Dying To Please

the walls where plain with cob webs hanging from the ceiling. Riza pulled her gun out her pocket, clicking the safety off she quicky turned into the kitchen she took a sigh of relief as she noticed there was no one there. Roy stood behind her, pulling his gloves on. "There's nothing here." he mumbled. There where foot steeps up above them. They quickly looked up and some dirt fell from the ceiling. "Okay maybe there is."

They walked around the whole first floor before they made there way to the stairs. "Riza." Roy said, putting his hand un her shoulder. "Let me go before you." he said. She nodded and stepped behind him. They quietly made there way up the stairs. Roy stopped and looked around the attic. There was a man sitting at a desk with paper scattered around the room. Riza gulped. Dad...

Roy stepped up and walked into the room. "Hand where I can see them." he said. The man quickly looked around and started at Roy. He quickly drew a gun and shot at him. Roy ducked behind a tipped over desk. "Good thing I dodge guns at work." he said. Riza stayed down, not willing to give the man an opening. He got up and slowly walked to the desk where Roy was hiding. Fuck me...Roy gulped and dogged another built. He turned and pulled his hand out of his pocket.

"I'd rather not hurt you." Roy said. Riza ran out of her hiding spot and pointed her gun at the mans head. He looked over at Riza. His eyes widened in surprise. "My god, Elizabeth?" he asked. Riza's face didn't change. "Hands up!" she yelled. There was a loud noise and voices. The man didn't move. Kain, Breda and Falman ran up stairs. Riza looked at Roy, he nodded. In one swift move then man was out cold on the floor. "Hurry up, let's get him to Central HQ." Roy said. They all nodded, picking him up.

The man quickly moved with out aiming he shot off his gun. Roy's eyes widened as the built when in his stomach. Riza's eyes widened in fear. She looked at the man who was her father. She brought her leg up and kicked him in the ribs. A few cracking noises where heard as the man flew and hit the wall. "Just die." she said, pulling her gun out. She aimed and fired. "Hurry up! Call the police and get him to jail!" Riza yelled. They nodded grabbing the dead man.

Riza waited tell the guys where gone. "Roy?" she asked, running over to him. "Roy come on get up." she said. Roy couched a little. "I don't think I can." he said. "Roy get up." she said, he shut his eyes and took a breath. "God damn it! Roy Mustang get your ass up!" she yelled.

2 months later

Riza took a deep breath as she walked home. She opened the front door. "I'm home!" she yelled. "Ah!" there was a loud noise. "Damn dog!" a loud voice yelled. "Looks like your feeling much better." Riza smiled, walking into the living room, to see Roy laying on the floor trying to get Black Hayate away. "I hate dogs!" he yelled. Riza laughed a little and sat down on the couch. "And all you can do is sit there and laugh!"

"It's funny, that you can take on the Fuhrer and win, but you can't take on a little puppy." Riza laughed. "Shut up! You know what I'm really going to pass the mini-skirt rule!" he yelled. "Oh really?" she asked. "Yes really." he mumbled, trying to sit up. "You think I'm going to let you get away with that, and I'm sure the other girls at work will kick your but with me." Riza smiled. "I order you, as the Fuhrer to go up stairs and take of your clothes and wait for me!" Roy yelled.

"Yes, sir." Riza laughed, as she made her way up stairs. "I didn't think being Fuhrer would be this grate." Roy mumbled. There was a clicking noise that echoed through out the house. Roy gulped. "How about we play target practice first, you're the target though." Riza smiled, firing off a warning shot. Roy took off running out of the house.

The End!