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Chapter 23

Goodbye, Hello

"So do we gotta go through the whole dueling thing to open the door again?" Joey asked as Ishizu and Malik led them down the steps to the Millennium Stone.

"I do not believe so. We were merely…borrowing Teana, so to speak." Malik replied. "Since she is merely returning, the Eye of Wdjat will allow her safe passage."

"You happy to go back?" Téa asked.

-Yes. While your time has been enjoyable, I do not belong here.- Teana replied. The assembled group reached the chamber, and Téa walked forward.

"Now Miss Teana, allow the Eye to see you, and the door back to your realm shall open." Ishizu instructed. Téa felt a tingle as Teana took control of her body.

"Wait!" Teana looked over her shoulder as Yugi ran up to her.

"What is it?" She asked, kneeling down. Yugi coughed lightly.

"Um…you came from Egypt?" He asked. Teana nodded.

"Yes. Beyond that door lies the ancient past, forever frozen in time." She explained.

"Then…have you…" Yugi stammered slightly. "Is he…" Teana put a hand on Yugi's shoulder and smiled warmly.

"He's happy." She promised. And with that, she leaned forward and pressed a quick kiss to Yugi's forehead. "And he misses all of you."

-Hey!- Téa cried in her head. -What's the idea with that kiss?- Teana chuckled silently and hugged Yugi.

"You two are going to make a great couple someday." She whispered. Yugi furrowed his brow.

"What two?" He asked.

-Yeah, what two?- Téa demanded.

"Oh, no one." Teana said with a smile. She stood up and looked over Yugi at Joey, Tristan and the Ishtars. "I've enjoyed my time with all of you. And be sure, when I see Yami, I will tell him all about what has happened while he has been gone."

"Thanks. And tell da guy we miss him." Joey added.

"I will." Teana promised. With that, she turned and walked towards the Eye of Wdjat. Teana looked up and took a breath.

"I am Teana, High Priestess of Pharaoh Seth." She called. The Eye glowed yellow, and the wall parted to reveal an expanse of pure white.

"See ya around Teana!" Joey called. Teana nodded, and stepped into the light.

- - - - - - - - -

"Goodbye." Téa said. "And thank you for everything, Teana." Teana smiled. The two were standing on the white expanse.

"It was an honor to help you." Teana said. "And good luck with Yugi." Teana turned and walked away.

"Huh? What good luck?" Téa cried. Teana's laughter reached back to her as the priestess vanished amidst the white. Téa sighed and turned, looking at a small doorway that led back to the cavern. She walked towards the doorway.

"It's too bad we never got to see Yami again." Téa mused aloud. "Yugi wanted to-" There was a loud clang, and a set of steel bars burst out of the white ground, raising to form a cage over the doorway. Téa gasped, and fell to her knees. She started coughing, and fell forward, heaving. The white expanse turned grey, then dark purple, as a black mist spewed out of Téa's mouth. She collapsed as the black mist floated behind her, shifted, grew, and rose from the ground to take shape.

"Well well well, long time." Téa climbed to her feet and turned as Dark Téa formed out of the black mist. "You didn't think I was finished, did you?" Dark Téa sneered.

"What do you want?" Téa demanded. Dark Téa snapped, and a Duel Disk appeared on Téa's arm.

"What I've wanted my entire life: yours!" Dark Téa laughed. "You won't be leaving this time. I'll take you down." Téa growled.

"Do you ever give up?" She asked. Dark Téa held up her arm, and a black bat appeared strapped to her forearm. It's wings glowed, and snapped out to form a dark Duel Disk.

"Not when victory is at hand." Dark Téa laughed. "Now, ready to lose your life, body, and soul?" Téa shook her head.

"Not today! I beat you once, and if I have to, I'll do it again!" She countered. "Let's duel!"

-Téa: 8000, Dark Téa: 8000-

"I draw." Dark Téa started. "And summon 'Dark Gunner' (500, 500)." A tiny Fiend holding a futuristic laser rifle appeared in front of Dark Téa. "And he comes with a dark special ability." Dark Téa snickered. "If I offer him as Tribute, then for every one of my Standby Phases he's been on the field, he zaps away 1000 points from you."

"Too bad he won't be along long enough to blast a single one." Téa said.

"We shall see. For now I set 1 card down and end my turn."

"Then I draw!" Téa cried. "And activate 'Graceful Charity', an draw 3 cards, and discard 2." Téa drew, and smiled. "I discard 'Mystical Shine Ball' (500, 500), and 'The Agent of Wisdom- Mercury' (0000, 1700). And next I'll remove them from play to summon 'Soul of Purity and Light' (2000, 1700). And finally I'll summon 'Thunder Nyan Nyan' (1900, 800)."

"A pity they won't be doing much." Dark Téa laughed. "I activate 'Threatening Roar'. This card prevents you from attacking for one turn."

"Fine, but only one turn. I'll pass." Téa said.

"And I draw, and my Dark Gunner powers up 1 level." Dark Téa said. "And next I play 'Dark Arena'." A dark mist floated in front of Dark Téa. "As long as this card is in play, you're forced to attack each turn. And next I'll set a monster in defense, and activate 'The Dark Door'. This card limits you to one attack per turn. Your turn."

"Alright then!" Téa cried. "I summon 'Dunames Dark Witch' (1800, 1050). And next, Dark Witch, attack Dark Gunner!" The witch raised her arm and fired a blast of magic.

"'Giant Germ' (1000, 100), defend!" Dark Téa cried. A large purple monster appeared and blocked the attack.

"Hey, I attacked your Gunner!" Téa protested. Dark Téa pressed a hand to her cheek.

"Oh no, I forgot to mention the other effect of Dark Arena!" She groaned. "I get to choose which of my monsters you attack!"

"Oh no!"

"Oh yes, so forget about taking down my Gunner. And oh, since you attacked my Giant Germ, you lose another 500 points."

-Téa: 7500, Dark Téa: 8000-

"This time you'll fall!" Dar Téa yelled. "I'm not the same. I wanted to prolong your pain before, but I know better now! I'll destroy you quickly, before you even have time to defend! And as such, I'll now activate Giant Germ's other ability. Since he was destroyed in battle, I can call forth more Giant Germs from my deck. Two, to be exact."

"Yeah, and if I try to attack, you'll redirect my attacks to them while your Dark Gunner powers up." Téa realized.

"Correct!" Dark Téa laughed. "I told you, I've changed. I don't need to attack. I merely need to defend until my Gunner does my work for me."

"But you can't keep up that defense forever." Téa protested.

"We'll see. In the meantime, I draw." Dark Téa replied, doing so. "And I switch my two new germs into defense, place a card facedown, and end my turn. Oh, and guess what? My Gunner has powered up twice, so you'd better hurry and get rid of him."

"I plan too. I summon 'Absorbing Kid From the Sky' (1300, 1000). Absorbing Kid, attack!" The chubby angel raised his hands and fired a beam of yellow light.

"You don't learn, do you?" Dark Téa shook her head as Giant Germ blocked the attack.

"Actually, I do! And maybe you should learn that when my Kid destroys a monster in battle, I get an extra 300 Life Points for each level star your monster had!"

"Wrong again!" Dark Téa corrected. "I remember you use all those weak cards to replenish your Life Points, so I came prepared with this! I activate my Trap 'Bad Reaction to Simochi'! It reverses any and all Life Points increases to decreases, so by my count, you'll lose an extra 600 points!"

-Téa: 6400, Dark Téa: 8000-

"My turn, and Level 3 for Dark Gunner." Dark Téa said. "I'll set another card facedown, and activate 'Rain of Mercy'. This gives us both 1000 extra Life Points. Oh, excuse me, it gives me 1000 points, it's quite different for you."

-Téa: 5400, Dark Téa: 9000-

"I'm not going to lose." Téa said, drawing. "I summon 'Mystical Shine Ball' (500, 500), and have it attack."

"Fine, you know what's net. My final Giant Germ blocks your attack!"

-Téa: 4900, Dark Téa: 9000-

"I draw, and…" Dark Téa smiled. "Dark Gunner is up to Power Level 4. And I'll set this card facedown and end my turn." Dark Téa smiled. "It comes to this. Draw your final card. It's impossible for you to win now."

"I don't think so!" Téa said. She drew, and gasped. "I activate 'Heavy Storm'!" Dark Téa gasped. "It destroys every Spell and Trap on the field, including Dark Door and Dark Arena!" Dark Téa screamed as the gigantic whirlwind whipped across the field, blowing her shadows away.

"And now I sacrifice my Mystical Shine Ball to summon 'Airknight Parshath' (1900, 1400)." Téa looked across her field. "Now Airknight, attack her facedown card!" The centaur galloped across the field and pierced its lance through 'Thousand Eyes Idol' (0000, 0000). "And now for…" Téa trailed off as she noticed that Dark Téa's Dark Gunner was gone. "Fine then, Soul of Purity and Light, Dark Witch, Thunder Nyan Nyan, Absorbing Kid from the Sky, attack her directly!" Four beams of blinding light shot through the air. Dark Téa screamed as she was thrown back through the air.

-Téa: 4900, Dark Téa: 100-

"It's over! I'll end my turn!" Téa cheered. Dark Téa laughed darkly, getting to her feet.

"Yes…it is…" She agreed. "For you…I've won."

"I don't think so! I've got 5000 points, you have 100, and no cards on the Field." Dark Téa sneered.

"Really? Look again!" She cackled. A vortex opened in front of her. "When you activated Heavy Storm, I took the chance to play my Trap. It's called 'Interdimensional Matter Transporter', and it removes a monster from play for one turn. So guess who wants to say hello…and goodbye!" Téa's eyes widened as Dark Gunner rose onto the field.

"Oh…no…" She whispered, stepping back. Dark Gunner glared at her and aimed it's laser rifle at Téa.

"And now it's my turn, and Dark Gunner is up to 5000 points!" Dark Téa laughed. "Now, how many Life Points did you have again? Correct me is I'm wrong, but I think it was les than 5000!" Téa shook her head slowly.

"I've waited an eternity for this!" Dark Téa cheered. "Dark Gunner, I sacrifice you!" The laser rifle in the hands of the Gunner began to glow bright blue. "Laser Cannon…FIRE!" Dark Téa screamed. The laser fired, and a gigantic ball of blue light shot towards Téa. Téa let out a scream as the light hit home.

- - - - - - - - - -

Inside the chamber, the Eye of Wdjat glowed brightly. Yugi gasped.

"What's going on?" He demanded. Ishizu stammered.

"I…I'm not sure." She admitted. The walls creaked, and slowly began to close. Yugi ran forward and hit hard stone as the white expanse vanished.

"Téa!" He called, hitting the stone with his fists.

"What's goin' on?" Joey asked.

- - - - - - - - - -

Téa was thrown forward, and Dark Téa sneered down at her body as her Duel Disk clicked down.

-Téa: 0000, Dark Téa: 100-

"Yes…at long last…" Dark Téa laughed. Téa groaned weakly and tried to get up. "Victroy is MINE!" DarkTéa threw back her head and cackled as her trenchcoat blew back behind her in an unseen wind.

"N…nooooo…" Téa moaned. Her eyes closed slowly, and she slumped down to lay still, Dark Téa's laughter echoing in her ears.

The Priestess' Legacy...