The story of BloodClan

Three kits struggled into the elder's den, just managing to carry a large rabbit between them. "Poppykit!" cried one, jerking out of slumber as the pale orange kit crashed into her. She glanced over at the other two kits, now sitting respectfully with their tails wrapped around them, their eyes cast downwards. "Well I suppose you three want to hear a story, do you?"

"Oh yes!" cried the black kit, jumping to her paws. "Please tell us a story, Sorreltail! Tell us the story of when the clans battled BloodClan!"

"I don't feel like telling that story today," said Sorreltail. The black kit (Whose name was Darkkit) looked sad for a moment, until Sorreltail said, "I could tell you another story of BloodClan though."

The third kit, Dreamkit, said "Will you really, Sorreltail?"

"Of course," said Sorreltail, "But you must promise to never tell Bramblestar, because he says that those days are over, and they're never coming back."

The three kits leaned closer without realizing it. Sorreltail shifted back in her nest and began.

Sorry that one was so short! It was just an introduction, so the rest should b longer.