A/N: Okay, I'm going to give this my best shot. I have no idea how good or bad this will be. Try to bear with me, and prepare to embrace a story that in a way is AU, but at the same it could flow almost perfectly with the NGE timeline (God willing my facts are correct). Time to rock!

8 Years before the 3rd Angel

There was a room. You could say it was a conference room. And there were men in suits at a round table. They were obviously discussing something.

"So it's agreed then," said a shady man. He had brown hair, glasses, some facial hair around the lower part of his face, and a look that could scare the hell out of anybody. "The Russian government working with NERV will immediately commence work on Units 09 and 10."

"That is correct Commander Ikari," replied another man. This one was stocky, probably in his sixties, and was almost completely bald. "We in Russia are ready to do our part to help protect the planet." He reveals some documents. "And out of many potential candidates, these two are the best we have."

Gendo Ikari looked at the documents. As he read them over, it was impossible to tell with him as to whether he was impressed with what he saw or not. After a few minutes, he handed the reports back. "Good," he said basically giving his approval of their selected candidates. "When the time comes, perhaps I will call on your pilots to defeat the Angels when they return. This meeting is adjourned." Gendo then got up, and with his bodyguards, he walked out of the room, leaving the Russian suits there to converse amongst each other.

"It is good that Commander Ikari has approved our pilots," said another speaker, also speaking with a Russian accent. This one was a woman, who had long blonde hair, and green eyes, who was clad in a suit as well. She appeared to be in her late thirties.

Another man took his chance to speak. He was vastly tall, well built, and was wearing a military officer's uniform. He had many medals on the chest of his uniform, and had several stripes along the shoulder plating. "Yes. And I am also sure that General Kharlamov will be most pleased and honored that his daughter had approval from Commander Ikari himself to one day be trained to pilot the Evangelion. And General Topolov will feel the same way about his son too."


Somewhere in Moscow Russia, 2007

"Ivana, have you practiced your Italian at all today?" a woman with long black hair asked the little girl playing with some toys on the floor. The mother looked like an average housewife with the clothes she was wearing. "If you don't practice, Papa will be disappointed."

The small black haired child shot up. "Yes Mama. I practiced my Italian today. And I also practiced my Japanese and Korean too. So General Papa will be really happy when he comes home."

The mother kneeled down to hug her daughter. "I am sure he will be very proud of you Ivana," she said patting her daughter on the back. "Let's make dinner so he'll have something to eat when he comes home."

"Oh can we have borscht for dinner tonight? Please? Please?" asked Ivana now jumping up and down.

Her mother sighed to herself. "But we just had that last week." But the pleading look in her daughter's eyes beat her. "Okay. You've been a good girl today. Borscht it is then. But after dinner, I want you to work on your Chinese and French, understood?"

"Yes Mama."


It had been a long day for the lone occupant of the vehicle driving home. But to him, it was one of the greatest things to have ever happened to him. For General Dimitri Kharlamov, a four star general in the Russian Army, had been told that his six year old daughter had been chosen to pilot of the Evangelion Units that Russia was going to begin building very soon. And that would mean more funding for the country, and more money could be made with private contractors that would seek investing in the country.

Being in a military family, he expected Ivana to take on a career of some type in terms of serving the country. In two years, he planned on getting her to start her training in terms of martial arts. Since she knew women were physically weaker than men, he hoped he could make her strong enough that men would be weaker than her. At that thought, he allowed himself a smile. And when she was ten, he hoped she could start training with the KGB as a child agent. A friend of his worked for the KGB, and liked the idea of training child agents, as it would give them more experience and training for when it came time for the actual thing. And so she could manage herself almost anywhere in the world, he had language teachers come over to school her in different languages. On top of Russian, she knew fluent English and Japanese, and was learning French, Italian, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish. He sure was proud of her. She would probably end up being more successful than he was someday.

Before he knew it, he was home. It was a decent sized house. With the rank he had, he could have easily afforded a larger house. But he was wise with his money. He didn't have a large family, so it was not necessary have a large house. And he could use the extra money to pay for his daughter's education and her future training.

Dimitri got out of his car and walked up to the door. Once he unlocked the door, he walked inside to see his family, the only thing more important to him than his entire country.

"I'm home!" he yelled into the house.

"Mama! Papa's home!" he could also hear Ivana yelling from somewhere in the house. Turns out she emerged from the kitchen. "Papa!" she called out running into his arms.

"Ah there's my little trooper," said Dimitri picking her up and placing her on his shoulders.

45 minutes later

"So how did work go today dear?" asked Dimitri's wife. The three of them were sitting at the table eating borscht for dinner like Ivana wanted them to. They were curious as to how the day went knowing that big officials from Japan were there today. "What did the officials from Japan say?"

"Well I have great news to tell you Fayina," said Dimitri. "And even greater news for you Ivana. Do you two remember when I told you about the giant robots that NERV is building?"

"Yeah! The robots!" exclaimed Ivana.

Fayina was curious too. "Yes. What about the robots? Did they finally find a pilot?"

"Yes we finally have pilots for the robots. He looked at Ivana. "Ivana, you have been chosen to be a pilot of one of those robots."

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A/O/N: Just so you know, the main character is Ivana Kharlamov, an ACC from my Season 2 fic. Some of you wanted to know more about her. This is her story. And yes, this is a darkfic, despite how happy things are at first.

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