Disclaimer: This world and characters that are in it belong to Tamara Pierce. Unfortunately only the sucky plot and the bad attempt to write it belong to me.

In a room in a house on Cheesman Street seven mages gathered. Dedicate Lark and Rosethorn were talking quietly, Dedicate Frostpinte and Niko Golden eye were sleeping, Tris weather mage was reading, and Daja smith mage was staring into the fire. While Briar plant mage was pacing.

Suddenly Tris, snapping her book shut, gave Briar a pointed stare. "Will you just sit! Because of you I've read the same paragraph twice!"

Briar stopped agitated and spun on the balls of his feet to look at Tris.

"How can you just sit here calmly? Sandry is in pain! I'm…I'm…I'm going out of my mind."

Tris sighed in exasperation and glared at Briar above her spectacles "Everything is fine if something was wrong or had changed we would have been notified."

Daja found herself smiling in amusement, every hour or so they would go at it. She had found the whole situation amusing. Despite appearances Tris was just as worried as Briar and it was evident that the two were elevating their stress arguing with each other.

Suddenly the door to the room busted open, waking both Niko and Frostpinte in the process and revealing a stout portly woman. "You three upstairs," she commanded pointing to Tris, Daja, and Briar. Briar ran up the stairs leaving Daja, Tris and the woman.

"You would think that being a midwife would require a friendly disposition." Tris remarked to Daja, earning her a glare from the woman. To which Tris paid no heed.

When the two of them entered the room they could hear Sandry. She was moaning and cursing Briar in turn. She was sitting up in bed; her sheets were rumpled and covered in fluid. There was a sheen of sweat covering her body. She has been in labor for thirty two hours and was exhausted, but her anger with Briar seemed to keep her going.

Tris and Daja stood back out of the midwife's way silently lending their support and the occasional comment and laughter at Briar's discomfort. Sandry had been cursing at him regularly with choice words from five languages. Surprising the three of them with her creativeness and the fact that she was cursing at all.

"You know I think she's running out of adjectives in which to describe our humble Briar. I can't think of any more can you Tris?"

Briar gave a growl as a reply and a weak chuckle escaped Sandry's lips. Briar moved towards the bedside where a bowl full of cool water was kept and he placed a cool compress on Sandry's brow.

An hour later…

Soft mewling could be heard coming from the rocking chair in the corner where Sandry sat holding a bundle in her arms.

"And Briar was all worried that you'd die of childbirth." Rosethorn and Lark were was standing in the doorway looking at Sandry cuddle her baby girl. "So where is the proud father?"

"Out with Niko and Frostpinte. I had to throw them out so that I could hold my own baby." I've never seen three grown men to puddles of mush so quickly."

"Yep that little one's got them rapped around those tinny tiny baby fingers." Daja commented. She and Tris had come back to hear Sandry's reply to Rosethorn's comment.

"So have the two of you picked out a name for her?" Tris asked as she looked at mother and daughter.

Dajana fa Toren