Title: Struggling for Air
Rating: PG-13 for language and sexual reference.
Genre: Angst; Drama
Characters: Captain Jack Sparrow, Tandem Carver, Will Turner, Elizabeth Turner
Summary: Jack meets his younger sister on bad terms, and they square off for the Poseidon treasure. Will blood siblings finish each other off, or is there a greater danger that lies ahead?
Author's Note: I'm sort of just writing off the top of my head, so apologies if it comes off as crap.
Disclaimer: What do YOU think I own?

Chapter 1

The moon hid behind the clouds as did Jack behind the chair. He had been reacquainted with Giselle and the war of all wars has been set loose in the bedroom.

"You dirty whore of a pirate!" she screamed, throwing a rum bottle at the mighty captain of the Black Pearl.
"Oh, now I'm the whore," Jack had grunted as he tried to save the rum.

Things had gotten rather violent after Jack had propositioned to Giselle a "free gift" for the new friendship.
Once Giselle was ever so kindly escorted off the Pearl, Jack returned on deck to find his crew and Tortugans, drinking and dancing.

"And really bad eggs, drink up me hearties yo ho!" Gibbs shouted, mug in the air.

The crew cheered and clapped, and began to sing the song from verse one again, for the twenty third time. Jack had joined them in the drinking and singing for the first nine or so songs, but things got old and tiring.

"All right, all ye scalawags, be certain to be ready to haul anchor and sail in the morning," Captain Jack shouted over the singing. The crew cried out with an "Aye!" in unison and returned to their drinking with the Tortuga guests.

Jack returned to his bedroom, crashing into bed. He flipped onto his site and observed his tiny room. There was a table he used sometimes to eat, sometimes for work, and sometimes for other…purposes. There was the chair that helped him escape the greatly evil attacks of the devil woman Giselle, broken glasses and bottles lay on the floor, and beside the table was a crate full of maps and letters, among other things.

'Haven't looked inside that box since I first lost the Pearl,' Jack thought.

He pulled himself up from bed and rummaged his fingers through the maps. He saw the map of Isle de Muerta and smirked as he thought of the whole ordeal with Barbossa. He tossed it aside when he found a map which had writing on the outside. Once Jack managed to unroll the bloody thing (it had been wrapped around and around 47 times with a sticky, thick string and mounds upon mounds of wax sealing the end.) he read the short note which was written in cursive:

Dear Jack Sparrow,
Don't even try for this treasure.
By the time you even find this map, it'll be far gone, with me.
Guess who. Xoxo.

"Now there's a challenge," Jack muttered under his breath. "It's a done deal then, we head to," he looks down at the map, "Poseidon's Chamber."