Title Linda and the Paper boy

Chapter 1 The Warning.

Linda smiled at the paper boy when he dropped the paper at the doorstep. He smiled and signalled towards the back of the corner shop. Linda nodded and when no one was looking , she followed him there. He took her in her his arms and they kissed. Linda sighed , everything was better when you were sixteen. Here she was with the nicest boy in the village , Tom Andrews and it was looked down upon him arents would kill her if they ever found out , she was in love with the Paper boy , after all her family owned a huge mansion and collected money from tennants every week. She wished her family knew she had tried to fight this love , but she couldn't. The moment she had set eyes on him , she knew it was to be. Linda broke away , she could hear her Father's voice in the distance.

" Dont go Linnie begged Tom , cant you wait another while."

Linda looked around the corner. " My Father is coming Tom , I have to go. I will see you later."

" Linda cried her Father , come along now. Your Mother has been hot pursuit of you. Where have you been."

" I was walking by the river Father. I needed a break."

Linda reached her house. Her brother Jack who was two years older than her rushed over. " Father , Mother needs to talk to you straight away."

" Linnie , you can walk with me , if you please. I was looking for you earlier today" he said crossing his arms as he walked.

" I was down by the river Jack."

Jack raised his eyesbrows " I looked there , you were no where to be seen. Mr Andrews the shopkeeper was worried today , seems his son Tom went missing for about an hour. He was later seen lurking about the grocery store. He disappeared again with a young girl about sixteen , with looks quite similar to yours."

" Well said Linda , the world is quite small after all. I'm sure everyone has look alike out there , wouldn't you agree."

" If I see you with him