I added a bonus to the beginning of the epilogue. Originally, I never mentioned anything about Christian…but now that I think about it, it makes sense to reveal some things to you. The rest…you'll have to decide for yourself. I made the ending scene more graphic, but there is no actual lemon to it, so…Thanks for putting up with me, guys! Revisiting my old story and making it better…it's been a trip!


Ed looked up Christian the very next day at work, only to find that the boy had died nearly a year earlier of unknown causes. But Ed knew-it was impossible to perform a human transmutation on your own and live to tell about it. Someone had, from there, made him into a homunculus, himself. Then, he returned to his home, looking too much like the original for anyone to question it. At first Ed had been convinced Christian had lost his eye from the transmutation, but when he thought about it, that was impossible-it would take more than that small sacrifice to do a human transmutation. Going back to the fact that Christian's wounds healed slowly like a human's, one could also assume if something happened to his eye, it would scar over, like a human. He could, however, figure out no possible way to explain why Christian could do alchemy. With how human he was, the only logical explination, was that they were, with all their testing, getting better and better and making homunculi. Dante wasn't interested in making them more human…so who was really funding all of it?

Ed sighed lightly as he tried again to pull the large box out to the parking lot.

"Having trouble, shorty?"


The offender laughed from the bottom of the stairs. "Do you want help or not?"

Ed growled. "There should be a transmutation for making things lighter than they are without destroying the contents."

"Well, I suppose I could just set it on fire and we could buy you new things…"


Roy nodded. "Sure, Ed…but I'm not paying for it."

Ed's shoulders slumped for a moment. "…asshole…" He started another fight with the box. The raven-haired man let it go on for a few minutes before he climbed up and pulled the box away from the short-tempered blonde.

"Um…thanks, Roy."

"No problem. I'm sure if you were tall enough, you would have thrown it out the window already."

"WHAT DID YOU SAY!" Ed ran after the taller alchemist and, as soon as the box was safely in the car, he jumped him.

"…you're so light you can't even knock me over?"

"SHUT UP! Asshole."

"Can't come up with new insults for me either?"

"I'm waiting for an opportunity to present itself!" Ed let go of Roy and glared up at him.

Roy smirked, not worried about the glare at all, as his eyes twinkled with mischief. "I guess that makes you a walking opportunity."


"Easy to make fun of."

"YOU BASTARD!" Ed threw a few punches, all of which the Colonel blocked. "Remind me again why I'm moving in with an asshole like you?"

"Actually, I think you're moving in because of my asshole. Except, you're too small to be on top."



Ed stopped mid-punch and blinked, before slowly turning around. "Yeah, Al?"

The younger, yet taller, boy looked nervously up at Roy before grabbing Ed's arm and pulling him a few feet away. "Are you sure about this? I mean, you two fight an awful lot…"

Ed grinned nervously. "No worries, Al! We're just kidding around!"

"Kidding? Nii-san-"

"Come on, Al. Don't worry about it. If anything goes wrong, this'll be the first place I go."

"Promise, nii-san?"

"I promise, Al."

They hugged briefly before Russell, Fletcher, and Havoc appeared.

Jean pulled his coat off immediately. "It's roasting out here!" He also immediately pulled out a cigarette, which Russell smacked out of his hand.

"I told you not to do that around me!"

"But we're outside!"

"And do you notice which way the wind is blowing?"

"Then stand on my left."

Russell glared up at him, though he wasn't much shorter.

Everybody's gay…Ed still couldn't get over the idea, but grinned. "Maybe you should move in with Havoc."

The taller blonde wrinkled his nose in disgust. "Not until he quits smoking." He smiled at Ed, sadly, and held out a box. "You missed this one."

Roy took it with a nod, then placing it in his car with the rest.

Once free of it, Russell opened his arms and grabbed Ed in a hug. "I'll miss you, idiot."

"Yeah…Russ, do you still-"

"It'll pass…in time."

They let go and Ed grinned at Fletcher this time. "Take care of Al, huh?"


Ed's grin widened before the car horn pierced everyone's ears. "Guess that's my cue!" They all watched sadly as Ed climbed into the car. But when he looked back at them, he smiled. "Geez, it's not like I'm leaving for good or something! I'm just a few blocks that way!" He points. "You guys better come visit sometimes!"

Russell smirked. "Same for you, Ed."

Ed plopped down onto 'his' bed after many long hours of unpacking, a big meal, and plenty of goofing around.

"Don't tell me you're tired already." Roy sat down on the edge of the bed.

The small blonde grinned. "Got something in mind?"

Roy quirked a brow. "Do you?"

"Well…there's only one thing that could make this night better."

Roy half expected Ed to say ice cream, or something silly like that, but the deeply passionate kiss he received was a pleasant surprise. As their tongues danced, Roy's eager hands slipped under Ed's shirt, caressing his silky skin as he pulled up the offending material. The kiss was broken as Roy removed the shirt completely, before pushing Ed onto his back and attacking his neck with kisses and bites.

The blonde moaned softly in response and his hands began undressing Roy without much thought needed. The older man's kisses trailed down Ed's body, stopping to have his tongue pay extra attention to the scars from the auto mail on the boy's shoulder. After that, he took his time kissing and licking Ed's nipples, until he hardened the supple skin.

The small blonde's pants were getting more and more uncomfortable as he removed Roy's shirt and gladly returned the arousing treatment. Roy moaned with want and worked on freeing Ed from his confinement. When both pairs of pants were gone, they grinded their hips together, both taking great pleasure the friction it caused.

When at last all of the unwanted material was gone from between them, Roy pulled the rubber band out of Ed's hair, running his fingers through the silky tousles.

The blonde tried to control his breathing again. "Do you…think I should try…to get my limbs back?"

Roy smiled a bit and shook his head. "No…"

"Why? Doesn't it…bother you?"

Roy shook his head again. "You're perfect the way you are…" He planted several more gentle kisses in random places. "I've never seen anyone more beautiful in my life…"

"And…what if you found someone more beautiful than me?" Unable to help it, Ed frowned a little.

The raven-haired man smiled again and whispered to Ed's ear "There is no one more beautiful…" He nipped the blonde's earlobe and carefully leaned over, reaching into the drawer of the night stand, and withdrawing the small bottle of lube he kept there…

After their breathing steadied and their hearts calmed, Ed let out a big yawn.

"Tired already? I was hoping for seconds…"

"Maybe I should have listened to Winry's warning about you…"

Roy quirked a brow. "She just wants you for herself. What did she tell you? That I'm a pedophile?"

The blonde rolled his eyes. "Something like that."

"Ah, come on, Ed…what's a few years?"