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What's a Few Years?

Chapter 1: He Likes Who?

As soon as Roy walked into his empty office, he shut the door and kicked over the nearest desk. "DAMN THAT KID!" One would usually assume he meant Ed-but not today. He sat at his own desk and tried to calm himself, but as soon as he saw the unsigned papers, he flipped them to the floor. "This is ridiculous. What kind of a name is that anyways? Russell? Hardly impressive."

Russell Tringham and his younger brother Fletcher had recently come into town and were now sharing an apartment with Ed and Al. Problem was, Russell followed the short alchemist where ever he went. He also tried to make fun of Mustang on a regular basis-mainly every time he saw him. His office door popped open and he growled, but the intruder still came inside without hesitation. It was Hawkeye, who looked around momentarily, then quirked a brow. "Bad day, Colonel?"

He gave her a dull look. "Maybe."

"Please try not to trash the office anymore."

Mustang sighed and let his face smack the surface of the desk. He mumbled some curses under his breath.

Hawkeye ignored him and cleaned the place up. She also lifted his face from the desk, placing the papers there, before letting his head drop back down onto it.

"Why don't you sign these so I can go home, Lieutenant?"

"Sorry, Colonel. I was just checking on you on my way out."

"Dammit…" He sat up with a sigh and began signing things, not even reading what they were.

She looked over his shoulder and smirked. "You know, you just signed a paper saying that we won't have to wear mini skirts."

"Shit!" He pulled the paper back, and looked it over. "Colonel Roy Mustang, this is the newest mission that needs to be approved-you lied to me! That's a major offense-"

"My apologies, Colonel." She tried not to laugh and exited as soon as possible.

He sighed for the millionth time that day and continued signing.

Roy was finally on his way out for the night when he turned the corner, only to bump into a certain blonde.

Russell dusted himself off. "Watch where you're going old man."

"Stop getting in the way, kid."

"Getting in the way of what, exactly?"

"As the commanding officer here, I believe you need to show me some respect."

He grinned. "I'm not part of the military."

Roy smirked in return. "Good point." He spotted a soldier down the way. "Lieutenant Havoc!"

Said blonde soldier stopped immediately and approached them. "Sir."

"Escort this child out of the building. A military facility is no place for kids or civilians."

"Yes, sir." Havoc looked down at Russell. "C'mon kid. Don't give me any trouble." Russell just directed a glare at Roy before walking off with Havoc on his heels. Ed went home earlier...what's this kid doing here?

Mustang sighed yet again-he knew Ed would hear about it later, but there wasn't much he could do about it. Why does this kid attack me anyways? Does he know I like Ed? But even if he did, why-unless…HE likes Ed? Mustang couldn't really figure it out, and it gave him a headache all the way home.

"I can't believe that stupid Colonel!" An 18 year old Ed whined. (That makes Al and Russell 17, if you remember. Fletcher would be…uh…you know, I have no idea. We'll say 14, m'kay?)

"Nii-san…it's not his fault that you have a mission."

"I just got back! He's always bugging me!" Ed put on his best Roy voice and snapped. "Sooo, you ruined yet ANOTHER city, Short Metal Alchemist?" He smirked. "You're costing the military more money than you're getting it!" Ed sighed.

Al giggled and looked at his brother suspiciously(Yes, Al is in his normal body. However, for this story, we're going to say Ed still has an auto mail arm and leg). "You like the attention, don't you, Nii-san?"

"What? No! Why would I want attention from that stupid guy? He makes me wish I was invisible!"

Al didn't seem convinced. "Do you like him?"

"What? Okay, Al, I don't know what kind of books you've been reading lately…but, apparently, you've got this all wrong. Even if you ignore the fact that he's an old guy-"

"And that he's way taller than you-"

"SHUT UP!" Ed glared, but his brother was the one person he didn't always jump on for calling him short. "Anyways, if you ignore all of that and the fact that he treats me like a kid and makes fun of me-Al, it's just a stupid thing to even think! I'd have to be an idiot to like a guy like that! Besides, you lose your job if you mess around with a coworker!"

"So…you're an idiot, then?"

Ed pounced on his brother, but didn't hit him. "AL! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME? I SAID I DON'T LIKE HIM!"

Russell happened to walk in about then, but they didn't notice yet. "YES YOU DO!"

"STOP TRYING TO CONVINCE ME THAT I LIKE-" He jumped off his brother and plopped into a chair. "Yo, Russ."

Russell gave him a strange look. "Who were you talking about?"

Ed jumped on Al again and covered his mouth before he could speak. "No one!"

He grinned. "No one, huh? Is little Ed-could he possibly be-in love?"


He didn't look impressed. "Being one year younger doesn't make me a kid…not when I'm taller than you."


Russ smirked. "Sure you are. But if you were tall, you wouldn't be as cute."

Ed blinked, completely dumbstruck and Al was silent.

Russell figured he'd better change the subject before Ed asked. "Where's Fletcher?"

It took a moment, but Al was the first to recover. "He's sleeping."

"And you guys were yelling like that?" And poof, he was gone! What an extraordinary escape! Well, not really. He walked off to his room that he shared with Fletcher.


"Don't you even say it, Al…"

"He likes you!"

Ed groaned. "You're kidding, right?"


"You're all crazy!" And with that, he stormed off to the kitchen to eat.

Russ watched silently from his doorway with a smirk on his face.