Title: Struggling for Air
Rating: PG-13 for language and sexual reference.
Genre: Angst; Drama
Characters: Captain Jack Sparrow, Tandem Carver, Will Turner, Elizabeth Turner
Summary: Jack meets his younger sister on bad terms, and they square off for the Poseidon treasure. Will blood siblings finish each other off, or is there a greater danger that lies ahead?
Author's Note: Some more action and stuff going on  And it's a little longer! Sorry, I like my chapters short, heh.
Disclaimer: NOTHINGG!

The crew was up and hauling anchor by sunrise. Jack was on deck shouting orders and informing them of the riches that lay ahead at the next island. Simon, the weatherman of the crew predicted storms in the late afternoon and freezing temperatures at nightfall. Making way from Tortuga, they headed west to Poseidon's Chamber.

Along the way, the Pearl was fired upon by another pirate ship that flew the Jolly Roger. They wanted money and prisoners. Quick. Without warning, a cannonball struck the side of the Pearl, catching the crew off guard.

"Aw what the bloody hell is going on?" Jack shouted, making his way to the side of the deck. He swung himself up to get a better view of the attacking ship. It wasn't familiar and it didn't look too menacing. It was rather slow and barely kept up with the Pearl, but it wouldn't give out.
"Load the guns and fire when in range. Slow it down so that we get them right where we need 'em," Jack ordered.

The battle didn't last long after their mast fell, several of the opponent's shipmates flung off into the sea, and more than a dozen holes presented themselves. The flag of truce went up and a meeting with the captains was arranged.

By this time, it was about mid afternoon and Jack could smell the storm coming. The opposing ship, The Devil's Fire, was mostly managed by woman. Their captain, Tandem Carver, arrived onboard the Pearl once her remaining crew members had been imprisoned.

She showed up in Jack's room with a glance and continuous grunting and gulping. Looking around the room, she avoided all eye contact. Jack sighed, got up on his feet, and offered her a seat in his char. She denied.

"So, what was in your head to attack Miss Carver?" Jack asked her, grabbing an apple.
"I'm a captain, Jack sparrow, and our ship is a pirate ship, and we aboard the Devil's Fire are pirates. We take any opportunities that are visible, dear sir,"
"And what did you expect to happen, firing upon the Black Pearl?"
"This very exact meeting," Tandem smirks and snatches the apple Jack had been holding. Taking a bite, she says between chews, "Now you see, on your ship is a certain map I need to obtain from you. One which I know for a fact you have and found just the other day. It was actually the map you were following until we stopped you. I suppose you know what I'm talking about?"
"You the one who wrote that note?"
"Nope, but I am the one who put the map in that box of yours. But now I want it back," gnashing her teeth into the final bite of the apple.
"Hey there missy. My ship is already half way there, I don't even know you, and a storm is on the way to blow your little pirate ship into oblivion. So there," Jack huffed and crossed his arms.
"A storm? Are you senile? Look outside you nit, it's perfectly," Tandem takes a peek out the door, "cloudy and windy,"
"I suggest you take your crew and get your ship ready for the waves, love," he smirks, opening the door.
"I'm not leaving without that map, Sparrow,"
"Your funeral,"

Captain Tandem Carver was locked in the brig with her crew while their ship was wrecked and torn apart by the ghastly winds and crushing waves of the afternoon storm. Captain Sparrow saw to it that the Pearl stays on course to Poseidon's Chambers.