Can I Call You Dad?

Chapter 14

Each day offers us the gift of being a special occasion if we can simply learn that as well as giving, it is blessed to receive with grace and a grateful heart.

Sarah Ban Breathnach

Remus felt as if he had spent more time in the Ministers office than all the time he had spent in any Ministry building in his entire life! He sat in a winged back chair, a cup of tea in his hands and listened to Muriel as she gave order after order. She was bringing up charges against the Malfoy family, and her evidence was the note Remus had handed over.

"Don't worry, Mr. Lupin, we'll find your nephew," Muriel said, as she came over and patted him on the shoulder. Her hair was in a messy bun and wisps framed her face.

"I know, it's just that I worry for him," Remus replied. Muriel nodded, she was about to say something rather clever, when Kendrick bound into the room.

"Guess what?" he said.

"Tell me," Muriel glared.

"We found him! Well, actually, a Miss. Stillwater found young Potter-Black; he's in Barnstaple!" Kendrick replied.

"Wonderful! Connect the floo network…"

"All ready done, Muriel, to your floo, I figured it'd be better that way, so that the boy wouldn't get more upset than I think he is," Kendrick replied.

"When will they get here?" Remus asked.

"Miss Stillwater will bring him in five minutes!"

"I have to write Sirius," Remus stood and dug about in his pockets, bring out the enchanted paper and a self-fill quill. Kendrick and Muriel moved off to the side.

"Thank you Kenny!" Muriel said and hugged him briefly.

"No problem! Also, the Potions Mistress should be done with that weird potion Remus came in with, but I'm not sure,"

"I think just getting the Wizarding worlds savior back is enough for now," Muriel said. Remus turned to them just then.

"Sirius say's he's with Snape; he'll get here as soon as possible though," he informed them.

"Good, only three minutes till Mr. Potter-Black gets here," Muriel said.

"I can't wait to see him!" Remus smiled his first real smile since that day three weeks ago when Harry had been abducted; he was surprised at how fast time had really gone by. But he was happy; soon he would be able to have Harry and Sirius back with him.

Natalie fixed her hair into an intricate braid and then she pulled on an old dark brown robe; It really didn't do anything to make her pretty at all, but at least she tried. Harry thought she should have done blue instead, but Natalie and her father were quite poor and their only income was what they got from their Inn in Barnstaple.

She looked at Harry with a smile; "I've never been to France, do ya think it's a nice place?"

"Yes, my Uncle lives there and I've spent some time there as well," Harry replied.

"All most time," Natalie smiled. She waved Harry to go before her. They didn't have long to wait till it was time to go to France!

A figure stumbled out of the fire place. A boy with dark hair, glasses and stunning green eyes choked on the smoke, and then a second person entered the office via floo.

"Ya all right, lad?" a woman with an Irish accent asked.

"Yeah, fine," Harry replied, but then he found himself with arms full of Remus.

"I worried about you! How could I be so stupid? I'm glad your safe," Remus said.

"Moony! I'm so sorry, it's my fault…"

"No it isn't! it is no ones fault! Especially NOT yours!" Remus replied.

"Ya know 'e's right?" Natalie asked.

"Are you Miss Stillwater?" Remus asked.

"Aye, but call me Natalie," Natalie replied with a smile.

"Thank you for looking after my nephew," Remus replied.

"Tis' no bother,"

"Miss Stillwater, would you like some tea?" Kendrick asked suddenly, he was quite taken by the young woman. Natalie smiled at him.

"Tha'd be nice, some time away from the Inn would do me good," she smiled.

"Remus? What happened to Padfoot?" Harry asked; Natalie and Kendrick had left the room and only Muriel was there to witness their family moment.

"He'll be here soon, he was with Snape,"


"I'm not sure, really," Remus sighed. Harry shrugged.

"I'm glad to be home though,"

"As am I!"

"Muriel, a gentleman is here to see you," a young secretary poked her head into the office. Muriel smiled and followed her secretary out of the door. It had been three weeks to the day that Harry had been kidnapped and she knew that Remus and Harry needed some time together.

"Can I help you with something?" Muriel asked. The man who stood in front of her had elbow length black hair, grey-blue eyes and he wore an old frock coat. He smiled at her but his eyes were haunted with worry.

"My name is Sirius Black, I'm Harry's Dad…"

"Oh, Mr. Black! I' so glad you could get here! This way, Mr. Lupin and your son are waiting for you," Muriel smiled. Sirius couldn't keep a grin off of his face once he saw Harry and Lupin holding a quiet conversation.

"Padfoot!" Remus smiled, he was the first to notice the man.

"Moony! Pronglet!" Sirius surged forward and gave Harry a hug that lasted a few moments.

"I was so worried about you!" Harry said.

"Not as worried as I was for you!" Sirius laughed.

"I'm fine though; Gervais helped me…"

"Who?" Remus and Sirius asked at the same time. Harry laughed and then he said something in Parseltongue. A big cobra then wound up his arm from the bag he carried.

"This is Gervais, he helped me escape Malfoy Manor," Harry explained.

"Oh, well…thank you," Remus paused for a moment; he wasn't sure how to speak to a snake. Gervais hissed something that made Harry laugh.

"Gervais thanks you and is glad to meet you too, Mother," Harry replied.

"What does he mean by that?" Sirius asked, Remus blushed a bit.

"Oh, well, Gervais has this idea that Remus is my Mum, while you're my Dad!" Harry rolled his eyes.

"Remus always was a Mother-hen!" Sirius laughed.

"Sirius! Shut up!" Remus glared.

"Ah! Remmie-poo!" Sirius used the old school nick-name.

"Padfoot! I'm warning you!" Remus glared.

"I've an idea!" Sirius pulled Harry to stand in front of him as to shield him from Remus and his flying temper.

"What?" Harry asked.

"Let's go home!" Sirius replied. Both Remus and Harry agreed, it would be nice be together once again!

The room was exactly as Harry remembered it; his trunk was at the base of the bed where it had always sat and all of his clothes were back in the wardrobe where they should have been in the first place. Harry sat on his bed, fingering his pendant and reading his fathers Journal.

Entry 3

It has been almost a month since I've written in this; but I don't bloody care! This is so cool! Remus, Sirius and Peter are now my best friends and we have just played the best bloody prank on the Slytherins!

Sirius found a way into their common room (Behind Salazar the Brave) and we snuck in at the dead of night! We spelled everything into Gryffindor colors and then we spelled those greasy gits to say "We've always wanted to be Gryffindor's!" every time they open their mouths! It is bloody funny! Especially since we weren't able to get the girls! So the girls are upset and no one knows that it was us!

How brilliant are we?


James Potter

Harry looked up as a small knock came to his door and Sirius poked his head in.

"Want to go fly?" Sirius asked?

"Sure," Harry smiled, he bound off the bed and grabbed his broom. He stopped Sirius from leaving his room though.

"Can I ask you something?" Harry asked.

"Shoot, what can I do for you?"

"Can I call you Dad?" Harry asked. Sirius smiled and ruffled Harry's hair in the way that he used to do to James.

"Sure, son…I'd be honored…"


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