Dying To Please

Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Jean Havoc, Kain Furey, Vato Falman, and Heymans Breda, stood in King Bradley's office. "You six will find a murder. He only kills women. He only kills in the west, you six will be going to the west to find him. I want him here dead or alive." King Bradley said. "Sir." they all said saluting. They where all getting ready to leave. "One more thing." King Bradley said. They all turned around. "Wear civilian cloth. But at all times keep guns on you." King Bradley said. "And Hawkeye don't get killed." "Yes sir." Riza said saluting.

They all walked out of the office. "Why do we have to do this?" Kain asked. "I don't know but I think it's stupid." Roy said. Havoc shrugged his shoulders and lit a ciggeret. "When are we leaving?" Riza asked. "We'll leave tomorrow at 9 a.m it will take about two days to get there." Roy said. "Can I bring Black Hayate with me?" Riza asked. "Yes it would make you look more like a civilian." Roy said. "I'll make us ID's tonight. We can study them on the train." Kain said. They walked into their office. "I was thinking shouldn't Hawkeye like be one of are daughters or wife or something, that wouldn't look suspicious." Havoc said.

"Good idea, Furey make sure Hawkeye is like married to one of us. She could only be Falman's daughter." Roy said sitting down at his desk. "I'm not that old." Falman said sitting down. They all rolled there eyes and sat down. "Okay I'm out for the rest of the night." Havoc said getting up. "Where are we going to meet?" Havoc asked opening the door. "We'll meet in Central Station at 20 minutes tell 9." Roy said. Havoc shrugged and walked out of the office. "I should get home and make the ID's." Kain said standing up, and walking out. "I'm going to get some donuts." Breda said getting up and walking out. "I'm going home." Roy said, getting up. "You open that door and I'll shot you." Riza said.

"I'm going home when I'm done with my paper work." Roy said turning around, sitting back down at his desk. "I have to get home and pack." Falman said, getting up and leaving. "You know Breda isn't coming back, right?" Roy asked. "I know, but he's done with his paper work." Riza said. Roy sighed, and started to sign more papers. Riza got up. "I'll be right back. I'm going to get us coffee." Riza said leaving. She opened the door and looked back. "If you're not here when I got back you're done." she said shutting the door behind her. She just blew that idea Roy thought. He started to sing papers faster then he had before.

I want to get home so I can sleep and pack Roy thought. Riza came back and to her surprise Roy was still doing his work. "Here you go sir." Riza said putting the cup on his desk. She picked up her paper work and walked over to the couch to do her work. She looked like she was going to fall asleep at any moment. Roy picked his stuff up and sat down next to her. It was more comfortable to sit on the couch them the hard chairs. "Ug... damn pen." Roy mumbled. His pen had just ran out of ink. Riza sighed. In his front pocket was another pen. She reached over and grabbed the pen. "Here s—," She fell over and landed on his lap. "Here let me help you." Roy said helping her get up. They both looked up the caught each others eyes.

Roy couldn't stop, he leaned forward and kissed her. At first Riza was surprised, but them she slowly wrapped her arms around his neck. He put his arms around his waist and pulled her closer. The door opened, "Sorry." it was Kain Furey. He quickly shut the door. Riza and Roy hadn't even noticed. Roy pulled away. "I'm sorry." he said. Riza got up. "I-I-I have to get going." she blushed furiously and ran out of the office. Did I just kiss her? Roy asked him self. 'No shit!' 'I hope you know you like her' 'no dip. His stomach still has butterflies.' Who the hell are you guys 'where the voices in your head' "I've gone insane." Roy said. He got up and walked out the office door. "Sir here are the papers you wanted." It was Kain he was as white as a ghost. "Thank you." Roy said taking the paper and walking past him.

Roy walked down the sidewalk. I have to go tell Maes Roy thought. 'You know he's just going to tell you that you're in love' I'm not in love it's only lust, I hope Roy thought. 'Why would we lie to you, you love her' Will you LEAVE ME ALONE 'okay' 'we where just trying to help'. Roy knocked on the door to the Hughes' house. It was 8 so Gracia and Maes where probably still awake. Maes opened the door. "Hey what's up?" Maes asked. "I need to talk to you." Roy said. Maes sighed, letting him in. "Gracia just got done making apple pie you want some?" Maes asked. "Sure." Roy said. Maes got two pieces and two glasses of milk. He placed them on the table. "Alright now what is the problem?" Maes asked with a smile.

"Um... it's Hawkeye." Roy said. "What did you and Riza get in a fight...again?"Maes asked taking a huge bite. "Not really." Roy said scratching that back of his head. "Than what?" he asked. "We kinda, um we... we made out." Roy said. Maes spit the milk out that was in his mouth. "Really!" he looked very interested. "Where?" he asked. "At work." Roy said looking down. "Did anyone see you?" Maes asked. "I think Furey might have seen us." Roy said. "... wait why are you telling me this?" Maes asked. "It wasn't like when I made out with all the other women. My stomach felt like it had butterflies in it, and I was sweating." Roy said. "So your in love." Maes said. "No I can't be, It's just lust. And she my subordinate she's way to good for me." Roy said.

"What ever you say Roy." Maes said reaching over to take Roy's pie. Roy smacked his hand. "I want the pie." Roy said. "But to let you know that isn't lust." Maes said. Roy ate the pie in one bite. "Did you even taste it?" Maes asked. "What the kiss or the pie?" Roy asked. "... the pie." Maes said. "Yeah." Roy said drinking the whole glass of milk. "Roy just think about it, now get out of my house so I can have sex with my wife." Maes said, he was joking around. "Dude I don't want to know what you and Gracia do." Roy said joking around. They laughed and Roy left. Roy walked down the street. Let's see got strait and take longer, or go through that park and take a short cut Roy asked him self. 'I would go down the park' 'Take the long way home'. "Okay let's go through the park." Roy said.

He walked through the park. When him self, Riza and Maes where younger they would always would come here and run around have fun. Roy smiled at the thought, one time in late summer Riza jumped off the dock and got her dress got caught. Roy had jumped into save her. And in the end a fish had swam in his pants. It was so funny. He almost started to laugh. No one was out tonight. He walked out of the park. There a chilly breeze. Damn my balls are frozen Roy thought. He decided to run to his apartment.

"Cold, cold." Roy said as he opened the door and shut it behind him. "Really cold." he said. Alright have to take a shower and then pack Roy thought turning on the nice warm water for a shower. He got his pajamas. They where pink pajamas with little dogs, and they came with pink fuzzy slippers. Elysia had gotten them for him, she was sad because she had wet the bed on his new sheets so she used her dads money and got him new pajamas. (A/N Im going to be writing that story soon so look for it) He took a quick shower and changed. "Okay, let's see I need underwear, shirts, jackets, pants. Bathing suit." Roy said. He put a bunch of cloths in the bag. "Okay then I need my watch, ring, journal." Roy said putting the things in his bag. He grabbed something nice to put out to wear tomorrow. It was a blue shirt and black pants. "Time to go to sleep." Roy said turning the light of and lying down on his bed.

Roy looked around he was in a dark room. He got up, he felt light headed and almost fell back. He looked down at the floor it was filled with blood. He touched the back of his head. He brought his hand back to his face it was his blood! He started to walked through a door. He looked out the broken window that was at the far side of the room. Outside it looked ready to rain. The grass was dead. All the other houses down the street looked abandoned. He kept walking. He felt a pain in his right leg. It was bleeding too. He wanted to stop but he knew he had to go and protect something. 'It's the most important thing to you' his mind kept screaming.

He opened the door that was on the other side of the room. He walked through it was empty. It looked like an old dinning room. He kept looking around. There were stairs on the left side of the room. He walked up. One of the stairs broke under his weight, almost falling her grabbed onto the stair above it. He walked into the room on the top of the stairs, there lying in the middle of the room was Riza cold and dead. Roy was shocked, he wanted to cry, of kill who ever did this."Dying To Please." someone whispered in Roy's ear. He turned around and came face to face with a man.

Roy jolted up. he was covered in cold sweat. 'Good morning sleepy head' ' yeah morning' did you guys make me dream that? 'No It's what you dream that happens, not us' 'if you don't stop things like that could happen' hey what is that supposed to mean?. Roy sighed. "I should really need to stop talking to my self." Roy said. He took a quick shower. And then changed. Grabbing his suit case he made his way out the door. He walked down the side walk to get to Central Station. Everyone was already there but him. Riza had gotten all the tickets. When Roy looked at her he got a flashback of his dream. The all got on the train.

Roy looked pail and had sweat on his face. "Sir, are you okay?" Riza asked. "Yeah I'll be fine." Roy said. Black Hayate laid on Kain's lap the whole first hour. Then he'd move around and stretch and then spread his legs to get some air. Roy looked sick. "Sir?" Riza asked. Roy's eyes rolled to the back of his head and then came back. "Roy is something wrong?" Havoc asked. "I just need to lay down." Roy said. Riza got up and sat by Roy. Letting him use her lap as a pillow. Roy looked really sick. It was either the dream or just being near Riza. "Oh I almost forgot." Kain said pulling papers out of his bag. "I made ID's for all of us. Havoc your knew name is Mark Andrews. Falman you are Adam Brown. I'm Kory Brooker. Breda you are David McDonald. And Riza you are Sarah West and Roy you are Eric West. You guys are married." Kain said pointing to Riza and Roy.

Both of them weren't listing they where both asleep. When Riza woke up her head was on Roy's lap. "How close are we to the West?" Riza asked rubbing her eyes. Kain, Havoc, Breda, and Roy where playing cards. Falman was looking out the window. It was night time. You could see the moon out the window. They where going over an ocean or maybe it was a big lake, Riza couldn't tell. "We'll be there in two days." Roy said. "How long are we going to have to stay?" Kain asked. "Well when I called King Bradley, he said we would have to stay tell we found the guy. But I told him are new ID's and he thinks that me and Riza should get a house, so it's like we're married." Roy said, laying down his cards. He had 4 A's winning again. Riza yawned again, she leaned back on Roy's shoulder. "Wake me up in the morning." she said falling asleep. "This is going to suck." Jean said. "I think we should start calling each other are new names so we get used to them." Kain said.

"What ever." Roy said looking over his cards at everyone. "Wait if me and Ri— Sarah have to get a house do we have to buy furniture and stuff like that?" Roy asked. "Well yeah." Mark said. "Wouldn't that be a waist of money?" Adam asked. "It would be." David said. "Well what ever I don't have to pay for it the state dose!" Eric said. "That's not a good way to put it, Ro— Eric." Kory said. Eric shrugged his shoulders, "stopped caring." he said. The next day was boring, Eric called the moving company in the west and told them to buy a nice house, and get furniture for it and he would pay them when he got there. It wasn't that bad, the price for houses where much cheaper there then in Central. All of them pretty much slept the hole time. Sarah got up, it was early morning.

"I'm going to change." she said getting some cloths out of her hand bag. She had to move Hayate to get to her cloths. She walked out of the cubicle and walked down the hall. When she came back she had on a purple long sleeve shirt, and a black skirt. Everyone else just stayed in their same cloths. "Look there it is." Sarah said pointing to the buildings off in the distance. "We should be there in 10 minutes." Kory said. "Good I think I'm sick from being on this train." Eric said. "Me too." Mark said. "I was thinking to save money should we like share apartments?" Adam asked. "We could do that." David said. "Like David could stay with Fa— Adam, and I could stay with Mark." Kory said. "That would save us money, and everyone would have to take a different side on the west city. David and Adam could take down town. Mark and Kory could take mid-town. And me and Sarah could take up town." Eric said. "Sounds good, now remember we aren't here for a vacation." Sarah said cooly but that's not what she was thinking. This is so cool! I never thought I would ever come back to the West! Thought Sarah.

"Look we're here." Kory said. "Okay once you guys get apartments call us." Eric said handing them a phone number. "Later." they all said taking there different ways. Eric and Sarah got picked up by the moving company. They drove a long time before they pulled into a drive way Okay we may not be close to where I lived, but maybe I can go visit everyone at the home! Sarah thought with a smile on her face. Black Hayate yipped with excitement. He popped his head out of Sarah's hand bag, that was big enough for him. They pulled up to a two story house, it was painted white and had a red trim with green window shutters. "It's so pretty." Sarah said with a smile.

"Thanks." Eric said to the driver getting the bags out of the trunk. "Ready to go in." Eric said. Sarah took her bag from Eric as they walked into the house. The inside was so pretty it had a nice hall way at the entrance with gold tile floors. They walked into the kitchen. It had a bar that was filled with wine already. They had pots and pans. Sarah opened the refrigerator to find it was already filled with food. They walked into the dinning room, it had a nice table with four chairs. They walked into the living room.

There was a huge T.V. and a couch and two recliners. They walked out onto the indoor porch. It had a screen roof and a pool in the middle with a Jacuzzi. And across from that was a extra house, inside was two beds. A couch a small T.V. and a bathroom. There was another room that had work out equipment. They walked to the up the stairs in the house. The stairs twirled around . There was only one bedroom. But it was the best one. It was painted a nice red color and had gold trims. It had a king sized water bed. And a two dressers. It had a nice desk with a mirror. They walked to the bathroom. You had two open glass doors to get in.

It had a Jacuzzi tub. And a 2 showers. It had two sinks and a toilet. It was all painted a nice gold and green color. The hole house was with the four colors red, green, and white and gold. It looked perfect. Sarah jumped on the bed. "This is so nice." she said. Black Hayate jumped out of the bag and jumped on the bed with her. "I could fall asleep right here." Sarah said. Eric got on the bed to. "Me too, that train ride took a toll on me." he said. The door bell rang, "you go get it." Eric said. Black Hayate jumped off the bed and yipped running to the door. "You." Sarah said. "No, let's both get it." Eric said. They both got up and went to get it.

Eric opened the door to be greeted by a woman. "Hello, I'm your new neighbor, Clara." she said with a smile. She had short brown hair and green eyes with big glasses it front of them. Eric just stared at her. She started to become on comfortable. Sarah pushed him out of the way. "It's nice to meet you, I'm Sarah and this is my husband Eric, why don't you come in and I'll make us some tea." Sarah said with a smile. They all walked into the kitchen. "Okay now let's find us some tea." She said looking around. Hayate yipped jumping on her. "Hayate no jump." Sarah said. He sat down.

Eric opened the refrigerator door and pulled a beer out. "Good, beer." he said opening in on the side of the counter. "R— Eric." Sarah snapped. "What?" he asked. She rolled her eyes. "I found it!" Sarah cheered. "She poured two glasses of ice tea. They all sat down in the living room. Eric was already asleep on the couch. "I'm sorry my husband is a idiot." Sarah said. "I was wondering if you and your husband would come to my house party this Friday. You would get to meet the other people in the area." Clara said. "We would love to." Sarah said. "My house is the blue. It starts at 6. Me and my daughter would love if you would come." Clara said.

"You have a daughter?" Sarah asked. "Yes, here name is Amber." Clara said with a smile. The phone rang. "Sorry one moment." Sarah said picking up the phone. It was Mark. "What's up?" Sarah asked. "We couldn't find a apartment." he said. "You can come and live with us, we have another house that's attached to ours." Sarah said. She gave him directions and hung up the phone. Sarah patted Eric's chest. "Mark and Kory are coming to the house for the night." Sarah said. "Whatever." Eric said turning over on the couch. "Well I better get going, I have to go pick Amber up from school." Clara said getting up. Sarah walked Clara to the door and they said good bye.

As Clara was walking down the drive way. Mark and Kory came up to the house. "Hey you guys." Sarah said letting them in. "Where's Roy I mean Eric?" Mark asked. "He's asleep on the couch. I'll show you guys where your going to be sleeping." Sarah said opening a glass door that lead to the porch. "Nice house." Mark said. "I have to say I like it." Kory said. "Good thing I brought my bathing suit." Sarah said with a smile. "Alright dinner will be done is an hour make sure your here in time, and no I'm not going to come and get you." Sarah said leaving them behind. "Eric what do you want for dinner?" Sarah asked. "I want spaghetti." he said and fell asleep again.

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