AnZuOh, Queen of Games

Chapter 1

Demons of Hell

"What the hell happened?" Kaiba seethed silently. He looked across the street at Yugi and Tea before staring up at Uria and Hamon. "Those Demon cards struck down Gardner somehow! But that makes no sense, only the Egyptian God cards have that sort of power!" Kaiba growled and flipped off his Duel Disk before slowly walking over to the two rivals opposite him.

"Tea, come on, wake up!" Yugi pleaded. Tea groaned and shifted in his arms before slowly opening her eyes.

"Yu…gi…" She whispered. She gasped lowly and tried to stand.

"Tea, stay down!" Yugi urged. Tea obeyed and sank down to her knees, breathing heavily.

"That…that card…" She said. "The third Legendary Demon…"

"It's gone." Kaiba said. "It was flung out of your hands." Yugi looked up at him and jumped to his feet.

"Enough of this Kaiba! This has gone far enough!" Yugi shouted. "Tea could have been killed, because you had to have your rematch!"

"Gardner played those cards out of her own free will Yugi. If she wasn't strong enough to handle them, it isn't my fault." Kaiba replied coolly.

"What do you want Kaiba?" Tea spat, getting up.

"For one thing, you can explain them." Kaiba said, looking up. Yugi and Tea followed his gaze. Tea gasped and stepped back.


"Your Duel Disk was struck by lightning. Not even my technology can keep working after that." Kaiba muttered. He pressed a finger against his coat collar. "Mokuba, what is the status of the Duel Disk servers?"

"All of them are either off-line or turned off. There isn't a single working Duel Disk in the city.' Mokuba replied. Yugi gasped.

"Does that mean…those Demons are real?"

"I am getting some major déjà vu right now..." Tea said nervously. Uria and Hamon floated silently before turning to look down the 3 of them. Hamon roared and raised its hand. A split second later, a bolt of lightning struck the asphalt a few feet away, leaving a small crater. Hamon growled and started to raise its hand again.

"Run!" Yugi yelled. Tea spun around and took off down the street. Yugi followed, but skidded to a stop a few feet away. "Kaiba, move it!" The Kaiba Corp CEO was staring up at the glittering Demons.

"They're real…" Kaiba muttered. "But that's impossible!" Yugi sighed and ran towards him.

"Kaiba!" Yugi dove and tackled the teenager to the ground. A second later, lightning struck the very spot where Kaiba had been. The two struggled to their feet and ran down the street. Hamon roared in anger and shot a glare at Uria. The flamer lord screeched and flew to the ground, leveling off to fly a few feet above the ground. Uria roared and summoned a fireball to its mouth. Kaiba glanced back and darted down an alley, grabbing Yugi by the collar and pulling him with him. Uria's Flame Cannon fired, smelting several cars in the street. Uria rose into the air again and watched as Kaiba and Yugi ran through the alley below. Uria opened its mouth and fired a second flame attack between the roofs. Yugi and Kaiba reached the end of the alley and split apart as the flames struck the ground and coursed out of the alley behind them.

Hamon laughed and summoned a ball of Black Lightning before firing the attack at the ground. Kaiba tripped and skidded across the ground as the attack tore up the road behind him. A car in a few feet away swerved off the road and slammed into a telephone pole, knocking the pole across the street. Kaiba climbed to his feet and leapt over the pole to keep running.

"Mokuba, locate my Duel Disk and send a helicopter right away!" Kaiba snapped. Several blocks behind him, Tea and Yugi met up. Tea covered her head as Uria circled over them before following Hamon.

"It doesn't see us!" Tea cheered. Yugi shook his head.

"No…something's wrong…" He whispered. Then he dawned on him, and his gaze snapped to Tea's Duel Disk. The disk was useless, but Tea's cards –including Hamon and Uria- remained. "Tea, they're still your monsters! That's why they're not attacking us! They're going after your opponent!" Tea gasped.

"Kaiba!" Tea whipped out her cellphone and dialed.

"Yeah?" Joey answered.

"Joey, are you at the train station?" Tea asked.

"Nah, I got Serenity and we're heading home. What's up?" Joey replied.

"Make a detour pal, we've got an emergency."

"What, what's going on?" Joey yelled.

"Two Duel Monsters are trying to kill Kaiba." Tea explained. Joey was silent for a moment.

"Soooooo….what's the emergency?"

- - - - - - - - - -

Kaiba looked up as he ran and watched as the Kaiba Corp helicopter lowered a rope ladder. He grabbed on and climbed up as fast as he could, a Flame Cannon incinerating the few rungs under him. Hamon fired and struck the helicopter, sending it spiraling to the ground. Kaiba growled and leapt off, landing on a car roof- making a large dent in the process- and rolling off to keep running as the pilots leapt to safety, the helicopter crashing to the ground. Kaiba ran past a side street and glanced to the side as a car screeched up to drive along side him. Serenity turned around in her seat and opened the back door.

"Jump in rich boy!" Joey yelled. Kaiba looked behind him at Uria and leapt to the side, landing snugly in Joey's car. Joey spun the wheel and turned a full 180 degrees before driving back right under Uria. Uria roared and flew into the air to continue the chase overhead. Kaiba sat up and closed his door.

"Every time we meet up, you get inta trouble." Joey complained, swerving to avoid a lightning bolt. "Pegasus, your psycho father and brother, Zigfried, and now this. When are you going to thank us for saving your sorry butt time and time again?"

"Shut up Wheeler!" Kaiba snapped. Joey turned as Uria fired a Flame Cannon down the street at them. A car in front of them stopped, the driver screaming as the flames roasted his car.

"Joey, I think those are the Egyptian God cards!" Serenity cried, looking out her window.

"Not quite." Kaiba muttered. "They're called the Legendary Demon cards."

"Really? Care to explain what they are?" Joey asked.

"Ask your friend the cheerleader, she played them!" Kaiba shot back. Joey skidded to a stop and leaned back to open the door behind him. Tea and Yugi climbed in, and Joey slammed his foot on the gas pedal.

"We've got to figure out how to stop them!" Yugi said, looking out the back window.

"That crossed my mind too. You get any ideas, let us know!" Kaiba said.

"Maybe you should try saving the day for once, it's your fault they were used!" Yugi said.

"I told you before, Gardner played them. They terrorize the city, it's her fault." Tea smiled.

"That's it! Kaiba, you're a genius!" She cried.

"Well duh." Kaiba muttered, crossing his arms. Tea opened her window and jumped out, rolling to a crouch on the street.

"Tea!" Yugi yelled, leaning out the door. Tea rose to her feet and faced the Demons careening towards her. She took a breath and stared. "They're attacking Kaiba because he's my opponent. The Duel Disks mean nothing to them, they were still played by me against Kaiba. Which means…"

"Hamon, Uria, STOP!" Tea yelled, holding up her Duel Disk. Uria stopped suddenly, a few feet in front of her. Hamon lowered its hand and looked down, descending to float above Uria. Joey hit the brakes and skidded to a halt. Tea gulped and stared at the two gigantic beasts staring back at her. Yugi, Kaiba, Joey and Serenity climbed out of the car and watched the scene.

"I don't get it…what did she do?" Joey asked. A smile spread across Yugi's face.

"Tea played them in the first place Joey. She controls them."

"That's enough!" Tea shouted. She pointed to her Duel Disk. "Return." Uria and Hamon growled and looked at each other before turning to balls of red and gold light. The two balls zoomed through the air and hit the two cards on Tea's disk. The Uria and Hamon cards sparked slightly and slid to the ground. Yugi and the others ran up behind her as Tea knelt down to pick up the cards.

"Tea, you did it!" Yugi cheered.

"Hey, uh, this might seem like a dumb question, but what's goin' on?" Joey asked. Tea narrowed her eyes and looked up from her cards.

"I think its time we put in a call to Pegasus."