Chapter 4 The Great Escape.

Linda woke up just as the sun had started to rise. She slipped out of bed and grabbed the bag with all her stuff. She had only brought the things she really needed. Many little ornaments and gagdets of all sorts were to be left behind and that upset her. She slid open the window and set off across the lawn. She spotted Tom outside.

" Linnie you're late. I thought you had changed your mind".

" Dont be silly Tom. Now come on we must hurry".

They both ran to the front gate , there a cart awaited them. Mr Gavin Duffy , Tom's cousin had agreed to take them to Queenstown.

"Sit in Linnie , I'll only be a minute".

" Dont move an inch or I'll blast you from here to England" came a loud voice. Jack was standing in front of the cart with a loaded shot gun.

Linda screamed and got out of the car.

" Get back in" cried Tom. Dont put yourself in danger for christs sake".

" He's my brother Tom , I know him. He wouldn't harm us would you Jack".

" Linda I forbid you to leave with him".

" Jack come with us. You can stay with us on the ship".

" You must be kidding Linda."

" Jack , for too long have our lives been controlled. Come on , lets take our lives and do what we want with them. I know for a fact , that you dont want to inherit Fathers land , you want to go to America and study law. "

Jack listened and lowered the gun. " He is the enemy Linda."

Tom spoke up , his voice firm and steady. " My Father made a mistake not I. Is it too much to ask for you not to judge me by him , but as a different person". Tom offered his hand. Jack sighed and shook it.

" I'll get my stuff. Linnie what about Mother and Father. They will find out."

" We will meet up with them. But Tom and I will meet in secret. I now realise that is the only way we can be together."