.

"Good boy, right, come on Brock, let's go," said my mum, happily. She kissed me on the forehead and left with all the cup cakes in her hands. I was really annoyed, I can't believe me and Misty are left here with all the washing up.

"I guess, we should, get started," giggled Misty, running the hot water in the sink.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and placed my tired head on her shoulder. We watched the hot water freely run into the sink and stopped it when it was full.

"Why don't you go to bed?" suggested Misty.

"No, I don't want to leave you with this," I replied. We both looked around my mum's kitchen noticing the mess on the floor that we made; which we now regret. There were dirty bowls and spoons all over the sides.

We spent one long and hard hour, washing, drying and tidying away; we tried very hard not to kiss or hug each other during the process. Misty nearly collapsed from the pure exhaustion.

I carried her to my bedroom and carefully placed her on my bed. I was just about to leave until Misty called for me, "Ash, don't go."

"I'll be back, I'm just going to get Pikachu and Topegi," I replied, kissing her on the forehead.

Misty nodded.

Misty's PoV

I waited for him in HIS bed; I couldn't believe it I was in the place where Ash slept. I cuddled his soft fat pillows and curled up under the duvet. I was too tired to go to Professor Oak's party, I don't think they will notice me and Ash are missing.

I heard Ash walk up the stairs and into his room. I felt his warm body near mine and I laid my head on his beating chest.

"Pikachu and Togepi must be tired, they are still crashed out," whispered Ash.

"I love you," I replied and was touching his face romantically.

"I love you too, "Ash whispered back as he kissed my hand. "Oh I nearly forgot-" Ash soon sat up and rushed downstairs again, I was left in puzzlement, but he returned.

I turned on his bed side lamp and Ash gave me one of our cup cakes; that he must have saved. I looked at it and smiled as I read "Ash and Misty (Mr and Mrs) forever" in white icing. I ripped it in half eager to know what it tasted like. Ash ate the other side and smiled at me.

"It's so sweet," I smiled

"What us or the cup cake," joked Ash.

The End

It was a short and 'sweet' fic, don't you agree? There might be a Cup cakes return coming soon, I'm not sure. Anyway please review and enjoy the rest of your day.